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  1. Yea its sick! Love that the intv core is finally released.
  2. Some great news! https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Nt-Mini-Noir-Jailbreak
  3. IF there will be more hi-def NES, in my understanding there is end of life components so the bord needs a redesign to be produced again. I have no clue if there is any bigger parts such as the FPGA or some other passive components, BUT if there will be an overhaul.. it would be neat if there where a built in DAC so there is an NESRGB "built in". That would be really nice. So, end of wishlist. Missing my hi-def, sold it since i rarely use it on the flat screen, end up keeping my NESRGB modded AV Fami. All in one solution would be neat.
  4. I dont understand this either, well. If they could stick to the original plan and ship them late 2020. But now I dont know. It can be possible its harder to source parts theese days, but it does not be any shortage in other electronics. They could be fair, preorder up for 1 week. Shipping starts in may. If you order 100k units, we produce 100k units. Some gets it in may, some in september. Think people would be more fine with that.
  5. Would be cool if they made a bundle, like Pocket + Dock 269USD, and sell it for like 99USD separate, hard to find it worth more than the DAC. It might go more expensive than that. I would assume it will be mostly a passtru with BT built in.
  6. I hope for an hour, worst case would be 404-error for an hour and then sold out.
  7. Regarding Hi-Def NES, is it safe to downgrade? I wanna try out this feature from v.2.25 * Removed interpolation and associated menu. I needed the logic gates in the FPGA to fix the other things.
  8. Kev: are the Hi-Def NES out of production. Are there gonna be some more?
  9. Could it be like this? DB15 -> Genesis2 connector(goes to 32x input) 1-----Red------>7 2-----Green--->3 3-----Blue----->1 13---Hsync--->5 14--Vsync---->5 Grounding pin 4 and pin 11 on DB15. (6,7,8 goes to ground) (RGB ground)) Then taking pin 8 and 9 on the genesis connector to the RCA Left/Right on the DAC.
  10. Ye, found the retro access cable. But I figure it will take months oversees. Thanks, ill go the route and make a DB15 RGB out, but instead going to a scart at the end it should go to a genesis port.. Should be right..
  11. Does the Mega Sg + DAC support the 32x officially? If so, are there any DB15 to Genesis cable guide? I cant find any.
  12. Hope the shipping issues makes it less stressful for him, I mean deadlines are being pushed forward and its someone elses fault. I know the feeling.
  13. Plastic one without the built in analog out, I would assume that for half the price.. I ordered one even if I had the original NtM, thought I would sell off my old one. Not sure how deep the jailbreak will go on the new one, I would think.. just load NES-roms from SD-card. In that case Ill stick to the original. The sugar for the old NtM owners are all the cores.
  14. It sounds like you are talking about news that hasn't been linked or discussed in this thread yet. Link? Sorry, I was refering to this twitter post.
  15. The most instresting is the 100% reworked NES core. Thought Kevtris have tuned the old NES core since 2005 or something, maybe he started from scratch and proceeded like he did SNES and Mega Drive. And the composite refinement, thought the current composite on the NtM was 100% to the original NES with its flaws and everything. What is improved there? The dual output is really cool! Glad I ordered one despite havin the original NtM.
  16. I still have my hidef top loader, just because its cool.
  17. If you got both of them it would be lession 1A in reverse engineer hardware.
  18. I think Analogue goes for a new approach for the Pocket. No preorder, but just "ships in 1-2 days", people will go haywire.
  19. In theory, with custom firmware. Doesnt it itself contain a fpga and it could run a lets say NES core? It have an fpga, usb, HDMI, db15. Its it possible? Or are the USB only hooked up for power?
  20. Quick question. Are intv ntm core a 2020 release...
  21. Just for the record... What kind of versions of V1 Nt Mini are there? My guess.. Run1, original batch. Run2, identical with Run1. Run3, updated VGA with 5V on pin9 for SCART-blanking.
  22. Might be somewhat true. That was before the MiSTer-boom. Real cart users still loves the NtM with the possibility to read carts in realtime. Among my three FPGA-analogue consoles its the Nt Mini I have been using by far the most.
  23. My guess that Kevtris does not want the added pressure to release the jailbroken fw on the v2. Just if it comes, its a bonus. Since its totally silence in this matter I would assume that the firmwares arent compatibles between. If they where, I dont understand why not it souldnt be mentioned at all. In Analogues official point of view it is the same Nt Mini we all love since its never been any official jailbreak. The addition is updated UI.
  24. No, latest jailbroken fw are 2.0 from 2017. That have powered my Nt Mini since then.
  25. You can expect to get everything the current fw contains, that how it is. As a old Nt Mini owner Im glad since its more likely than before to get some fw updates. It has been abandoned since 3 years now. Im still hoping for that Intv core.. (brought a NES data controller and was hoping for support) Its wierd how Intv cores seems to be missing, no MiSTer support for that either.
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