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  1. So happy to know I will be playing Last Strike soon!!. My Jaguar has just been set up 😀
  2. Hello Al, Just wondering also how's everything with the new jaguar games shipping. Can you update?. Thank you
  3. They all look great Albert!. I am pretty sure the manuals and labels will look great too. Cannot wait to enjoy playing the Last Strike game.
  4. Agreed. All games look great. I just pre-ordered a copy of Last Strike!.
  5. Please add me to the list, if still possible. The cart version would be great!.
  6. Mine, with the awesome blue case, was received yesterday. Thank you Rafel!!
  7. I definitely would love to purchase one. Please add me to the list!. (USA). Txs!
  8. I definitely would love to purchase the sd card for my Lynx. If still possible, please add me to the list.
  9. I am really interested also. Please include me in the list,if possible.
  10. This is a really well done game!. Thank you!. It is addictive too 😉
  11. Mine is a Xänte cartridge with Worm War I game Also have an NTSC Obelix cartridge and a Chase The Chuck Wagon cartridge game.
  12. Searching for an Atari 400 computer box only.
  13. The EXMON cable (or substitute) is also wanted for the Osborne.
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