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  1. @inky The setup is real easy, as others said, but some systems have strict virus control and you have to jump through their hoops to download it and run it because its an untrusted program. No support for controllers, sorry. Keyboard only. Dragons will come back to life as soon as someone resurrects - which is how the original game behaved. Glad you liked it.
  2. I wrote to this forum a year ago asking for help rebooting Atari Adventure. My crazy idea: 2 or 3 players connecting over the internet playing Atari Adventure. First one to get the chalice back to their castle wins. Maybe it was silly, writing a video game in 2018 with 8 bit graphics, but Adventure was magical, and the readers of this forum who volunteered for beta-testing all agree. The result is SO fun to play. It’s released now, and I hope you’ll give it a try. h2hadventure.com
  3. Ah - a lobby - that is why this isn't being released until Fall. The game is done, but the game setup is non-existent. Beta-testers are going to have to coordinate via email and agree when they are all going to logon and what game they will play. I hope to have a lobby where you can see who wants to play game 2 or game 3, or who wants to play 2-player vs 3-player, and even have accounts so you can look for your friends. Really, that shouldn't take 6 months, but I've never programmed Windows or MAC graphical user interfaces so I'm going to have quite a learning curve. Secretly I hope that someone who does know something about Windows MFC or OSX Cocoa will give me some advice and maybe I can release it sooner. Let me repeat that: NEED ADVICE ON MFC OR COCOA! PLEASE HELP.
  4. The current game can be 2 or 3 players. As far as extended maps, it's not easy but not impossible. There is no way to use one of the existing Adventure hacks that have extended maps with my game, nor did I create a mechanism to plug in new maps, but the entire C++ source code is available and it would be pretty straight forward to fork it and then extend the maps or even increase the number of players (though you have to find a place for each player's home castle). Once you modified the code and built it you could give it to your friends and play peer-to-peer with them.
  5. Warren Robinett when he was making Atari Adventure wanted to make it 2 player. He had this crazy idea of connecting two 2600's using a cable that plugs into the 2P joystick port, but it never came to be. So, I have revived that dream - not as an Atari hack, though. Atari Adventure's been ported to C++ and runs on Macs and PCs, but it's now an internet-based, head-to-head version. See the cool (and hilarious) promo video here. It should be ready by Fall, but if people want to try it earlier I am looking for beta-testers. Find out more at http://h2hadventure.ddns.net.
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