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  1. This looks so awesome and it is great news to see it up and running again. It is such a fun game and now it looks great too!! Atari Leaf must be fired up for this one and watching it closely as it is his favourite game. Will it have the game varieties with the barriers?? I like how your clown can get stuck up there for a while and rack up a lot of points.
  2. Shades colours work okay for me but I was playing the PAL version. I have the same colours problem with Chunkout which is a cool game. I am glad to hear that Crossniq might work on the Atari. I have been enjoying it the last few weeks. Would be great if someone has a crack at it one day.
  3. I had a go at Shades last night and it plays great on the Atari. You have done a great job with it and it is another quality puzzle game to add to my collection - thank you!! I am enjoying Chunkout but hope there is a PAL version somewhere as the colours are a bit weird.
  4. Wow!! Thanks playsoft - that is awesome!! I have been playing Shades on my phone after your recommendation. I will really enjoy it on the Atari so thank you. I have found another good one that might work on Atari on the Nintendo Switch called Crossniq+. You can play two player and it is addictive and fans of the genre will enjoy it. Possibly too many colours going in different directions but would be good if it works. It is also a little like Multicross which I enjoy on the phone.
  5. Shades looks awesome and I would love to try it out. You don’t have a PAL version by any chance. Chunkout is another one I have just discovered which is a bit like Same Game. It is really fun to play and still works but the colours are a bit weird and jarring. I know that not many were released of this one. Was there a PAL version of this?? I would love to get hold of a copy if there is.
  6. Had a go at Cannonhead Clash and can confirm it is great fun!!
  7. I am in the same boat in having no idea in terms of the programming behind it but I am pretty amazed with what we have already. Pick n Pile has a lot of sprites and colours so that gives hope. Plotting is another good one and I would love to see Magical Drop on Atari - great game!! I am not familiar with Money Puzzle Exchanger so will look into that one. I wish they could add one more colour to Klax and maybe make it take up more of the screen. The two shades of blue can be difficult to distinguish but otherwise it is a fantastic version. I can play these puzzle games for hours and most Atari games don’t really lend themselves to that sort of thing.
  8. Robo Mechanic is a great little game that is well suited to the Atari. I like that it looks good in PAL and it is one that if the games where it runs for a fair while. So many Atari 2600 games are very quick. This is game is a definite thumbs up from me.
  9. I haven’t played too much of Acid Drop. Will have to give it another go.
  10. I had an Amiga and didn’t know about Lin Wu’s challenge or Sichuan. Thank you for the info and I will look into these two as I really like these kinds of games. I would love to see a version of Dr Mario or Puyo Puyo on the Atari. As they have both appeared on the original Gameboy, there is a good chance they would both work okay.
  11. Yes save2600, Chetiry and Strat-O-Gems are sensational games!! Chetiry was the first homebrew I bought, along with Pacman 4K. Strat-O-Gems is another ‘must buy’ and is on my list. It is a great version of columns. DavyK, that is good news!!! I like Dr Mario too, but would love to see Puyo Puyo 2 or Tetris Attack if they can be done. Lumines is another favourite but with the way the squares form and the line that goes across, I think this one might be a struggle. It seems to have a lot of the bells and whistles the others don’t have. PAC Attack is a bit of a ‘hidden gem’ amongst block falling puzzle games. That would be cool and I think it would be possible. It would add to all the great Pacman games we have seen recently. I guess I posted this because I am playing a lot of these at the moment while the world is in lockdown. Good for competing with other members of the family. 3s, 2048, Qb and Assembloids are also getting a good run. Actually, what about Chu Chu Rocket?? That is a great little game that might be possible!! I say this when obviously I have no idea. I just find it really interesting and am amazed when they pull it off. I am also playing a lot of Crazy Balloon and Kurukuru Kururin on the GBA. Two more games quickly came to mind actually. Molemania and Pirate Ship Higemaru??? I think Molemania would be tough with the underground flipping mechanic but such a great game that we possible in theory. Pirate Ship Higemaru would be possible based on Pengo. I like Pengo but it is a bit too easy so a more challenging Pirate Ship would be awesome. I wouldn’t have asked in the past but if Zookeeper is possible, maybe these are too.
  12. I really enjoy block falling puzzle games and a lot of good ones have come out over the years. Graphics are less important in this genre and it is all about gameplay. Therefore I think the Atari 2600 is well suited to a lot of the games below. Some might have too many bells and whistles but I was wondering what you all thought. The following are what I consider to be the best block falling puzzle games ever. I was wondering, which ones are possible / would work well on the 2600?? Some of them have already been done so I guess I am interested in the others. Which ones are favourites of yours that you would love to see on the 2600?? My ranking of the best block falling puzzle games: Tetris - already done with Chetiry which is fantastic Pokemon Puzzle League / Tetris Attack Lumines Puyo Puyo 2 Columns - another that is already done with Stratogems, which I like even better than the Megadrive version KLAX - this was released on Atari and although it takes a substantial graphical hit, it plays really well Magical Drop 3 Meteos Puzzle Fighter 2 Tumblestone Dr Mario Ironcast Puzzle Bobble / Bust a Move Pac Attack Wario’s Woods Yoshi’s Cookie Yoshi’s Egg Cleopatra’s Fortune Pick n Pile - a block falling puzzle game released on Atari which I still really enjoy Puzznic
  13. We have always been well looked after in PAL territories with most games available in both formats. However, I have noticed that some of the recent big homebrew releases are only available in NTSC format. I would like to know if there are any plans for a PAL cartridge release or if there are any PAL ROMs available for the following: DK Arcade - this doesn’t look to have been released at all which is a pity as they have done an awesome job. I would love to get this on cartridge. It has been a family favourite while in isolation as it still runs okay on PAL and the girders look pretty good. It just isn’t quite the same though with Mario being pink and blue and Pauline a sickly green. Please someone tell me there is a PAL ROM available if there is no plan to release this. A Roach in Space Balloon Trip - a Pal rom has been released for this so thank you for that Space Cactus Canyon - this is a great game that I would love to see a PAL version become available Spies in the Night - think this one might be okay in PAL as it is black and white Daredevil - I really enjoy this one and it is a very well made game that looks like something released by Activision Evil Magician Returns II Robo Mechanic - this was great fun to play and feels a little like Molemania on the Gameboy. I think this one is fine as NTSC only because it still looks cool with a blue colour scheme Robo-Ninja Climb I would be grateful to anyone who could give me any information on any of these games. Thanks and stay safe and healthy everyone!!!
  14. I am only commenting on the ROMs for those two games but they are both essential purchases. Two demos have been released for Zookeeper and it is already superb, who knows how good it will be when officially released?
  15. Video Olympics is great if you select two or four player soccer or ice hockey. Medieval Mayhem and Ice Hockey are also good picks!! I have been playing lots of score chasers where you swap controllers often as well.
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