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  1. Hello all below, a new video of the gameplay progression bye
  2. Hello A new video on youtube with more details on stage 1-1 https://youtu.be/zKR3R9XcV0s
  3. Hello Thanks for your support. The video on Apple 2 is very impressive regarding the old hardware.congratulation To Antoine vignau. You can discover the first level (an extract) on you tube :
  4. Hello All On youtube, you will get a new video of stage 1.1 it's just a little part => it was not funny to give all information isn't it!😋 bye MARLIER F.
  5. Hello Thanks for your positives returns and encourageaous message you can find now a new video on you tube : this new version was done during last 3 month with lot of works on segments management and help from Karri for memory management ! As you can see, that's works well I just have began the second level (the first in chronology of Harlock story) I keep you in touch with further developments An article was also on the very good website atariGamer Bye.
  6. Hello no found time to continue the development of captain Harlynx. Depending a lot of your returns and support to show you the final development stp, please go to you tube and have a look on : Bye
  7. Hello After the encouragous and keen repplies on this topic, this is two other pictures. I have worked a lot these last weeks to manage graphics and segments (little bit difficult for a rookie as me and thanks to Karry for the help) Indeed this is Captain Harlock and Atlantis. The name of the game maybe "HarLynx Battleship" and the picture corresponding to stage 2 of the game see you soon. Bob snap25.bmp snap24.bmp
  8. Hello All Developement In progress A first picture attached. Bye snap07.bmp
  9. Thanks for your help LX.NET. Let me know if you find something than can Help. Bye
  10. Hello Tonma Thanks a lot for your precious help unfortunately, i think Windows version work differently with collision. Maybe, it is the reason why I fail in the collision programming I m going to continue to looking for the solution and if I'll find something I will give you the solution Bye
  11. Hello Tonma this is my code : the only one difference I have seen is the byte variable=> in windows, I have to use unsigned or signed char in place of byte. for the sprite declaration: (smiley and soucoupe) typedef struct { unsigned char depository; SCB_REHV_PAL scb; } sprite_collideable; sprite_collideable smileydraw = { 0x0, { BPP_4 | TYPE_NORMAL, REHV, 0x1, 0, &smiley, 30, 30, 0x0100, 0x0100, { 0x01, 0x23, 0x45, 0x67, 0x89, 0xab, 0xcd, 0xef } } }; sprite_collideable soucoupedraw = { 0x0, { BPP_4 | TYPE_NORMAL, REHV, 0x8, 0, &soucoupe, 30, 30 ,0x0100, 0x0100, { 0x06, 0x78, 0x9a, 0xbc, 0xde, 0xf0, 0x12, 0x34 } } }; for the screening: void show_screen() { tgi_clear(); tgi_sprite(&soucoupedraw.scb); tgi_sprite(&smileydraw.scb); itoa(smileydraw.depository, text, 10); tgi_outtextxy(50, 90, text); tgi_updatedisplay(); while (tgi_busy()); } the initialization void : void initialize() { tgi_install(&lynxtgi); joy_install(&lynxjoy); tgi_init(); tgi_setcollisiondetection(1); CLI(); while (tgi_busy()); setpalette(palette_Atlantis), tgi_clear(); } And the main void : void main(void) { initialize(); show_screen(); } Not possible for me to make appear a depositary value different from 0 value. I try a lot of test (inverting the sprite apparition), moving sprite in the screen, moving the tgi_setcollisiondetection(1); in place of byte, trying char, unsigned ans signed char, etc... Thanks again to follow my post, this is a important help for a rookie as me!
  12. Humm sorry, I made a mistake,.. your Nickname : => Tonma (and not chopper commander) ...
  13. Hello Chopper Commander Thanks a lot for your Help!! FIrst , I 'm working on windows With your Help , I can now screening the depository number I also have the tgi_setcollisiondetection function working well => this is a big step but, strangly, when I make my sprite collision, the depository number stay at 0 I'm wondering If I need to add in my Make File the attribute -C Lynx-coll.cfg? on this case, the compilation don't work anymore
  14. Hello all I am a just beginning to develop a new game for Atari Lynx console up to know, I have follow the tutorial in the famous "diary of a atari lynx developer" and for me , it 's fine to begin, thanks problem : I can't manage to make srpite collision In fact, I don't have the TGI_detectioncollision function, so I have used the fonction tgi_ioctl(5, 1); and I would like to sceening the depository value for One of my sprite, but nothing appear on screen. => I try after that to fit in the link assembly the - C lynx-coll.cfg, but surprse : I don't succeed to compile my C code=> error appear (error 2 => function expected ). After analysing standard lynx.cfg and lynx-coll.cfg, I have lot of differences, My conclusion up to this day is that my version of assembler is obsolete... Someone could help me. I have spend lot of time to try to solve my problem and now, i think that I am bloqued Thanks a lot By advance.
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