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  1. I have no idea what to offer. But if you come up with a price please let me know. Thanks


    I have 5 Each of Crash Bandicoot 1

    Crash Bandicoot 2

    Spyro the Dragon

    All brand New Factory Sealed


    Feel free to make offers/trades


  2. I normally sell Sega Cds for $35 or $60 with a Genesis. If you are still looking for any systems message me. I might be able to help out.


    Already do have a Model 1 Master System. Buying the Master System II isn't a problem for me. And FYI, the French Master System II outputs A/V and RGB, and that's the one I'm looking for. Just to make the system output in 60Hz.

    Well, what can I say about the Sega CD? Seemed like a good deal to me(hey, I was ready to spend $200 on a PC Engine Duo-R a while back), especially since there was already a Genesis in there. Had it just been the Sega CD, I'd have passed, but this was the first Sega CD I have ever seen in my area, so I couldn't miss out on it. Sega CDs are ULTRA rare where I live, and the 32X seems even worse. I have never seen one, just like I have never seen a Master System II, Top-loader NES, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Genesis 3 or any NEC systems. I've suspended console chases after spending the $180 on my boxed Genesis/Sega CD combo.

  3. Thank you for the replies. I had previously checked ebay. But it is hard to find some of the games CIB. I still can't find a ended auction for Pitfall 2 or Frontline CIB.


    I already own 90% of these games loose. I would like to add the boxes to my collection. It seems almost impossible to find CIB games locally. I know what the loose games are worth (not much). But wasn't sure what they are worth complete. I wouldn't have had known that the Infiltrate with the red box is harder to find.

  4. I was hoping someone who knows complete game prices could help me out. I have a chance to trade for a small lot of complete 2600 games. I know that most of them are really common. But I have no idea what they are worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    carnival by SEGA


    river raid


    super challenge football

    super challenge baseball

    armor ambush



    fantastic voyage

    donkey kong jr.

    cross force


    china syndrome


    yars' revenge

    plaque attack


    space cavern


    pitfall 2



    space invaders

    ms. pac man

    canyon bomber

    space attack

    word zapper





    gangster alley

    front line

    space shuttle

    space cavern

    air sea battle

    video pinball



    maze craze




    missile command

    mario bros.

    keystone kapers

    outer space

    jungle hunt

    moon patrol



  5. I think it all depends on wether or not you are willing to spend the money for the best games. A lot of the better games cost $40+. If you only play the cheap games you aren't getting full value out of your saturn. It might not be worth it until you play things such as Burning Rangers, Dragon Force, Guardian Heroes, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force 3 etc. There are lots of great imports. I've jsut started getting into the imports and am enjoying my Saturn immensly. I'm playing Princess Crown right now and am loving it.

  6. I have a Mox Jet that may be available. I'd be more interested in trading it for a game then selling it though. I have the following all unlimited: Black Lotus, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Pearl, Mox Emerald, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, Time Twister. I also have a complete set of Arabian Nights. Stuff such as 4x Mana Drains, 40x Duals, 4x Nether Voids, 2x Moats, 5x Mirror Universe, 3x Ali from Cair, Berserk, 2x The Abyss etc.


    I have some extremely rare stuff such as Summer Edition, a Hymn to Tourach that is Wyvern backed and an uncut sheet of Vanguard.


    Everything I have is quality Type 1 that has held it's value or increased the last few years.


    I'd even be really interested in trading the whole collection. Maybe even selling. But It would probably be $12-15,000 US. Depending wether the really rare stuff is included.


    If anyone is interest please let me know!

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