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  1. dinosaur


  2. I ,for one,would love to see Current Notes as PDF. I have a lot of the later issues that I could contribute to the project.
  3. With a lot of effort.I haunted flea markets and eBay.
  4. Back in the day,when 850s were hard to find,I bought every one I could find....I have 9 of them..
  5. I guess I am about the third oldest here...63 years old ( behind our beloved "Grand Old Man"...Larry! I got my Atari 800 in 1980 with a 410 recorder.In 1981 along came an 810... And the rest is history..
  6. Exactly. I'm based in the Netherlands but was connected to networks in the USA, Canada and Germany. With some tricks another Sysop (running Wildcat) and me were also networking comp.sys.atari.8bit, which was a bit of a pita as the message flow there was huge, mainly due to the amounts of spam. Probably from Ben Smith......
  7. I would really like to have that Toad File case,as they were sold about 15 miles from my house.I knew Dave and Jen Troy (and Ray!)
  8. If you can post it, that would be great too. Thanks Here it is:GraphixAT.zip
  9. Happy birthday there...got your free bus pass yet

  10. I have 5 STs,a Mega STe and a STacy. What is the point of a reply that does not address the question?
  11. Hello! Could you give me a website or link explaining how to do this? Thanks.
  12. Hello! My friend has a MegaST2,but no keyboard.If I give him a KB from a non-working 520ST, can it be modified to work with the MegaST2?
  13. The MegaFile 60 is actually a RLL drive:Seagate ST277R-26 sectors per track. http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/seagate/ST277R-1-66MB-5-25-HH-RLL-ST412.html
  14. Why not load the files into STWriter and "save as ASCII"? Atari Forever!
  15. LOL, i don't think anyone uses a modem with steem, why would you want to? I've thought of plugging my ancient modem into my ST but as it's hooked up to my PC as a slave network device (i.e. interneted) it sort of defeats the purpose. As indicated by my handle,I am ancient,and like to do things the old school way.
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