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  1. not exactly. That last 384k usually has things like vram and roms. I have many different memory expansions for PC, and it's basically done with a bit of glue logic not a chip even close to the level of the TMS4500A
  2. I kinda figured. Worst case scenario I have a little stockpile of 64kb ram chips.
  3. I recently came across an IBM Eduquest, and with it came a memory card of sorts. It was a blurry Craigslist image, but it was a memory card of some description. I got the package today and realized it was not IBM. If fact, I'm thinking it is somehow for the ti-99/4a. So that's why I'm here. I'd love to know what it goes into. It does have some markings on the PCB, but google comes up with nothing relevant. The big chip is a TMS 4500A, with a 8445 date code. The ram chips are all 64kbit, and thus total 384KB. I looked up the spec sheet of the 4500a and it seems to be pretty universal to any processor. 8086,Z80,68000,TMS9900... Hopefully it is obvious why I'm here asking. The extension card is just that, but has 30 contacts on each side, and if I'm not mistaken, that's is the same as the PEB bus. I'd almost insert it into my PEB, but there is no voltage regulation on the board, so I haven't. I just bagged it and went asking here for help. The extension card is exactly that, with a stylized "R" at the top with memory bus, made in taiwan, 3000-0004, and san hua tien co 94v0 on the rear. The main card is just as descriptive. it is labeled 3000-0003 rev. 2, and A2100-000. First thought was Amiga 2100. That was a quick dead-end. If anyone knows what this goes to. I'd love to know! Thanks!
  4. Not to get too far off topic, but it started as a 486/66 with 16mb of ram, and if I can find like 2 more parts, it will be a pentium mmx 200, 256mb ram, and ssd.
  5. I've seen that guy and it is tempting. But I have a neurological condition, at least when it comes to certain computers, and it requires me to get the absolute fastest thing I can for a particular system. I have an IBM model 95 that I'm struggling to 'pimp out'. I upgraded it to scsi @ 40mb/s. That little SD card can't cope with those speeds. The ACARD supposedly can. Other systems, even my literal pile of aio macs. That sd card would be just fine, but I have plenty of hard drives around, so I can't justify the cost for those systems.
  6. no problem. I just wish I could find one or two of these at a reasonable price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262472224560 I have lots of small laptop drives around, and to drop one into the many IBM ps/2 systems I have would be a godsend.
  7. I know i'm a bit late, but if you want to get cheap acard adapters, they are often pre-installed on IBM dvd sleds. case in point: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371434273989 They only work on atapi devices afaik, but they do work on zip and ls120 drives. I just wish there was a way to allow hard drives to work on them. 371434273989
  8. just a small update. System fully works. I kinda cobbled together a video cable from an old keyboard. Its FUGLY, but it got the job done. I ordered some proper parts off ebay to make a nice cable. I will also have the parts to do some mods. Both floppy drives work just fine. I am NOT a fan of the drive in the peb. If I'm not careful it will spit a disk on the floor. I pulled an old modem out of storage, a Racal-Vadic VA3451. Damn thing is almost 1/2 the size of the TI. 300 baud! Now i'm curious to see if that works, but I need to finger out a serial cable next. I read somewhere about a 1200 baud upgrade, but it needs a firmware upgrade to do it? Shot in the dark, I know, but anyone know what i'm talking about?
  9. I found one of these units today for $6 at a local thrift store: Panasonic RR-830 First I was excited, but some online research has me concerned. It appears the main focus of this machine was transcription. There are options to change tone, playback speed and whatever variable speech control is. Good thing or bad? I'm not planning on using cassette often. Mostly to get 30+ already recorded tapes backed up, but it will be fun to have it work with my ti-99/4a. This unit is built like a BRICK, so I don't feel bad. So, basically, I'm asking if anyone has any experience with these units, and if they have any pointers, I'd love to hear them. Side note: I got the manual from Panasonic's website, I found it slightly humorous to see illustrations showing women (presumably) in heels operating the thing.
  10. shameless plug, but I recorded a video of me opening all the stuff I got in the CL ad. LOTS of software and documentation. I'm going to have to get a proper scanner. I think there might be some magazines/articles/etc that might not be on the internets.
  11. oh yes. I'm looking at doing the alpha lock mod, as well as the 2 video mods. Definitely making the atari joystick adapter. I remember the TI joysticks sucked so much ass. Anyway, I blew my March budget on this, so it will be a little bit before I can go out and buy more things.
  12. I had the same thought using audacity, I was just curious if there was a more refined approach.
  13. I'm curious; is there a recommended way to emulate the cassette recorder on a new machine? I remember seeing one for an Apple 2, but I can't find the video to get the name of the software.
  14. When I was 5? Oh yea. Later, when it became my computer. I took it to my room. I got angry, because all the keys were in the wrong order. So my 7 year old brain decided to just pull all the key caps, and re-arrange them in alphabetical order. Parents never let me live that one down.
  15. Hello from Denver! Just like the title states, I picked up a complete setup this weekend, and I'm just lost as to where to go next. To clarify, this is not my first TI. I had one as a kid from like 6-10. I remember going so far as to program my own text based dungeon crawler instead of my homework. I've always had computers under my fingers, and in the last decade or so, I've made a nice collection of old computers. I picked up an IBM 5150 last month, so I am no stranger to old systems and their idiosyncrasies. That said, I've never owned a PEB (cassettes FTW), so I'm in unexplored territory in that regard. I'm hoping this site is the "go-to" for info. I seen the recent demo released by Desire (jaw dropping work, kudos), and it seems to be a stroke of fate to have a pristine setup dropped in my lap. I'm not joking about how clean this setup is. The setup I acquired is still on craigslist for the moment at: https://denver.craigslist.org/sys/5996991791.html (but i attached the image from the listing.) All told I got: 3x silver consoles with wall warts and all cables 1x PEB - a very early one by the looks of it Standard 32k, floppy, and aftermarket serial cards 1x external disk drive A literal shit-ton of documentation 30+ cassettes 100+ disks I'm working on getting an 'unboxing' video up. There was a large box full of old early 80's newsletters, and magazines, and even technical manuals describing the cpu/video/etc. I honestly don't know where I'm going from here. I've done some research as to the latest hardware mods and upgrades. The owner of this machine had lived in the same house since the late 70's and it evident because the magazines still had the address from where I picked up the unit. Obviously the man loved this machine and was very knowledgeable, as there were many manuals regarding asm programming. He told me he worked at the nearby military base, and how he would work on their computers, and about the flaw he found in some government system. Instead of taking the computer all night to process a batch of data, it was reduced to a few hours. He also found typed programs that changed how ti-writer worked. It seemed he did not like how it printed. Speaking of printers, I have an old HP laserjet 4mp. I has serial, parallel, and mac interfaces, so maybe it will work here? I don't believe anything is particularly valuable, and I have no interest in selling anything. However, when I do make a 100% inventory, and there is some missing documents/software that needs to be preserved, I would certainly like to know. When I got the before mentioned IBM 5150, there was a boxed educational program that was missing from some internet database, and I was happy to just send it to someone who made a kyroflux copy. I will do my best to get a full inventory up, OR if someone here can point me in the direction of such a pre-existing database, and I could look up things myself. That would also be fine. Apart from preserving any data, I don't know what else I'm going to do. I was not planning on getting one of these setups anytime soon, but I'm certain everyone here would pickup what I did. Hunt the Wumpus traumatized me as a 5 y/o, and I don't need a physical system to play it again and get flashbacks. I have a lot to do for now, cataloging things, but once that's done, I have no plans. I think the Germans have a word for it; I feel like the dog, who always chases the car, and suddenly I caught it. I don't believe I have a proper cassette deck, so I'm going scour my local thrift stores for one. Suggestions are welcome here, but I'm going to just assume any quality unit will get the job done. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant a bit. I hope to post here as long as I'm chasing this rabbit down the hole.
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