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  1. I haven’t been on here for a few weeks as have been busy with work. A lot of replies have since been added so sorry for the delay. There are some great suggestions which I will have to take a look at. There are some I haven’t even heard of before. I agree that California Games should go on the list. I guess you aren’t playing at the same time though but a great version of it on the Atari 2600. I also agree with Guitar Hero, Lego, Wii Sports and Fit - skiing was great, Sports Resort was a lot of fun as well come to think of it. Yep, I completely stuffed up the name calling it International Olympics. I meant Video Olympics!! The soccer and ice hockey variations are awesome 4 player fun with the paddles. I wish there was a one player version as it is multiplayer only.
  2. Yes, I absolutely agree that Warlords is the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming on the Atari and most machines for that matter. Maybe I should have asked what games people like more than Warlords. Then Darrel Spice Jr. went and improved on what was already great with Medieval Mayhem. Medieval Mayhem I think has the best graphics on the Atari with that dragon that flies around at the start. Warlords and Medieval Mayhem are games that are also unique as they haven't really been replicated elsewhere (that I know of) because of the paddles. If Warlords has been topped, it is only fairly recently with games like Towerfall which I also really love. It had a very long reign and it is still up for debate as to whether it has been topped. Only wish I had Warlords as a kid but there were no game magazines or internet and I had no idea what the best games were that were out there. Sad to have missed this as a kid - would have been awesome!!!
  3. I was just wondering what people would nominate as their favourite local multiplayer games of all time?? I guess I need to eliminate beat em ups and fighting games as there are so many (if they are genuinely your favourites put them in anyway as Streetfighter 2 is a given). We recently celebrated my son's birthday and we had 12 ten year olds around to our place to meet before they went to the movies to watch the latest Avengers film. I put on Medieval Mayhem for them and they went absolutely nuts for it. They were shouting and heckling / trash talking each other. I could hear them from down the street and the levels of excitement were very high. They also loved the 4 player soccer option of International Olympics. I think that game is underrated because it has no one player option and soccer isn't massive in the US. Finally, they loved the demo of the new Wizard of Wor. I thought about the reaction to these games on the old Atari 2600 and thought I hadn't heard such loud excitement and competitive noise before in our living room. In the car on the way home after the movie all my son's mates were talking excitedly about getting back to play that awesome game on that old video game machine. They wanted to know where they could get one. I then came to the conclusion that maybe the Atari has some of the best local multiplayer games ever. The games on the Atari 2600 that are always crowd pleasers would be (even with people who don't like video games): Medieval Mayhem or the original Warlords International Olympics (this is above Wizard of Wor just because it is 4 player and the soccer option is great) Wizard of Wor Arcade (new Champ Games version which is outstanding) Gunfight Space Rocks Frogs n Flies Indy 500 Warring Worms Joust Ice Hockey Combat Boxing Freeway Fishing Derby Decathlon - great memories with this one but it is too punishing for me to enjoy today (managed a bronze patch) When it comes to deciding the best multiplayer games ever, there are classics like Bomberman that have to go in there but a lot of the others I am enjoying at the moment are on the Nintendo Switch. This is definitely one of my favourite machines ever. My favourite multiplayer games ever: Medieval Mayhem / Warlords (I think this is my favourite ever which is pretty impressive as there is some stiff competition) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Super Smash Bros Ultimate (I wouldn't put it this high as I am not very good at it and feel like I am just hitting buttons but if you have a crowd of people, everyone loves it. I know it is a fighting game but it seems like its own thing and it is definitely one of the best multiplayers) FIFA 19 Towerfall Duck Game International Olympics Bomberman Inversus Deluxe (a great little game I only recently discovered) Overcooked 2 Windjammers Tetris Puyo Tetris Party Deluxe Magical Drop 3 Pokemon Puzzle League Puyo Puyo Tsu Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Pang Enter the Gungeon Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Bubble Bobble Rocket League (probably should be higher but I am not very good at it) Gunfight Space Rocks Frogs n Flies Tricky Towers Metal Slug Assault Android Cactus Micromachines Kick Off 2 Please let me know the ones that I have missed. I think there are a ton of 2 player platformers, beat em ups, fighting games and split-screen shooters. Timesplitters and Goldeneye 007 on the N64 also come to mind.
  4. There is definitely a nostalgia attached to it as I some great family memories from playing the Atari 2600 together. I agree with the comments about its simplicity and doing a lot with a little. They had to be creative and come up with ideas for games that were just fun. They never lost sight of the fact that having fun was the most important thing and therefore these games are just timeless (well, the good ones). I loved my Commodore Amiga as well (and it also had some great games) but there were some games on there where they got distracted by the graphics and making the game look good. They forgot about the gameplay and some of the games on the Amiga were like graphics demonstrations rather than games. Defender of the Crown and Shadow of the Beast stand out from memory as examples. I remember being annoyed that the C64 reviews of the same game scored higher and wondered how it could be true, but they were absolutely spot on. I think the PS1 suffered the same with games that looked good at the time but played terribly. They also had appalling full motion video. When you go back to them now, they don't look good anymore and never had the gameplay to begin with. I am also not a fan of the interactive movie style games where large periods of time pass without you doing anything or games that start with an hour long tutorial. Give me the simplicity of the Atari 2600 any day, not forgetting the amazing things that have been achieved recently on the platform.
  5. Thank you for all the suggestions and I have enjoyed checking them out. Sure enough, although I try to keep up with things there were quality games that I had missed. I was particularly impressed with Aardvark. I have never seen the arcade but looked at some footage of it and it seems a very accurate port. It is perfectly suited to the Atari with the maze element to it but this is a very unique take as I have never played anything like it. It is incredibly tough and I died quickly a lot of times before getting past the first level but it is also addictive and I hit the reset button repeatedly to have another go. I am not sure why I missed this one as there is a lot of material written on it and it has made enormous progress through the development stages. The first shot I had was an old build and it was looking good in the early stages but fantastic now. I also enjoyed Tyre Trax which I had missed. It is good to see a game like this as you don't see many home-brews based on racing or involving bikes or cars. I also enjoyed Drive which I really should add to my original list above. I really like the original Pole Position port and think it is still a lot of fun. I just hope that one day someone has a go at improving the look of the cars and adds roadside obstacles as that is all I can see that is missing from the arcade. Then you could play a close to perfect version of Pole Position in the comfort of your home on Atari. Spies in the Night is really clever but I can only play it on Stella and not on my Atari. I am not sure if there are plans for a PAL release of this one. Avalanche looks really good as I am a fan of both Kaboom and paddle games in general. Arkyology was not on my list as it isn't a home-brew but it is a pretty exciting discovery nevertheless and I think it would have been released when originally planned. Finally, Amoeba Jump is a fun little game which is super addictive and I think my family will really enjoy. Thank you for the suggestions and also for helping me discover Zero Page Homebrew during my searches.
  6. My apologies, I just tried your Dare Devil game and it is looking great with an addictive quality in trying to get a top score. There are plenty of games where you are dodging things as you move up the screen so it is refreshing to be moving down in this case and I like the premise. The mechanics work really well as you can speed up or slow down as required, with the wind adding further complications. I should also have added Space Game to games recently released (which I think is a Batari Basic game). I played that and enjoyed the bonuses element to it. I think it has a bit more to it than some of my favourite games such as Megamania, Phoenix and Demon Attack. I am sure that there are plenty of great games currently in progress which I am unaware of. Which other Bb games do you recommend?
  7. There are many amazing home-brew games at the moment that i am trying to track and I was just wondering if I had missed any. I am super excited about the Wizard of Wor Arcade game. I had a go at the WIP rom with my kids and we had an absolute blast. I already was a fan of the original but this blows it away. I rate it as one of the best two player games out there on any system. It got my kids and their mates off the modern consoles. I am really impressed with Chaotic Grill as I like the Burgertime arcade but was never keen on the Atari 2600 version. I had a go of Chaotic Grill and it plays really well. Finally, I was thrilled to see that it looks like a version of Zookeeper will be released for the Atari and video footage surpasses all of my expectations of what I thought was possible. I have never seen an original cabinet of it here but play it on the PS2. The new version looks just as good so it looks like I will be switching to Atari for Zookeeper. I think I have more fun on the Atari now then back when I was a kid because the games that I have are just so much better. It is the main machine I go to for an arcade experience at home. When I was a kid I had Barnstorming, Skyjinks and Human Cannonball. The Atari Video Critic ranks all of these poorly and I think he said that Human Cannonball barely qualified as a game. Anyway, here is a rundown of what I am following and I am really interested in what I am missing: Fairly recently released (but still exciting!!!): Mappy - an incredible port that continues to push the boundaries and redefines everyone's expectations (and a great game) Super Cobra Arcade - an amazingly accurate arcade port that just plays so well Draconian - a superb port with great graphics, sound and playability based on the different strategic approaches that can be taken Assembloids - a top drawer puzzle game that all my family enjoy and always entertains the crowds if you leave it on at dinner parties Space Cactus Canyon - played the rom and it looked good unfortunately there is no PAL release for this one Sheep It Up!! - a fun little game that has an addictive quality Balloon Run - looks to be a good game but no PAL version for this one either Upcoming homebrew releases that I am following: Wizard of Wor Arcade - looks like it will be released very soon and a must buy!! Chaotic Grill - another arcade experience coming to the Atari, correcting the original version which really wasn't a lot of fun to play and looked terrible Zookeeper - early days but game footage already looks great and all the levels seem to be in place Frantic - Spiceware is working on this so we know it will be great and another quality homebrew release Pacman 8k - this looks ready for release and I would really love to get it on cartridge. The 4k version I own is already good but this surpasses it and is a favourite version of Pacman for me on any system. I definitely think it has more character than the old NES version and I like it equally to the arcade. Will it ever be available to buy? Donkey Kong VCS - another one I am looking out for the release as it is fantastic and looked to be completed Donkey Kong Arcade - would love to see this released on a cartridge. Looks really good with only some work needed on the jumping mechanic for the elevator level to be a very accurate port A Better Mario Bros - the graphical upgrade on this looked fantastic but I haven't heard anything about it in a while Circus Atariage - like a lot of others, I love Circus Atari but it would benefit from some graphical improvements. This looked pretty much done except the clowns needed to bounce off the balloons a little more rather than just going through them. Anyway, it looked super impressive but I haven't heard anything. Rally X - this looks another fantastic port on the Atari but has been quiet for a while. I enjoy the rom but would love to see a PAL cartridge release. I think they were working on the smoke that comes out the back of the car as it was just blocks initially. These are the games I am interested in, along with the many great homebrew games that have already been released over the years in a list that is lengthening rapidly. I was wondering everyone's thoughts were and if there are any games coming up that I have missed that are looking good and there is growing anticipation for.
  8. I really like this Galaxian ND hack as I am a big fan of the original but just wish they had got rid of the border. I am another one who likes the Atari version better than the arcade. I was just wondering if there is a PAL rom of this floating around somewhere or a way that it can be purchased on a cartridge? I am going to have a retro games stand at a fete for high school aged students. I think the version without the border will be better at promoting the joy of the Atari 2600. They have enjoyed Video Olympics and Warlords in the past. I have seen the Galaxian PAL60 Arcade version and think it is fantastic but I would also like to get the original without the border if there is one available. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  9. I am sorry to hear that Assembloids hasnt done as well as you hoped. I think it is a fantastic game and we really enjoy the demo in my house. I think it is the best puzzle game on the Atari 2600. It is great fun to compete against each other for a high score and it has a unique and addictive quality about it. I will buy a copy as it is something that I think it will really endure. It is timeless fun and will always be great many years into the future if the Atari still works. I also noted positive reviews from the VideoGame Critic. I am just collecting cartridges as some of my original boxes werent in a great condition to begin with. My copy of Space Invaders was from the damaged items bin and had already been semi-crushed. I am making slow progress through what is a growing list of top quality homebrew games that I would love to own. My progress is slow as they are a little expensive once I include postage to Australia so I plan to get a couple at a time. The homebrew games are absolutely worth it though and such good quality!! They are great for birthdays, Christmases or just a treat every now and then. I have Pacman 4K and Chetiry so far and need to add Space Rocks, Medieval Mayhem and Assembloids amongst others. I am really pleased with my purchases and they take pride of place, getting a lot of interest from others. I hope the sales pick up and your game gets the love it fully deserves.
  10. I had a go at Mappy and it controls really well and I was very impressed. I can add it to a growing list of Atari 2600 arcade ports which are just as fun as the original and some even more so. Frenzy also looks really great and I particularly like the fluid movement of the main character. There is a lot of fun to be had with it. Anyone know if DK Arcade is set for a cartridge release?? It is the one where everything is on one screen as opposed to Donkey Kong VCS where it scrolls up. I would like to buy a PAL version of it if there are plans to release it. It is another top quality port and I really like the difficulty level which makes it very addictive.
  11. I had a look at some more footage of Mappy and that is an absolute must buy when it comes out. It blows my mind how good it is. The list keeps getting longer of essential purchases. That Jex is a good take on Qix and I would be interested to see it as well. Has the basic idea.
  12. Thanks for that SpiceWare!! That footage of Mappy is incredible and way beyond my expectations of what would be possible. I cant wait to see it completed.
  13. I agree that Arkanoid would be great with an Atari paddle. LEM is a pretty good version of Lunar Lander. It is a pity we didnt have it back then. I had a look at Jump Bug and it looks an interesting game. Visually, it is a cross between Moon Patrol and Rampage. I am not sure how the Atari would go with the scrolling buildings. I wonder if something like Mappy is possible? Finally, has anyone heard if there has been any progress with a better version of Mario Bros? I think Dintar 812 was working on it a while back and it was looking amazing.
  14. I would like to see an updated attempt at Tutankham as it is great on the Colecovision. Arkanoid is an interesting one as it would be possible in theory as it is similar to Breakout. I dont have programming knowledge though so I dont know if the Atari could handle the movement and the number of sprites. Would be awesome if it was possible!!
  15. I had a go at Star Castle Arcade and it is a really good port. I had never heard of Bagman so I will have a look at that one. Did it make it to Australia? Robotron would be awesome but the controls would be difficult. Rally X is a good one but I think the guy who did Halo 2600 has done that. I am looking for a PAL version as he did a good job. Galaga would be good but I really like Galaxian which is close. Qix I would imagine would be really difficult with the movement. There are some interesting responses and some I will have to have a look at as I havent heard of all of them.
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