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  1. It's weird, because I pulled the 800 PIA and plugged it into the 1200xl and it wouldn't boot at ALL. I put the original 1200xl PIA back in and the 1200xl booted fine.
  2. Maybe the PIA chip. Is the PIA from the 1200XL compatible with the 800? The PIA in the 1200XL is CO14795-12, the 800 is just CO14795.
  3. I recently picked up an Atari 800. Upon testing further, it seems to be working fine except for the joystick port 1. When a plug in a known good joystick, the ship in Atari Blast or any other game will move to the far right and not move. What should I look at checking first to fix this? POKEY chip? It generates sound just fine, but this chip also reads the joystick ports, correct?
  4. Any recommendations or links to good modern power supplies for the Indus and for the rest of the Atari line for that matter?
  5. So I picked up an Atari 5200 PS to use as a replacement for a failed Indus GT drive power supply. I'm reading around 14.4V from the plug with no load. Supposedly this is a 11.5VDC power supply, is that a safe voltage reading with no load?
  6. Wasn't me, although I was going to go pick it up. Guess he wanted to get rid of it quick, because he gave it to a more local person after communicating to me that I could pick it up.
  7. I did let it run through a memory test twice and even checked the memory out of the system with a ram checker I built. I'll let it run some more memory checks for a good while to see if it is a heat problem. I also have a UAV upgrade I want to do on this one but would like to see a stable system before upgrading.
  8. Oh yes, all of this was checked before getting to the CPU and ANTIC. I used a logic probe to look at all the address and data lines. Found out that A7 was held high or low (cant remember now) instead of pulsing. I also pulled and reseated all ram. And pulled all ram and tested externally on an arduino tester.
  9. Yeah, I did wait a good 10 to 30 count before powering back up.
  10. Hey guys, I've been working on fixing up my Atari 1200xl. Diagnosed it to a bad CPU and possible ANTIC. I ordered both chips from myatari on ebay. After a back and forth, I got the chips in. Popped in the new CPU and voila, my Atari 1200xl was back up and running. Not so fast.... While it was working great with the Pole Position cartridge, after a few more boots and hooking up the Fujinet, I started to get some weird graphic artifacts and the Fujinet would lock up on connecting to WiFi. So, I go and replace the ANTIC chip. Success! I am able to boot into Fujinet and actually load some files. Not so fast.... After booting into some games, watched a demo, I started to get this funkiness. When finished with the current program, I would power off the Atari 1200xl, power it back on, and just a black screen. Nothing, no Fujinet boot. Power cycle a few more times, still nothing. Removed the Fujinet. Power cycle, still black screen. Pop in the Pole Position cartridge, and bam, back up and running. So I go back and insert the Fujinet, it powers up fine. So.. let's load up some SALT or tests. They work and all tests are passed. Power cycle to go back to Fujinet and Not so fast.. black screen again. If I remove the Fujinet, pop in Pole Position it comes back. What could it possibly be at this point? Is there a delay-line reset chip I need to look at? Suggestions what to tackle next? Oh, and I'm going to have to do the mylar fix on the keyboard too.
  11. I need one of these for my 65xe. Are they still available for sale in US or do I need to order from Europe? Already sent a PM to MacRorie.
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