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  1. I sold Bobby a PC Engine bundle and he was an absolutely pleasure to do business with. Would recommend highly!
  2. Very happy to hear it arrived safely and worked out for you!
  3. How much are you asking for sale instead of a trade?
  4. I would assume so; I haven't plugged in the adapter in awhile but I don't recall any audio level issues — and I'm an audio snob so I think I would remember if I had to blast the volume. I think most 8-bit consoles are pretty noisy, but without hearing yours it would be hard to say! I'm happy to make a deal if you're looking for another 😂
  5. I definitely never had any issues like that, sound was normal level with the adapter.
  6. It is available, but I'm not sure about the audio amp. It always sounded good to me; I can take a better pic of the board for you tomorrow if you'd like.
  7. Is that factory sealed?
  8. R.Cade purchased a PC Engine from me and was an absolute pleasure to work with; would do business with again.
  9. Sold a laptop to abckid; paid promptly and was super great to deal with. Would do business again.
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