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  1. All chips except U6 have this mass: Also remember that a lot of pins are connected to all chips, e.g. data lines and address lines, so the measurement will not show which chip is the problem. Where do you live? I can repair your console, but I don't know if the shipping costs would be too high.
  2. I do not understand why you want to measure minus battery and not GND mass after stabilization circuit? After all, each such measurement will pass through the transistor's drain source. The second thing, I remind you that your console and the vast majority of Lynx II has a Hayato processor and not Mikey, and they are not interchangeable!
  3. Sorry, the second picture should be different: And resistors R72 and R73 check that they have the value according to the diagram.
  4. My suggestion is this: put on a jumper as in the picture, connect the power supply and compare the voltage on U6. 1- 4.6V 2- 4.4V 3- 4.4V 4- 4V 5- 4V 6- 4.4V 7- 0V (GND) 8- 4.4V 9- 4V 10- 0V 11- 8.4V 12- 8.4V 13- 0V 14- 8.4V (VCC) Check R72, R73 and C43 (there is no short circuit). If you have access to the cartridge socket, make a jumper instead of inserting the cartridge.
  5. You are wrong, I asked a colleague @ bobmoo79 to check the voltages on individual U6 pins in order to diagnose where the cause is, but this has not been checked. The advice was not to "replace Q8" but to check that the switching system works.
  6. You can always send me and I will revive him Do the tensions I gave agree? Do they change when you press ON on pins 1 and 2?
  7. @karri, I paste the answer of the main organizer, Grey's: > "Does the Silly Venture have some special mascot, graphics or tune? Well, not really Every edition has different tune, logo/graphics - in the attachment is the current one (SV2k19 logo). > there some theme that sets Silly Venture apart from other events. > Like strong demo scene? Electronic music? Hmm, just to name a few: "the biggest amount of worldwide ATARI visitors - over 200!", "Atari Related Prizes", "Endless Compo Night - over 100 submitted entries for all possible Atari platforms each year", "Unforgettable Concerts powered by Atari consoles/computers" etc etc. Unfortunately, there are no such categories. If anyone wants to exhibit such work, they will be exhibited in the category "Demo" with the annotation "4k", "Intro" etc.
  8. Our last Atari Lynx game competition is still being talked about and I would like to invite you to the next one! This year's December Silly Venture event organized in Poland will be devoted primarily to the 30th anniversary of the creation of Atari Lynx. On that occasion, I'm inviting you to take part in the competitions in two categories: "Lynx Demo Compo" and "Lynx Game Compo". The attractive prizes are waiting for you! The first place, in a given category, will be rewarded with the Atari Lynx II console with a new fantastic LCD screen BennVenn + AgaCart + power supply + ComLynx cable, all in the special packaging. There are also other interesting prizes for second and third places. All in all, you can win two sets of consoles! In order to win the prizes, you don't have to participate in the party. You just have to send your application to the e-mail: [email protected] and then send your work to the same address. In the competition may take part in unpublished works, ports from other platforms are possible. The voting will take place on 7th December and the works will be evaluated by the participants during the party. All the prizes will be sent to the winners to the indicated address. The deadline for submitting the works is 30th November 2019. All the works will be presented on a Lynx II console connected to the projector through the VGA output. The details of the competition regulations are available at http://sillyventure.eu/en/compos I also invite sponsors to support our event.
  9. 1. insert the cartridge and connect power to Lynx, do not press anything 2. connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 14 (VCC) of the CD4069 chip, check if it is 9V 3. Connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 11 and check if it is 0V 4. Connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 10 and check if it is 9V 5. Connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 1 and check that it is 9V 6. Connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 2 and check if it is 0V 7. press ON and check if the voltage between pin 7 (GND) and pin 1 has changed to about 4.5V 8. connect the meter to pin 7 (GND) and pin 2 and check if it is about 4.5V If the voltage on pins 1 and 2 does not change after pressing ON, replace the Q8 2N3906 transistor.
  10. Karri was right, it was an older version, I didn't even know it was newer
  11. I downloaded and converted the file again, check it. Assembloids.lyx
  12. Assembloids works properly on AgaCart + Lynx II, friend UHATEIT has a problem with the game on Lynx I. The conversion from .lnx to .lyx was also trouble-free.
  13. When changing 128k >> 256k using the Mateos tool, only the file converted by EPYX will work. Mateos describes this tool as follows: "For 256 KB cartridges select Remove Header Only. In case it is a 128 KB file, select 128Kb –> 256Kb (EPYX/Mateos) as your best bet. Files smaller than 128KB should select the (BLL/Mateos) option or when the EPYX option didn’t work."
  14. I upload here a .txt file with a description of what I did when converting each game. Of course, this can sometimes be done in several ways, but it can be helpful. conversion.txt
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