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  1. Price drops; will add more items soon
  2. Added GB USB Smart Card, Mega Memory Card, and Xbox One games
  3. Very good to know, thank you! Agreed, I don't think I've ever purchased an "untested" console that didn't work after some TLC.
  4. I'm actually watching this one as we speak! Can't argue with that... 😂
  5. Agreed, not at all worth it at that price. I had a mangled one 10+ years ago, but it was in such rough shape I gave it to a friend! Thanks for the help, I'll just watch the forums and close this up for now...
  6. Thanks for the info, much appreciated! Yeah, size mainly — I'm aware of the limitations, but figured that would make them less expensive, not more. I suppose I can start looking for the regular models instead.
  7. Hello, Just wondering what the going rate for loose Master System IIs is now, or if anyone has one they're trying to get rid of. Looking for something to play SG-1000 games on with a flash cart, almost everything on eBay is PAL and/or overpriced.
  8. I've got one as well — got it on reddit and the case got destroyed in shipment. Used it to practice modding on a barrel connector, works fine, would be good for parts if the other doesn't work out.
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