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  1. Hi Matthew, Sorry as this is the first time I have logged on again since last week. I will go on to your site and see if you have any left. thanks for getting back to me. cheers Steve
  2. Thanks for that... my monitor does have VGA and also my flat screen TV. It looks like things have come a long way for the TI99 and i am really happy to explore all the things it can do now. Looks like I will be annoying some you in the near future to get some suggestions and answers.
  3. Thank you all, I`m really looking forward to seeing my TI99 in action again... its been about 30+ years!! I`ll let you all know how I get on. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you all for your responce and all options. The F18A V1.8 Video Board is out of stock at the moment but I will get this when it becomes available and attempt to fit it. All, I take it that if I get the F18A V1.8 Video Board this makes all the 16Kx8 vdp Ram redundant and I will be able to view the screen? Excuse the ignorance as i`m quite a newbe to all this jargon. Thanks Steve
  5. Hi All, I am new on here as I have just rescued my old TI99/4a from my Mum & Dads loft and fired it up but does not seem to be working properly. Kinda gutted as I was looking forward to seeing all my programs I created when I was an imaginative teenager. Do you know where I could get this repaired or any advice on how I could repair it myself? I live in the UK. The computer switches on but the screen display is not right as you can see by the attached photo. Many Thanks. Steve
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