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  1. Sold mmertes an Atari ST; was a pleasure to deal with and would happily do business with again.
  2. Bump for new request
  3. I think @sixersfan105 may have one.
  4. Bump for further price drops, happy to bundle anything at a discount!
  5. Bought a copy of Microsoft BASIC II from Scooter83 and it was a perfect experience. Wonderful to chat with and will definitely do business with again.
  6. Bump for new request
  7. Had a perfect trade experience with ghost1313. Fun to chat with and will definitely do business with again!
  8. jetset sold me a Flashback 2 and it was a lovely transaction. Will happily do business with again.
  9. You're the best! No need to spend any time making recordings on your end, that answers my question entirely. Thanks again 🙂
  10. I have two Yamaha MU modules with a TG300 mode and love the sounds, but I'm not sure if a real TG300 and the backwards compatibility mode on the MU modules actually sounds the same or not. Though @NoelleAmelie is an expert on the matter and may know if there's actually any difference in the sample-set?
  11. Must resist urge to buy another MIDI module 😨... awesome price!
  12. Maybe I'm overlooking it in the price list, but what did you want for Deluxe Invaders?
  13. Thanks everyone! Looks like I've got a 130XE lined up outside the forum, but I'm always happy to entertain trades for Atari machines if anything in my FS/FT thread catches your eye!
  14. I'm fairly certain all PCE CD-ROM² hardware has terrible capacitor issues, not to mention disk drive failure on top of that. I sold all my PCE hardware a while back, it simply wasn't worth the cost or maintenance for me. If you really want to play PCE on real hardware, I would buy a plain old PCE console and then pony up for a Super SD System 3 or whatever from TerraOnion.
  15. You're probably looking at $500-1000, assuming you get a recapped and functional DUO.
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