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  1. Awesome! I gave this a few plays earlier today and was blown away. Looking forward to the final release of this one! Cheers!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I'm interested in a Y Cable when you do decide to build a few more. - ISB
  3. Yolympics has returned! The tournament will run from February 1 through March 10. This will be a 4-team tournament where the top 6 scores from each team will be used to score points for that team. Please use the new Yolympics Discord server for discussions and questions. Read on for the dates, rules and more info. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Quick Links Yolympics Discord Tournament Registration Current Game Nominations (check this before nominating games!) Game Nomination Form Final Game Voting (coming soon) Final Game List (coming soon) Team List (coming soon) Team Captains Barra TIF ExedExes Dalar Dates Player Registration: Now until January 25, 12:00 AM PST. Player Draft: January 26. (Time TBD) Game Nominations: Now until January 16, 11:59 PM PST. Game Voting: January 17, 12:00 AM PST, up until the start of the player draft Tournament Start: February 1, 6:00 PM PST. Tournament End: March 10, 11:59 PM PST. This is a hard cutoff. All submissions must be received by this time. Games 4 games each from the following range of dates for a total of 20 games: 1982 and earlier 1983-1987 1988-1992 1993-1997 1998 and later Game Nominations and Voting Players will nominate 1 game per time period, using this Google Form. Players will then vote on the nominations to decide the final game list. The tournament organizer reserves the right to veto shitty games. Don't pick shitty games. Banned Games There are NO banned games for this tournament. Player Registration Players must register at https://www.cagtournaments.com. The registration period is from now until January 25, 12:00 AM PST. Rules -Autofire is not allowed. -Pausing is not allowed. -Mapping multiple keys to a single input is not allowed. -All MAME submissions must maintain an average recorded speed over 95%. -All submissions must include an INP or link to a stream or video. Acceptable platforms are WolfMAME 0.183 or an original arcade cab. Video-only WolfMAME submissions will be required to show the startup of the WolfMAME program and the game settings. Please submit only one attempt per INP. Scoring The top 6 scores from each team will score points for that team.
  4. Looking for a Working/Tested/Great condition/Clean Colecovision system with at least on controller (2 preferably), power supply. Doesn't have to come with original box. AV Modded is a plus, but not required. Included games are good, but not needed as I plan to grab a flash cart. PM me if you have one available! I'm in Denver, CO, 80205. Thanks, ISB
  5. I just bought a Commodore Plus 4 and was wondering, before I shell out $$$ for a 1531 datassette, has anyone seen an adapter to connect my 1530 datassette to the Plus 4? I've found adapters online that do the opposite, 1531 -> C64 and specs on how to build that adapter, but not much on using the 1530 on the Plus 4. From everything I've read, the only difference between the 1530 (flat rectangle) and 1531 (round 7-Pin) is the connector. Any help would be great. ISB
  6. ILLSeaBass

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    My most recent console, computer, and software retro purchases.
  7. Found a replacement keyboard, thanks.
  8. This Colecovision/Adam keyboard was part of a Commodore lot I bought a few months ago. It's missing a few keys, a bit of yellowing but otherwise feels solid and in good shape. I have no way of testing it as I don't have a Coleco system nor do I have the cable to connect it. Free or Trade, just pay shipping (US only) as I know someone can use this either for parts or a cleanup/restore project. PM me if interested and we can discuss the cost to ship, etc. Cheers, ISB
  9. I'm looking to buy a working and clean Commodore 64C Keyboard, preferably the later version with Text on top of keys, but will be happy with the earlier version as well. Thanks, I've been having one hell of time finding a replacement anywhere. ISB
  10. Discovered this is a Atari 8-Bit Turbo Loader for either Cassette or Floppy Drive, or possibly both.
  11. This was buried in a box of retro goodies I bought from someone on Craigslist... It appears to have an Atari DB15 connector attached and a very odd pin-out... The only markings on it are "Made in the UK" and "REV A"... I'm probably wrong, but my guess is it's a printer interface as the lot I bought included an Okidata printer and a Commodore 4022 printer... any help would be great. Thanks, ISB
  12. Wanted: Commodore 64C (NTSC) Power supply, box, etc would be great to have, but not required. Looking for a clean, non-yellowed, tested and working Commodore 64C. Please PM me if you can help! Thanks, ISB
  13. @discgolfer72 Thanks, I purchased a brand new GCHD (not the 60) and it worked like a charm! Cheers!
  14. I'll give you $40 for that if you are willing to part? Looks like if I go with the HD, it's going to run me $100-200 new, maybe $80 used.... argghhh.
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