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  1. Time to chip in. I have to agree with 5200Fanatic, I picked this up because of Kevtris. I love what he's done, and the fact that I can preserve the games I love and still be able to play them. When I heard about the Analogue NT I had absolutely no interest based off of the price, let alone at $500, but with what Kevtris has done with the cores, immediately it went from over priced hardware to something i wanted. I look forward to the Zimba 3000, and would gladly play between 300 and 500 for one if all it did was what the NT Mini does but added support for 16 bit systems. In short, Keep it up Kevtris, as a Twitch streamer and someone who loves games for the stories they tell and the experiences they provide, I can easily say your a modern day Hero. I tip my hat to you sir, and look forward to see what you will do next.
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