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  1. I just saw this. It is amazing how much you forget in 10 years. It was a hack i made or adjusted somewhere around 2009. If you do a search you ahould be able to find it in the Hack section along with the description. If it is mine, the lable is just a scan of the Santa Conquers the Martians movie poster i found on the internet. I used the precut lable paper you could buy and a regular printer. So nothing special. I released two. I still have mine and someone here wanted one.
  2. Anyone else see an Atari shaped couch here, or am I crazy?
  3. Looks good. We need this since the US did not get a cartridge release of My Golf.
  4. A friend gave me a 2600 Vader console he picked up at a garage sale along with some nasty looking cartridges. I plugged it in with the Radio Shack power supply it came with. I got nothing. Then it started hissing. After I unplugged it and the hissing stopped in about twenty seconds. When I took it apart, nothing obvious no obvious caps exploded that I could see. Any ideas?
  5. Consider this. Just Dance 2019 was released for the Wii, and available at Target. Is it an official release?
  6. Tornados in Ohio. I'm hanging out in the basement.

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    2. Atari Dogs

      Atari Dogs

      The tornados in Dayton were south of me.

    3. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      Is the basement where the Atari is?

    4. x=usr(1536)


      Hope you guys are riding it out OK. We got ours over the weekend and parts of the State didn't fare well.

  7. I have not made it yet and hopefully someone will work on the idea. This is, of course, the Lee Majors' TV show. It finally gets it game. The game is based on the theme song. You basically perform movie stunts. The first is swing on vine like Tarzan. After while of swinging, you drive Burt Reynolds' Firebird and avoid alligators, errr, police cars. Next you duck fireballs/explosions. Finally, you get around 1970's criminals for Clint Eastwood. Finally you run past the old fashioned movie camera on a tripod. When you are finished, you start the stunts over again for the next days harder stunts. I already hacked the game for a Popeye hack years ago. The title screen would be easy to change. This version will need the background changed and it would be great to change the tune to the Fall Guy music. Anyone up to the challenge?
  8. No one has picked Stampede.
  9. Has the latest 3.70 firmware been hacked yet?
  10. My question is what is wrong with the current video game market. I probably had one hundred ps2 games, 125 ps3 games, and for the ps4 maybe 30. Am I old and not buying as many games for me or my kids? I don't buy Madden every year like I used to. And have not bought as many of the ps4 Lego games. I still bought every COD and Asassins Creed. Am I missing out on downloadable games? I am only seeing a handful of must have games a year for the ps4. Ninety percent of my games were bought during the current life of the console, which if Sony comes out with a new console in 2020 I would only be getting 5 to 10 more ps4 games. If the trend continues I would only buy 20 ps5 games at most.
  11. I got mine. Sorry no pictures but the charger port of my phone burned up. I got an Iron Maiden t-shirt, a couple ps2 pinball games (I will have to get our the ps2. I haven't played it since I got Rule of Rose a few years ago), a Dokken cd, candy, a hot wheel Honda motorcycle (you must know where the Accords are made). Thanks Santa.
  12. I just bought the Flashback 9 at Kroger for $18.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Good Point. Though my question is not about ROMs, I need to know Do the wired joysticks work on original Ataris (Like before)? if so, Totally worth $18 And a nifty little collectible for under $20.

    3. GoldLeader


      Either way, probably worth it if you like Flashbacks...And I do.

    4. GoldLeader


      Well King Sooper's did not have them...But I bought some groceries :)

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