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  1. The effects I used were pretty simple, because we didn't want to muddy the voices. If I remember correctly I used some chorus and some light flange for both and ended up pitching mine down one key. Carrie's is pretty close to her natural voice though. I still remember her chasing everyone out of the studio when she was working on the sexy superzapper recharge sample. She to this day still does custom answer messages for Atari fans phones its pretty cool really.
  2. If you had to only choose one Lynx game to say was your favorite, what would it be? The choice for me is very easy - Slime World. Back in the day, when I was a tester at Atari, the whole test department and some of the house Devs would get together at lunch and play 8 player. We used to play what we called survival mode, one person would be the hunted and was not allowed to use weapons of any kind, the rest were allowed to use the full compliment of slime blaster and bombs. I am happy to say that I still hold the record for the most survival wins 8-) Still some of the fondest memories I have of working at Atari.
  3. I loved EoB I still have the ROM with the save chip on the board 8-)
  4. Whew some of those screenshots are rough to look at. Cool posts though. Always fun to read old magazine articles like this.
  5. To those trying to chat with me, I would love to but I have not reached the magic 100 posts to unlock chat functionality. Feel free to PM me I won't bite...well not very hard anyway 8-)

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      Send a note to Albert, he can probably fix that.

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      really enjoy the memories and stories as you build your post count though Ted! :-)

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      You are now able to enter the chat. Go give it a rip!

  6. Well, lets hope there isn't another me... I don't think the world could stand it The list should be making its rounds soon to those interested.
  7. These days my focus is on photography. I have been out of the games industry for some tie now. Glad to hear you are still at the good fight! Someone has to do it
  8. Things are great thank you 8-) It has been so great to meet everyone here!
  9. I was just thinking about that, I believe it was Carrie yes. I had a lot of fun with the sounds in that one. I remember munching on uncooked pasta for the bone crunching sounds.
  10. Yes, the voices for T2K were my wife Carrie and I. I actually worked with developers quite a bit on sounds and Foley work for Jag games. Dino Dudes Cybermorph and others. I kept myself pretty busy while I was at Atari lol.
  11. It is all good. How were you to know who was posting such seemingly fantastical things especially on Craigslist. I am happy to have found such a passionate group of folks which I can happily sell my remaining items to. I know Carl has expressed interest in EEPROMS and others have sent me PM inquiring about documents. I will send out the list of items I have left in the order I received the requests - just to be fair.
  12. Greetings all!

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      i hope you are not chauvinist like some ppl are here LOL anyways greetings.

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      The Rick

      Well that's an awkward way to greet someone. Hope you aren't a racist, welcome to AA! LuHlZ

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      Geez, really.

  13. Hi all, This was my posting. The lot was sold earlier this morning. I should have another round of collectibles soon, I just need time to catalog them, take photos and of course try and figure out a reasonable price for the lot. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, and let me know if you are looking for anything specific as I still have a lot more left than I anticipated.
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