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  1. I updated the list. From today I resumed shipping In the attachment updated games and a list. List_AgaCart.zip SD_AgaCart.zip
  2. Igor has a bit different, more important things on his mind lately.
  3. I received several messages asking about the availability of cartridges. Due to the failure of the 3D printer (the driver of one of the engines has been damaged), shipping will resume in the second week of January, as per the list. Please wait for a message from me, all necessary information will be there. At the same time, I have good news for AgaCart owners, I will soon release a software update allowing at least double the speed of loading games, and several other changes
  4. Here are all works from the competition: Lynx_SV2k19.zip
  5. I once bought here: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/custom-i.htm
  6. @Marss also had problems with the graphics in the console, I replaced Suzy and everything works fine. At 99% I confirm the diagnosis that Suzy is damaged.
  7. With each cartridge. @Iwantgames:) I could fix your console, but the two-way shipment will be expensive
  8. Did you check the VGA output?
  9. Upload the file from the attachment to the SD card and attach the console, when the "P" goes off turn off the console and delete the file from the SD card. If there is still a problem with the games, turn on the record verification in the cartridge (this is described in the instructions) and check if "E" appears on the display. agacart.bin
  10. dve

    Hi RJ1307

    I have an Agacart and happy with it! Can I backup the content with LYX files using a normal windows explorer? Or does it need a special program to create a backup copy? 




    1. rj1307


      Hi, you can simply copy files to the HDD directory.

    2. rj1307


      Hi, you can simply copy files to the HDD directory.

    3. dve


      Thanks! Will do!

  11. Check if it works silasadventure_by_kk.lyx
  12. Did you use an Igor converter? https://atarigamer.com/lynx/lnx2lyx The game at Silly Venture was presented with AgaCart and a console with a McWill screen
  13. Watch the movie created for the Silly Venture opening ceremony, especially after the sixth minute ....
  14. I would like to clarify a few points about the presentation of this game. Silly Venture is a very specific party, where we try to launch the production on the original equipment as much as possible, releasing the film is the last resort. This is probably the only party where work is accepted until the last moment. Of course, we could set the deadline a few days before the compo, rip everything to the videos and release with one click from the laptop. But that wouldn't be SillyVenture. In response to the allegations of a colleague Marss: at the compo, we ask the authors to present their works to the public, in their absence we do it using text files that we always ask for. So I have a question, why Marss, being present at Silly Venture, refused to play his own game? Not only in Lawnmower, he also didn't play Burger Time for Jaguar. I do not understand this. Marss, you could play and talk about her even 10 minutes, but you didn't want to do it! Regarding the allegation that I did not press button A, this is not true. He asked for it right at the beginning of the game and I did it, I released the button only at obstacles. Please do not compare the game performance on the emulator and real equipment. At comps Marss asked to restart the game claiming that the animation with the Silly Venture logo did not start, which was not true, but I reset the game anyway. Of course, I am aware of the mistakes that I have made, I accept criticism of the way games are presented, and again I apologize for the shortcomings.
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