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  1. My daughter has been looking for a 1970s JVC Videosphere, preferably one with a built in clock. Anyone here have one that they are willing to sell? If so, send me some pictures and let me know the condition it is in. Thanks.
  2. How are you guys able to buy it? I still have the page about the server being down.
  3. Since the game was remade, I made a couple adjustments to my hack. Destroyhumantri9.bin
  4. I bought these on craigslist. The battery had leaked and destroyed the battery connectors. I took one apart to see how easy it would be to solder a new connector on. The connection is under a glob of glue, so i just spliced a new connector on to the original wires. Well that did not fix the problem. When I turn the game on the player just goes to one side of the screen. The 2600 turns on so that is good. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. I was looking at the website for the Unicart, and it says some nonstandard a/v mods may make the Unocart to not work. Does anyone know what those mods are? I am planning to use it on my modded lighr six switch. I have one of the popular mods on ebay. Interestingly enough my Halo 2600 will not work on it. It won't get past the title screen. (It works fine on my 7800.)
  6. Fixed my light sixer using this post. The search feature is a great thing. I cut pins six and seven, put a glob of solder on the board, and can play two player games again. Since the chip is going bad, does this mean left player fire button will go out soon?
  7. I recently added the a/v mod to a spare light sixer i have. I have not tried too many games on it, but one will not work. Double Dunk will not start at all. It does work on my 7800. Should it work on a light sixer? Did the mod do something? Are there other games that will not work? Are there certain 2600 games that don't work on certain 2600 modles?
  8. This is the topic I need. I recently did the a/v mod on my six switch. I was all excited about playing Othello with my daughter and on player two it just makes a loud sound and will not start. After other games, it seems player two is continually having the fire button pushed. I will test the pins on the port and see if it needs to be re soldered or replaced.
  9. Got my package. Will be opening it tomorrow. It is pretty heavy.
  10. I just saw this. It is amazing how much you forget in 10 years. It was a hack i made or adjusted somewhere around 2009. If you do a search you ahould be able to find it in the Hack section along with the description. If it is mine, the lable is just a scan of the Santa Conquers the Martians movie poster i found on the internet. I used the precut lable paper you could buy and a regular printer. So nothing special. I released two. I still have mine and someone here wanted one.
  11. Anyone else see an Atari shaped couch here, or am I crazy?
  12. Looks good. We need this since the US did not get a cartridge release of My Golf.
  13. A friend gave me a 2600 Vader console he picked up at a garage sale along with some nasty looking cartridges. I plugged it in with the Radio Shack power supply it came with. I got nothing. Then it started hissing. After I unplugged it and the hissing stopped in about twenty seconds. When I took it apart, nothing obvious no obvious caps exploded that I could see. Any ideas?
  14. Consider this. Just Dance 2019 was released for the Wii, and available at Target. Is it an official release?
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