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  1. If anyone else has one for sale please let me know!
  2. I'm interested in making a deal for the Donkey Kong 3 Game and Watch and Dragon Warrior IV game. I would need them shipped to Ontario Canada. Please let me know what you can do. Thanks
  3. I hear people complain about stores trade in values all the time. I was wondering what everyone thinks a fair trade in value would be. 50%? Should the percentage change depending on how rare an item is? Should it depend on how quickly the store can sell the game? I just thought it would be interesting to hear everyones opinion. If I was opening a game store right now. What percentage for trade ins would it take to get you to come to my store?
  4. If you go and pick up Snow Bros. I will trade you a bunch of NES games that you want for it (I have 200ish doubles). Or I'll send you $25 plus shipping. If I had a Star Craft 64 handy I'd trade it.
  5. Why not pick them all up? People might trade well for the games you left behind. I have Saga Frontier already but you should go back and pick up the other one
  6. I was wondering what other Tg16 games you are looking for? I have Dragon's Curse I think it is complete. But I don't want to trade it for Blazing Lazers. Do you have any more outer cardboard boxes? I would be willing to trade it for a bunch of boxes.
  7. I have a bunch of Tg16 hucards for trade. Anything specific you are looking for? I might also have a copy of Phantasy Star 4 up for grabs, it would be cart only though.
  8. I have extra Nomads for sale if you decide to buy a whole new system. I've never found a screen for sale individually. But if anyone knows where to find a Turbo Express screen I'd be interested in knowing. I can buy a Turbo Express for $25 but the screen is cracked.
  9. I never thought about it but I agree with Collector Plates and Hummels even Royal Doultons. They still sell for quite a bit locally but on ebay they go for 1/3 of the price.
  10. You can always trade for TG16 games. I have a complete Splatterhouse and Military Madness up for grabs right now. Looking for RPGs, Shooters or rarities for almost any system.
  11. $29 for Chip and Dale 2 is pretty fair. I get $25 for them no problem and I don't run a store. Technosis- Where are you from in Ontario? There are no stores run by gamers in my neck of the woods. Or within an hour of me. So you must live closer to Toronto.
  12. I'm also curious to know the value. Could you maybe post it after you find a buyer? I have a few of these I think. I include them with my atari systems regularily. Are they typically harder to find?
  13. If you lived near me I'd be all over the Neo Geo dedicated. But I can't afford shipping. Good Luck!
  14. I'm sitting on about 40 NES systems right now. And have the opportunity to buy atleast one a week. I can buy 10 right now at $30 each from a local dealer but that doesn't seem worth my time. I seem to buy them quicker than I can sell them. The local game store used to sell them for $10 around here too but they would only sell me so many. Now they are asking $59.99. They are easy to find if you are looking for them. They bring $60 on ebay though. So that would explain the price hike.
  15. I was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me. I've tried searching online but every explanation I find is about a PAL Megadrive and I don't think a US Genesis is exactly the same. I'm installing a 50/60hz switch and a Jap/US switch in a model 1 Genesis. I have the Jap/US Switch working properly but the 50/60hz switch won't work. When I flick the switch the system turns off. I've read that you have to cut traces but I don't know where. I've tried cutting them between JP2 and JP3 but that didn't seem to work. I think I read that for US systems you have to cut JP4.... Where do you cut the traces for a US Model 1 genesis? Is it necessary to connect any 2 points? I'm not using the left JP1 or JP4 at all. Thanks!
  16. I didn't know anything about arcade machines. But I bought an Ehrgeiz cab that was in great shape with a perfect 25" monitor in it. I asked if it was Jamma and he said that it was. Well now that I know a little more I've found out Ehrgeiz is Jamma+. So when I put a Neo-Geo 1 slot in it, I have no player 2, no D button and no sound. Is it possible to get a convertor to change Jamma+ to Jamma? Or would I have to rewire everything to put a Neo-Geo in there? Are there and good Jamma+ games I should look into? I'd really like to put a Neo-Geo in there if possible. But I'm not too handy with a soldering iron. So I don't think I could put a new harness in. Thanks for any input!
  17. If you are trading one for one I'd be interested in 5 gameboy games. Thanks
  18. Hi, I jsut picked up a second modified PSX. The big grey one. he was using it to play Cd-rs so I'm not sure if it will play imports but I think it will. I don't have any imports to try it out though. If interested in it just make me an offer. Thanks
  19. What are you offering? I have all three things that you are looking for. Thanks
  20. Who are the 7 people who voted over $50,000? I don't even think I can name 7 people online who I know have collections that large. I probably have 10,000+ games and 200+ systems and I don't hit that mark.
  21. I'll take it as long as it is in good condition. ie. no tears in the plastic and the cd is still in place. I can send payment tonight by paypal as long as you send me your details before I leave work. Thanks
  22. Thank you so much! I've read stuff at Gamefaqs and all over the place. I couldn't find much specific to the arcade version. SO I assumed I needed to beat the game with a male character, a female character, and all 8 original characters. And then possibly with the Final fantasy 7 characters. But apparently that is jsut for the PSX version. Again thank you very much. I've read so many faqs and walkthroughs but they were all for the psx version.
  23. I bought an Ehrgeiz cabinet about a week ago. It works great so I've been playing it quite a bit. I don't know how to unlock new characters though. I've beat 11 stages (including cloud and tifa) without losing and then ran out of time at the red scorpian. I just found out that I can kill the scorpian with the daggers so I will try that tonight. Will that unlock a character for me? I'm pretty sure you can only unlock 3 characters in the arcade version correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hi there, I have a couple SNES systems I'm about to put on ebay. Looking for $55 for one in great shape that is tested and guaranteed to work. I'm interested in Spllaterhouse and Bonk. Let me know if interested. Thanks
  25. I'd be interested in the games. If you don't want them could you please pick them up for me if they are cheap. I bought a Leisurevision at a yard sale with 4 games and would love to get some more.
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