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  1. These are some of my favorites in no particular order 1. Wolfstein 3d 2. Dino Dudes 3. Cannon fodder 4. Syndicate 5. Trevor Mcfur
  2. I bought about a year after it came out like every system I got except dreamcast and Gameboy advance which I got the day they came out. Actually my friends told me it was the worst system but I bought anyway. I bought Cresent galaxy, the skiing game and syndicate and was very impressed I soon bought games a videogame liquidator for 5 bucks each now there triple that at the same place. I've played about 15 games and only 3 of them suck. Club Drive, Checkered Flag and white men can't jump. It's a weird system because most of the games fall between 6-8 out of 10. Nothing great just a bunch of solid games.
  3. woodyi76

    Dino Dudes

    I havn't played that level in a long time. I'll see if I can remember how to beat it.
  4. I see this game is rated a 1 on the rare scale yet I can't find a copy under 20 bucks. It sounds cool like a reverse lemmings from what I hear.
  5. I can't get past level 3. The ice level. I can't find out how to destroy 2 of the buildings. There are isn't anything to hit next to it.
  6. I want to know what games were the Jaguar Launch games other than cybermorph?
  7. I think god doesn't want me to have a atari 5200. The first time I bought off ebay and the loser never sends me it. Then this. what next an empty 5200 box with nothing in it.
  8. The red light does come on and the switchboard does make a clicking sound when I turn the system on. I hope it's switchboard that's broken. I would hate to wait 10 years again for the UPS man to come. Since anthorax all my stuff sent by UPS takes forever.
  9. It's not the games I tried about 10 of them. Also I set it on normal.
  10. I just got a atari 5200 (the 4 port one) I plugged the thing in and I thought it would be the correct way. The t.v. still works but when I turn the game on all I get is a black screen? All the wires are in tight. Could somebody tell me what's wrong.
  11. my favorite Arcade game of all time is Paperboy very cool and unique game. Rootbeer tapper, Virtua Racing and Virtual Fighter, Pac man and any gun game. I don't have a least favorite although baseball games suck in the arcade because you can only play one in most of them. Lame.
  12. I don't have an atari 7800 but according to the video game cridict and allgame.com atari 5200 is alot better. 27 of the 41 atari 5200games reviewed by the videogamecridict were B- or better. While only 13 of the 37 atari 7800 games were B- or better. That is why I bought a 5200 recently and didn't buy a 7800. I could care less if the 7800 games can play my 2600 games it means nothing to me.
  13. woodyi76

    Dino Dudes

    Does anybody else love this game. It's a great puzzle/action game that requires quick thinking a strategy. This is the most underated Jaguar game. What level can you get to. I think I got to level 74 or something.
  14. Yes Pitfall 2 is overpriced that's why I don't have a copy of it. I'm just not willing to spend 15 bucks on a game that's very common. Also Chase the Chuck Wagon is a bit overpriced. I see this game on ebay quite a bit and it usually sells for 150$ wtf. There is a K-Razy shootout game for the 5200 that's 49.99 first bid. That game is only a 4 on the rare scale.
  15. I love sports mostly football and baseball. I just can't stand alot of baseball games though. There either way to easy ala Major league baseball or the computer makes all these amazing comebacks everytime ala Allstar baseball games for N64. Pitching is not very well done in most baseball games also. It's too easy to pinpoint pitches.
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