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  1. Hi Rafal! 
    Sorry for the inconvenience,, could you please send me the tracking number of the Dragonfly that I bought on July 28, 
    (I think I'm the only Jorge Rodriguez on the list) is that the post office have not delivered it to me yet, Thank you and sorry for disturbing

    Best regards



    1. rj1307


      According to tracking, the parcel was delivered on August 9. 


    2. Jorge Rodriguez

      Jorge Rodriguez

      Thanks, I'm seeing it on the tracking right now, I'm going to talk to those guys to see what happens.
      Thank you very much Rafal, when I fix this I'll tell you how it went with that.
      Best regards


    3. Jorge Rodriguez

      Jorge Rodriguez

      Hi Rafal!
      I wanted to inform you that the package has already appeared, it seems that when it arrived in Miami they changed the 
      tracking number to the package.
      Thank you so much
  2. I would like to clarify that I am not a producer of PokeyMax modules and I have no influence on its availability. Cortex-M4 systems that are used there are four times more expensive, there is also a problem with their availability. It is unknown if and when PokeyMax will be re-produced. Unfortunately, I also have a problem with the availability of parts, as of today, Dragonfly cartridges are not available.
  3. On Saturday, I will let you know if the PokeyMax version will be available.
  4. No problem, you have reserved the cartridge, on Saturday I will write whether it will be a version with PokeyMax or with the original Pokey chip.
  5. Yes, Activision games work with both PAL and NTSC versions. At the moment, I have reserved the last two copies in the full version (with PokeyMax), but people who were interested in them did not respond to my message. If the situation does not change within a few days, the cartridges will be available. I have two more ready-made cartridges in the version without PokeyMax, or I can put original Pokey chips into them for 80PLN / $21. A computer with any operating system is enough to load games onto an SD card.
  6. One technical note - a PokeyMax postponed from an Atari XL / XE will only function as mono, like a regular Pokey. To run Dual Pokey and Covox mode, it is necessary to reprogram the PokeyMax. The author of the software is a colleague @foft, and I have not been authorized to publish this version of the program.
  7. Because the YM2151 was supposed to work with the mono YM3014 converter, I designed the DF for it. But in the end the YM3012 stereo DAC turned out to be more accessible, so I only changed the YM module. As you wrote, take the signals for the additional stereo output exactly from the points I marked.
  8. Yes, these two 4k7 resistors sum both channels into one that is adjustable.
  9. Probably not everyone knows that this year Silly Venture will be held at the "Arena Gdańsk" stadium. And "Atari Demo Compo" will be displayed on these large screens! 😀 I wonder what the A7800 demo would look like on them. 😁
  10. Dragonfly is available but without PokeyMax.
  11. I will have the Dragonfly cartridge and the YM module all the time, the problem is with Pokey Max at the moment. Unfortunately, as of today, the Pokey Max stock has run out, unless someone on the list in front of you resigns from purchasing.
  12. Perhaps some of you have heard about the meeting of Atari fans called "Silly Venture" taking place in Poland. http://www.sillyventure.eu/en/ So far, no works on the A7800 (unlike the A2600) have been presented there. If you have a game, demo, music or graphics on the A7800, I invite you to participate in the competition. The only condition is that the work should not be published anywhere before. Applications can be sent to [email protected] At the party, the works are presented on physical equipment, there will be a PAL console and a Dragonfly cartridge with PokeyMax and YM2151.
  13. CAUTION!!! As of today, the Pokey Max stock is out! Perhaps I can still get 2-3 pcs. but that is not certain.
  14. EEPROM does not need to be programmed, only FLASH.
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