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  1. You're right, I sent the wrong file with the instructions, now it should be OK AgaCart.zip
  2. In the attachment a new version of the software and a new manual translated by a colleague - ^ Cro§Bow ^ -. I have changed two things - now you can put any number of subdirectories and files with any extension on the SD card, the cartridge will see only those with the extension .lyx. The second change involves a different operation of the quick start function, for details, please refer to the instructions. To update the software, save the agacart.bin file to the SD card, start the console and wait for the letter "P" to stop flashing. There will also be two letters "EE" and this is the correct behavior. After the update, delete the software file from the SD card. AgaCart.zip
  3. I'm very sorry, I actually missed your post. I have already sent you a message.
  4. I will try to explain it, but my English is poor and I use the translator;) Regardless of whether the cartridge works in mode 1 or 2, the number of the selected game is stored in the eeprom memory cell. The number of this cell can be selected in the "quick start" mode, in the range 1-9. Writing to this cell occurs when you select the game and the display goes off. In the cartridges that I send to you, all 9 memory cells have the number 1 game written, i.e. APB, and memory number 1 is selected. For example, I often play three games: Rigar, Xenophobe, Shanghai and I like to watch the BadApple demo. So I write it in this way, regardless of the work mode (1 or 2): press the right button, wait until the "ants" pass and the number of the currently selected memory cell will be shown. I switch it to the right number number 2 and press the left button. The game is loaded and memorized in this memory cell. As it is read, I change the game to number 52 (Rygar) and wait for the console to turn off. From now on, game number 52 is stored in cell 2. I repeat this operation for the rest of the selected games and demos, i.e. in cell 3 I am writing game number 69 (Xenophobe), under cell 4 I am writing game number 56 (Shanghai) and in cell 4 I will remember demo number 131 (BadApple). Now, when I want to play Xenophobe, I turn on the console with the right button pressed, select memory number 3 and press the left button. The game will be loaded. Explanations require operation in mode 2, when the cartridge should wait for the game to be selected and then load it. Well, the entry to "quick start" causes one-off switching from mode 2 to 1, after turning off the console will return to mode 2.
  5. Cartridges are available on a regular basis, I will update the list as soon as I can edit the first post. Expect a message from me.
  6. - ^ Cro§Bow ^ -, your initial problem was probably due to a bad contact in the cartridge's seat. AgaCart is 0.1mm thicker than the original cartridge, and the contacts are arranged at a slightly different angle. Repeatedly inserting and removing the cartridge cleaned the contacts. You write about resetting Lynx, do you know how to do it without turning off the console? I can send you the AgaCart schema for analysis. I think that you are unnecessarily worried about the damage of the console, in 2 months I pulled out and put the cartridge over 500 times and nothing bad happens.
  7. Dreamersoy, thanks for that you wanted
  8. Important, the file that I put is only for gamecomposer!
  9. You can do the following for the test as follows: In the working console, change the software in AgaCart, for this purpose on an empty SD card, burn the agacart.bin file, put it in the console and turn on the power. The letter "P" will flash for a moment and go out, the software has been updated. From now AgaCart will not work with an unmodified console! Now in the console with voltage mod you need to short-circuit contacts 31 and 33 in the cartridge socket. In the picture I showed which they are. Change the SD card to the one with games, put it on the console and write if it works. agacart.bin
  10. At 100% McWill LCD is not the cause. Unfortunately, I do not know how the voltage mod is made, but I have some suspicion. In the original cartridge, contacts 33 (VCC) and 31 (PWR_ON) are shorted, while in AgaCart, contact 31 is controlled from Atmega64. If the voltage mod uses this signal, there may be problems, its maximum current is 20mA.
  11. I did not understand well if you only have a McWill mod or do you also have a voltage mod?
  12. Can you describe what the problem is? Or take a photo of what it looks like? Yes, I am using a modified Lynx II and I have no problems. I've been fixing Lynx I so far and he did not want to work with AgaCart, the SD card error was showing up. The cause was a broken zener diode, on the electronics supply it was 7.8V!
  13. Do you have a Marlin firmware in the printer? Did you use the M600 command in g-code to change the filament?
  14. Karri, should I add you to the list? I have a Prusa i3 MK2.5S + MMU2 color module. Filament PLA Fiberlogy. This is how my set looks:
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