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  1. I remember reading somewhere (Ultimate History of Video Games, maybe?) that is was somebody in the office, a secretary or something like that.
  2. I have analyzed only one fourth of the program code, so I can't answer that yet. The entire program has to fit in only 20 KB of ROM, so I doubt there is room for too many hidden or unused things. Not really hidden or unknown, but two things that I learned so far are: (1) After you enter your initials, the initials entered screen that follows spells it wrong: INITIALS ENTERD. (2) It was always well documented that the value of each enemy plane you shoot down increases by 50 points per level, but I learned too from the disassembly that seven items in the scoring table have 50 points per level added to their value starting with level two up to level seven. I don't know what objects the seven entries correspond to yet, but one of them is the fuel tank. (Fuel tanks are worth 300 points on level one and 550 points at level seven and after.) I always knew I was earning more points on the platform stages in later levels, but I never knew where the extra points were coming from.
  3. After seeing the disassembled and commented Donkey Kong code on the net, I disassembled Zaxxon and compared the two. The routines at the top of the program (initialization, interrupt handling, task lists, score display, etc.) are essentially identical -- so much so that I could copy comments over intact from Donkey Kong to Zaxxon. Zaxxon definitely came from the same code base as Donkey Kong, but modified, to my eye, by a different hand. The game play code is quite different, of course, which I haven't looked closely at yet.
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