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  1. Agreed. IntyBASIC is such a wonderful development platform, and for me brings a lot of the joy I used to get typing programs in BASIC on older computers. Seeing a BASIC compiler for the Intellivision was the sole reason for even attempting to make a game for the console.
  2. Hopefully that wait won't be too much longer. Its been a long while since starting this project, but the game is completed. A thread was created in the main Intellivision forum that will be updated as the physical release gets closer.
  3. Quarth is one of my favorite puzzle games. The Famicom has a very fun port of the arcade game. I have dabbled a bit with this on the Intellivision, but ran into the same issue, and didn't stick with it for too long. I've run into a similar issue with pathfinding AI routines, which prompted me to stop working on a clone of Lode Runner.
  4. Penguin Adventure is a similar game, but also considerably more ambitious. The animated backgrounds alone seem like they'd be hard to replicate on the Intellivision. The progress on this is looking great!
  5. The keypad is only used for pausing with 1 and 9. The Intellivision can't register key presses and disc presses completely separate from each other. I had found this out while trying to implement an alternate control scheme that would have allowed the controller to be held sideways, and using the keypad as face buttons, similar to an NES controller.
  6. It runs on ordinary Intellivision hardware and does not make use of ECS. I am currently undecided about a digital version yet.
  7. I find using the Intellivision II's controller to be more than acceptable, it's only towards the end of the game I have to hold the controller somewhat angled just so to ensure proper button presses (or my palm will end up pressing the side buttons). The Intellivision 1's rubber side buttons feel much harder to press and cause a bit more strain during longer play sessions. The game now has a password system in place so it doesn't have to be cleared in one sitting, so hopefully that will also help.
  8. If you have not tried the demo, it is available in the programming forum. The controls feel pretty close to the NES game, although maybe a touch faster. I do find that playing on the console, the side buttons become difficult to press by the end of the game, and accidental jumping and whipping happens from squeezing the entire controller.
  9. I really haven't posted much about this since releasing the demo a while back, but here are some additional screenshots:
  10. I haven't uploaded a build in a while. This is the version that I had posted on Youtube. On the title screen, it defaults to single controller mode, on that, one button shoots and the player stays stationary, the other button shoots and locks the aim in the direction pressed. At the title screen, pressing 2 or 3 will switch to dual controller mode, and dual inverted controller mode (for holding the controllers upside down), and pressing a direction on controller 2 will start the game. Keep in mind this build still is buggy, but the game no longer stalls. I just never tracked down why occasionally an enemy will remain on the screen when the level ends. robo05.rom
  11. Antarctic Adventure would be great on the Intellivision!
  12. Here is a video: https://youtu.be/T2Cj0dS38e8
  13. Everything certainly has an impact on performance. The framerate as it is doesn't stay at a consistent 60fps, but it stays close enough. Some things, like Mario's fireballs are multiplexed, and one one fireball is animated and checks for collision per frame. The same thing for Mario's collision with the environment is done; only one portion is checked on even frames, and another is checked on odd frames. The performance from IntyBASIC is impressive though.
  14. Correct, this is being written in IntyBASIC.
  15. Yes, it always seems that people comparing the Intellivision to another console are unfamiliar with kilo-decles. I've only ever stuck with the standard addressing in any of my programs. I have looked into bank switching, but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth. I don't believe there was an easy way to span the data after one label across various "pages" , however with the standard addressing you could. I very well could be mistaken though.
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