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  1. Nice Roland!!. I am really interested!.
  2. The EXMON cable (or substitute) is also wanted for the Osborne.
  3. Looking for an Osborne Monitor model GM 12 with the Video cable. If someone has just the video cable, I'll buy it.
  4. What kind of joysticks can this computer use?. Atari 2600, Sega Genesis?. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I am pretty sure. I will definitely try to make one. Thanks.
  6. Txs Carlsson!. It looks like the Osborne computer I got (the model 1a) does not come with the RCA composite video output, just with the PC edge connector specified above and without the shunt plug (the little black cap that is typically connected to this edge connector). Looks like this plug is needed to direct the video signals to the internal monitor. I will keep looking for the shunt plug (unless someone here in atariage have a spare one that can sell me) as well as for the cable (TTL) to direct the video to an external monitor.
  7. I got an Osborne model 1a and it is being shipped to me. I am learning about this classic computer and have some questions. It is coming without the "ext. video" plug and I am wondering if this plug is necessary to have internal video in the 5" monitor. If needed, where can I get it?. Also, I would like to connect the Osborne to an external monitor via a cable adapter but looks like this cable is very hard to get. Is there a web site where I can get also this external TTL video cable?.
  8. Hi Ksarul. Do you still have a 2048k cartridge available?. Please let me know. Txs!
  9. Hi Roland, Just wanted to mention that I received the multicart for my Dragon Tano some weeks ago and it works great. Been enjoying lots of games.
  10. I recommend two games/roms which are very addictive and will keep you busy on your c64 mini: 1. Mayhem in Monsterland 2. Sidney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe (rom from Collectorvision).
  11. That SDC CoCo from Zippster sounds great and it is compatible with the Tano Dragon!. And looks like it is available and ready for purchase. Thank you rietveld. I just sent an email to Zippster.
  12. Thank you linville for your thorough and clear information provided. It would be great if I can get also a multicart for the Dragon from Rolo, but in the meantime I will test some good TRS-80 coco cartridge games on the Tano Dragon.
  13. Since it is really hard to get Dragon 32/64 cartridge games from U.K or E.U, I am wondering if I can use Tandy TRS-80 II cartridges on my Dragon Tano. I have read that the Tandy TRS-80 II and the Dragon Tano computers are almost hardware compatible to each other as there are some TRS cartridge games that cannot be used on a Dragon Tano. Is there a list of any Tandy TRS-80 cartridge games that are not compatible with the NTSC Dragon Tano 64?.
  14. I just got something I wanted to get a long time ago, a Commodore PET 4016 in working order. It looks amazing next to the C64 and VIC 20, each with Commodore monitors.
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