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  1. Newport Controls ProStick III for me, especially for 4-way games. I love leaf switch sticks, if this had a rubber grommet centering gimmick vs. the compressed spring, it would be perfect. The four way/eight way gate changeability is awesome.
  2. I added a rocker switch for power to the rear of my G7400. The power switch for a Commodore 1084 are similar and are also notorious for not latching. The Future Was 8 Bit sells a replacement. https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/1084switch.html
  3. I've never seen a power adapter with both plugs on it. Odyssey 2's can be found with either style power plug.
  4. I swear I saw one on ebay recently, I searched all over and couldn't find it. I recall that it was not cheap. Their ProSticks II and III are my favorite joysticks.
  5. Darnit! How much was it sold for...rub salt in my wounds....
  6. They appear to have uploaded the 'raw', unedited interview. Contained a little banter, quite professional. Other than that revelation about Elvis and the Men In Black, quite drama free.
  7. Henry and Nacy, charming couple Was this episode intended to be published 'un-produced'?
  8. Check the KLOV forums and look for a guy called 'smalltownguy2' he very frequently has them for sale. I think he makes modules/cards for them too. https://forums.arcade-museum.com/member.php?u=42047
  9. You can convert the Sega Master System Phaser to work with Atari's and have a much better experience over the Atari gun. https://133fsb.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/sega-light-phaser-to-atari-xg-1-adapter/
  10. So this dohickey will also allow one to play SMS games on the Genesis without the adapter gizmo, is that right?? If that's the case, I'll take it, if you take PayPal.
  11. PAL C64c connected to North American 1084s-P via Chroma/Luma cable, no color. I use a 13" JVC TM series monitor for my PAL computers that use composite or Chroma/Luma(Y/C input). I've bought three CRT monitors that have been shipped and have been lucky to have shippers that know how to pack them. The 1084 in the pict came to Iowa from New Jersey.
  12. Will an North American C= monitor display PAL even using Chroma Luma? I didn't think so, I'll test this tonight with my 1084S(p).
  13. Or if you have a 3d printer, that design can be found on Thingiverse, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2767791
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