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  1. Unfortunately, the cartridges are no longer produced.
  2. I have two pieces waiting to be shipped to Australia which unfortunately still is not possible. If someone quits, then I will let you know in this post.
  3. Today I have finished the production of AgaCarts, they will no longer be available. People who have paid and are waiting for shipping (power, ssmac, dougal22) of course have their cartridges guaranteed. People who have confirmed their desire to buy (kevates, vitinillo) also have reserved cartridges. If it turns out that I will have some redundant art, I will let you know.
  4. I have updated the list, the cartridges will be available in a few days, I will send a private message.
  5. @RadiATIon, Have you tried turning off the console and turning it back on immediately? If so, do it several times, the update should succeed. If not, the 2GB card should work. As for the rest of the question, try to move the cartridge to the left or right, as it looks at the wrong connection in the socket.
  6. Record the file with version v5 as the only one on this card and insert into AgaCart, if "P" appears for a moment and then "EE", the update was successful. It's best to check if you have the v5 version by increasing the number of games on the SD card to over two hundred, if it sees them it's OK.
  7. Everything is in the instruction manual included on the SD card and in the first post
  8. This is very strange behavior, first set option two to "0" and option three to "2" and see if anything has changed. If not, go back to version v3 from the attachment and write if it has improved. agacart_v3.zip
  9. Hi please add me to the agasd list, if possible I would like 2 one as a gift for a friend. USA shipping. Have a nice day!

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    2. joeatari1


      I love RX7s too Shane.  Absolutely love the last gen look, style and performance.  I wish Mazda would bring back and update it with that style.  Maybe give it 3 rotors and 3 turbos this time too!  Assuming here but, which gen do you own?

    3. Shanerx7


      For sure I wish Mazda would figure it out.  They are really in need of a “halo” car again. The Rx-7s are probably the most misunderstood cars in the world.  I have had at least one since I was 17 and all I can say is they are addictive.  All 3 generations were incredible “value” for the performance back in the day(and still now).  Your right the last generation is the best looking and driving car in the last almost 30 years since it arrived in 92;) lol I’m a bit biased.  Thanks again for the comments, always nice to see someone notice the reason for my handle. 

    4. Shanerx7


      Sorry Rick, I’m a car guy not a computer wiz!  Don’t know how that happened, I thought I messaged the seller. 

  10. Unfortunately, this is not possible.
  11. I added you to the list. Shipments to the US and UK returned. In the near future, please wait for messages from me.
  12. I updated the list. Shipping is possible to countries marked in green with the description "list priorytetowy" (priority letter).
  13. It won't speed up writing at all, it can even slow down. In the loop in which the writing is taking place, I would have to add a button handling procedure, which will take several Atmegi cycles. Write is done byte-by-byte, so with a 256kB file the loop is done 32768 times!
  14. It starts programming when "P" appears. The waiting time from pressing the button to starting programming is 1.5s, in earlier versions it was 2.5s
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