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  1. Bahaha! A little bit of wee came out. @PlayWithWolves .. What have you bloody started m8?
  2. My god ... JP makes my head hurt! I can respectfully understand why some people think this, if I try and put myself in their shoes. Different people, different strokes. IMO, the world just needs to harden up, in certain areas, nowadays. From my perspective, I've been in law enforcement for over 23 years. Been called every name under the sun, abused, sent to hospital and yet happily come back for more. There are a lot worse things out in society we should be focusing on. Hence, I personally find these jovial and in some cases juvenile retorts harmless. If I don't like a movie I'm watching because I find it offensive, I just don't watch it. That's why I'm not on any social media. Sorry for digressing, just felt compelled to comment for some unknown reason. Now hoping "the one who knocks" doesn't kick my ass for bringing up PC stuff. Soz.
  3. Extreme Tech posted their thoughts on the Atacobox. Not as straightforward as The Register, however still highlighting the obvious with more of a head-scratching attitude. Atari Wants to Build a Raspberry Pi for the Living Room
  4. "close this discussion of dick !! I broke !!  thanks" - airgames

  5. A simple picture that speaks a thousand tacos A picture that evokes emotions from both ends of the scale. You look at the 4 switch Woody and you just smile and reminisce. You look at the other thing ... and you just shake your head. One trying to ride off the back of another simply for $$$, doing the original no justice!
  6. Champ Games started a hockey game (CHAMPionship Hockey) back in 2003 but haven't worked on it since, but we are planning on finishing it using CDF at some point soon, hopefully next year! Here are some screen shots we posted on our Facebook page a while back. If it catches on and people are interested, we would consider making other Champ Sports titles such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Bowling, etc. '10 Yard Fight' port? Classic game!
  7. Took a break from 2600 cart hunting for months, but back into it now. Picked up the only orginal title HES did. 'My Golf' from 1990. Cart like new.
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