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  1. Hey DarkLord, The only ordering process is what it is now. 😉 Send an email to the address mentioned on the website with details of your shipping location, and you'll receive an answer about the total cost and how you can pay. All this is handled by Eric. It's a boxed release with quality materials but packaged and shipped by him. He handled that process several times on the 8bit games he produced before. You can wait for others to have received their copy before ordering yours if you want to be reassured. If all copies have not been sold at that time of course. (not pressing or anything on this, just saying what could be)
  2. Eheh OK frustrating indeed. But funny thing is that if the email wasn't escaped (then with proper '@'), G.Translate wouldn't have translated it (I just tested it to see). I guess its machine learning system doesn't know about escaped email addresses... yet! 😅 There's also English text on the order page. But maybe the page layout doesn't make it stand out enough.
  3. Short note: The English texts and dialogues in the game have been checked by an English speaking person. 😁
  4. Hi there, A new adventure game is coming to the ST/STe: ATHANOR 2 - Legend of the Birdmen It requires 1mb of RAM minimum. It is STe enhanced (4096 palette, blitter usage, sampled sound effects), but also runs on ST. Dialogs in the game and instructions in French and English. Video preview of the game: Some more information: - 4 worlds to explore - 60 views - A lot of music (YM2149 in-game & soundtracker for intro+ending) - Couples of characters - Dialogues and objects to find - Puzzles Credits on the game: - Game concept, design and coding: Eric Safar - Artworks: Angel Bautista - Artworks adaptation: Francois Gutherz & Vincent Jambut - Music: Mathieu Stempell It's a boxed release, featuring: - BigBox oldschool style 📦 - Couple of material clues 🎊 - 2 DD Disks full of love 💾💾 - Manual (English/French) 📙 👉 Information for ordering the game is on the website: http://safargames.fr/
  5. Great handy compilation. Do you have a list of the games? And indicating on which partition each game is?
  6. There were some carts for replaying enhanced sound in some games : Also, for quite an opposite use, several sampling carts existed. I mostly used sampling carts ("ST Replay" cart, don't remember which version exactly) : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/9107-cart-port/?p=1714090 I also listened to the demo tunes coming with the sequencer used with "FM Melody Maker" cart (sweet PC like OPL FM synth) :
  7. @keebz : As said in some previous posts, the final version is on the cart release. And it will be made available as ROM file download in a future time. (what i wanted to know was "when" - that is still undefined) @johnnywc : OK thanks for the hints, i'll try that version already then.
  8. I love playing Mappy on any platform and i'd really like to feel this port's gameplay. Any idea when the final version ROM will be available? Will a PC emulator play it? (as it was said incompatible with Stella at a time in this thread). Thanks in advance.
  9. @6BQ5 Congratulations on this, you can now enjoy the full spectrum of STe software.
  10. This setup can be seen a bit funny, because most people praise OSSC for its minimal lag when it converts the video signal, and then using a wireless controller... introduce some lag on the control. But i guess the configuration presented here is more about using modern devices than gameplay fidelity.
  11. Ah, required for Peter's game adaptations running from hard drive or other mass storage type, yes. And those are a comfortable way to run games indeed. With Gotek or HxC, games requirement are the same as running those on original floppies, so many runs on half a meg. 1meg upgrade still surely is a really recommended one anyway.
  12. A 520 STfm basically got half a meg yes. Memory can be extended, but with some add-on / modification (not as simply as upgrading a STe model where you just need to plug some RAM module on the mainboard). Why do you talk about 1meg here now, in this discussion about drive emulators, as a requirement? Sure thing is that some games requires 1meg, and won't work with only half a meg, even with a real original floppy drive.
  13. If i understand the device correctly, the configured floppies images are assigned to slots which can switched in the emulated drives with a button on the device front interface. The selector program is used to select which floppy you want to put in each swap-able slot.
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