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  1. Amazing work. Always thought a big boss monster at the end would be cool to rescue the last miner. Thanks for your work. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  2. I purchased an XM and DK XM many years ago. Obviously, I have the DK XM Cart in hand, but no XM. With Curt's tragic passing, I no longer expect the XM. I've been paying less attention to what's happened since his passing, so I was wondering what solutions might exist to play DK XM with full sound. Is there an "adapter" cart or "heir to XM" or something similar? Or, am I best off just finding DK PK once Hokey is out? Or, just buy a Hokey equipped Concerto and get/buy the ROM? Who knows? Maybe someday collectors will seek out original DK XM carts for their odd place in Atari collecting history.
  3. Not familiar with Star Island, but this looks very repetitive. Is Star Castle the same?
  4. Would it be possible to create a simple splitter that allowed continued access to the stock FB9 controller's on-stick buttons while using a "real" joystick or a Retron pad or something similar?
  5. The 2018 version is on sale at Meijer stores for $9.99. I'll stocking stuffer it for "my kids" and update the firmware. Is there a complete list of known working arcade games that can be loaded from SD once firmware is updated? (BTW: Meijer also has the little AtGames Blast HDMI plug-in controllers for $4.99. They only had the Space Invaders and Pac-Man versions at the location I went to in Michigan. Anyone done anything interesting with these? They're all NES on a chip, right?)
  6. Wal-Mart has this on sale today for $399. I got free shipping, too. Could not resist.
  7. Side note: Does anyone think the opening scene from The Last Jedi must have been inspired by this game? They even call it a Dreadnaught! Would be fun to see a Dreadnaught Factor 2 that uses the 2-ship fighter/bomber model... or that combined a Star Raiders-like combat/fighter stage followed by the bomber stage at the Dreadnaught.
  8. Coleco

    Rikki & Vikki

    In a word: Remarkable! Received mine a few days ago. Cool packaging. Amazing graphics and sound. Fun gameplay (those "dark" caverns are frustrating). I highly recommend a gamepad. I'm using a converted NES pad that I bought here from an AtariAge user and it makes the game play really nicely (sorta like an NES platformer, TBH). Congratulations on making something so unexpected in terms of hardware and graphics and so fun in terms of gameplay.
  9. My AtariMax seems to not be working, but I get the title screen and then the street with the music on Atari800MacX. Unable to get it to do anything beyond that at this point, but looks promising!
  10. My son printed one of these in his school lab for me for Christmas. It makes Robotron sooooo much better to play. Highly encourage everyone to get one of these. The prolines are pretty good for this game.
  11. Seems like making C "start" could cause problems. Are you able to map start and reset to the select/pause buttons and make C Pause instead? Start will reset some games as I recall. I know that's weird, but might help avoid losing everything in some games through inadvertent restart.
  12. Has anyone ever seen a PlayPak Mac-based arcade system? I've been fascinated by them since they were announced in the 90s, even though I know they are just a Mac inside an arcade cabinet. The game Battle-Girl was a 90s take on Robotron with some cool elements. This is a link to the defunct (I think) company page: https://web.archive.org/web/19980131182035/http://www.negs.net:80/Pages/Battlegirl.html Arcade Museum shows PlayPak's conversion of The Untouchable, but no one seems to have one: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=10269
  13. This. I hope that before too long someone who knew Ken and has technical skills to carry this out will compassionately reach out to his family and offer to properly archive Ken's work, perhaps even enabling the completion of any work he might have had in progress. It's a legacy worth preserving.
  14. What a huge difference the NES-converted gamepad makes for Crystal Quest. tried it with the stock stick and it was almost unplayable. With the gamepad, it's a fast, fun platformer. Panky Panda I didn't try with the stock stick, but it also works great with the NES gamepad and is arguably one of the best games of its kind on the 2600.
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