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  1. I think Analogue goes for a new approach for the Pocket. No preorder, but just "ships in 1-2 days", people will go haywire.
  2. In theory, with custom firmware. Doesnt it itself contain a fpga and it could run a lets say NES core? It have an fpga, usb, HDMI, db15. Its it possible? Or are the USB only hooked up for power?
  3. Quick question. Are intv ntm core a 2020 release...
  4. Just for the record... What kind of versions of V1 Nt Mini are there? My guess.. Run1, original batch. Run2, identical with Run1. Run3, updated VGA with 5V on pin9 for SCART-blanking.
  5. Might be somewhat true. That was before the MiSTer-boom. Real cart users still loves the NtM with the possibility to read carts in realtime. Among my three FPGA-analogue consoles its the Nt Mini I have been using by far the most.
  6. My guess that Kevtris does not want the added pressure to release the jailbroken fw on the v2. Just if it comes, its a bonus. Since its totally silence in this matter I would assume that the firmwares arent compatibles between. If they where, I dont understand why not it souldnt be mentioned at all. In Analogues official point of view it is the same Nt Mini we all love since its never been any official jailbreak. The addition is updated UI.
  7. No, latest jailbroken fw are 2.0 from 2017. That have powered my Nt Mini since then.
  8. You can expect to get everything the current fw contains, that how it is. As a old Nt Mini owner Im glad since its more likely than before to get some fw updates. It has been abandoned since 3 years now. Im still hoping for that Intv core.. (brought a NES data controller and was hoping for support) Its wierd how Intv cores seems to be missing, no MiSTer support for that either.
  9. I checked the A2600 core specific settings and all I could find was video system settings (PAL/NTSC/SECAM/AUTO) and swap controllers and enable atarivox...something. Maybe there is a way but I could not find it.
  10. I dont know, but I have had not as much problems with the famicom port, if any that I remembered. Famicom games tend to be cheap and... dirty.
  11. Heck.. I ordered a v2 even if I own a v1. Played some on my NtM yeserday with my N8, (for save states) and I had to reinsert the cart like 10 times before it booted correctly. Hopefully I can sell my v1 and get my money back from that at least. I do not demand a huge profit.
  12. Ye, quite a big deal. I belive the buyers now assume they can hit it with the jailbreak for the sweet extra cores..
  13. AND updated UI. Something with the software has been changed. Remembered that Kevtris said once that he ran out of gates or something on the NtM and he had choosen another FPGA if he could pick again. I can very well be wrong. Its a big question tho, will V1 and V2 have compatible firmwares..
  14. Can anyone confirm that the firmware between v2 and the original Nt Mini are compatible, thinking about the JB-fw. Also if the GUI is compatible with v1.
  15. Think HiDefNES had interpolation up to 3.0, then it was removed. Think the scaler is give or take equal to NtM. This is the mentioning in the 3.0 HiDef changelog regarding this. Are there not enough gates left in the FPGA to implement interpolation properly or why?
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