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  1. I don't know what detection is at the moment, but the chip is visible even with Yamaha turned off (Chip Enable signal = 1). This makes it impossible the TIA sound from starting.
  2. Can you detect YM with IRQ? All you need to do is set the appropriate register in YM and check if an interrupt occurred.
  3. In an interview with @PacManPlus, I proposed to design such an adapter, but you have to wait for the YM detection problem to be resolved.
  4. After this modification, are the TIA sound and the POKEY sound still summed up by resistors? If so, what are their values?
  5. Well, something is wrong here, in the video you can see that the R5 resistor is removed, which cuts the Pokey sound from the cartridge, so how come you have the Pokey sound?
  6. What was this modification all about? Have you changed summing resistors for TIA / POKEY?
  7. What you write is very strange, Dragonfly does not interfere with TIA's audio path in any way and no settings will cause it to be turned off. Can you describe exactly what the console modification was?
  8. rj1307

    RAM chips

    Or they adapted memory chips that they had a lot in stock to save money
  9. rj1307

    RAM chips

    I have this version, but I'm not at home right now, so I'm pasting photos borrowed from the internet:
  10. Software update. Changes: - changing the way files are loaded. Pressing the "Enter" button on the file will display one full name from the header. If we want to load this file into memory we press "Enter" a second time, if we want to change the file we press "Plus" or "Minus". - removing the "Show Name" option in the Menu To update the cartridge, upload the dragon.bin file to the root directory of the SD card, insert the SD card and turn on the cartridge's power supply. The bootloader will start automatically, after it is finished, delete the dragon.bin file from the SD card. I haven't tested this version because I'm on a business trip until the end of the week, but everything should work. The next tweak will be adding support for new header settings for Yamaha and Dual Pokey, but that's after returning home. v1.05.zip
  11. You can also change the header in the file to enable RAM, but I didn't want to do that before.
  12. If you set the RAM option to Enable and not Force, that should also be fine, RAM is then only activated from the header settings. Unless the game has an improperly defined header then there may be effects like this. Will you check it out?
  13. @ziggystar, I can't send you a message, contact me by email.
  14. I finally found some time today and decided to test the Ballblazer with the original Pokey chip. The game ran all the time on both PAL and NTSC consoles and did not freeze. Don't you have "Force" mode set in the RAM Menu?
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