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  1. Excited to cross Wyvern Tales off this list soon! I did get in on the most recent pre order There are quite a bit of titles I haven't played though. I was going through and doing reviews for the lynx game review thread, based upon games that were never reviewed yet. I suppose I should also consider Lynx games I've never tried before!
  2. I had a very similar thing going on when games would boot up on my own Lynx 2 units with the BV screen. Ben believes it to be a ram / Suzy issue.... and he was quite nice enough about it as well, to even offer a replacement screen though he was 99% sure the issue wasn't with the screen. I'm half tempted to fire up that game on my BV modded lynx 2 and see if I have the same results. I have a half baked theory that these pixels are "normal", just not highly visibly on the original units due to the poor screen quality, lower resolution, and contrast issues.... maybe I'm completely wrong though and you do happen to have two different units with the same graphical artificating issues. It's quite possible it is, as Ben says, a ram / suzy problem
  3. The beauty of the lynx 2 is that you can bypass nearly everything that is finicky, and everything that you can bypass isn't necessary for operation. The ole "5V trick". On a lynx 1 it would be C39, and on a Lynx 2 it would be C41. Simply have a game inserted (or short out pins 31 and 33 on the cart slot) and then supply that capacitor with 5V 1A to the legs, respecting polarity. If your lynx is in working condition, it will work now. If it doesn't work after doing the 5V trick, tracing through the power stage and recapping the unit won't make a difference (save for replacing the two big power caps... that you should do no matter what). So if you can't get the unit working using the 5V trick, I wouldn't worry about anything else. Replace the two largest caps on the board, and then work on getting the game to run with the 5V trick applied. If that trick doesn't work, it means you have damage to either one of the two custom CPU's or damage to the ram chips. As well, it could mean you have a dirty / damaged cart slot. Check to make sure the pins aren't bent or out of place, try a different game if you have one as I have run into the rare game or two that just wouldn't boot be it they the contacts are dirty and sometimes the cart just outright won't work at all (which is why I prefer to jump pins 31 and 33 on the cart slot, eliminates yet another variable). The flex membrane can give you issues, but you've trimmed the very edge of yours... so you should be good there. You could have a bad screen, but that is somewhat rare and if it was JUST a bad screen you'd still get sound. Try chips challenge if you have access to it, or crystal mines. They both play sound right away. The power socket should be replaced, the console 5 kit comes with one. But it's not your issue here. Console 5 also mentions replacing the part at R74 with a 30 ohm resistor. Supposedly slightly raises voltages a few tenths of a volt, and that helps wake up some picky lynx units.
  4. If you pumped 5V 1A directly into the legs of C41 (and had polarity correct) you should have had a game running. I like to do this with a game like chips challenge, that plays sound almost right away. Lets you know if the game is "playing blind" so to speak. Meaning the game is running, sound coming out of the speaker (which keys you in to the game running) but nothing on the display. Lets you know at least "most things" are working OK. If you are not getting sound or video, with 5V going in to C41 then you likely have damaged one of the two custom Lynx CPU's or the two ram chips.
  5. Preordered my copy (a week or two ago actually)! Can't wait for it to come in.
  6. I have hmmm... One nice condition "Japanese Made" Lynx 1 that is midway through refurbishing. I need to finish the power circuit rebuild. Works very well. Already replaced the power caps. One non working Lynx 1... pretty rough shape and missing the battery door and the cart slot cover. Eh. She's pretty much a parts Lynx. Haven't tried too hard to save it yet. One nice, working Lynx 2. I upgraded it with a BennVenn solder in version as I bought my BV kits right before the solderless were announced. One decent shape, non working Lynx 2. Fair shell, lens may be a bit rough but I might be able to polish out the scratches. Clean and not busted up. At least 3 non working motherboards, maybe 4, for Lynx 2. So 2 basically working consoles, one of each model, and likely enough parts to get 2 more working, one of each model. 4 lynxes? Lynxi? What is the plural of Lynx? 4 seems a good number for one man
  7. Thank you for updating, I'm sure it will help someone in the future! Odd that the zenner failed so soon after replacement, but you are luck that failure and the resulting increased voltage into the custom CPU's didn't kill one or both of em.
  8. Ordered my copy! Question about Crystal Mines Burried Treasure... do you have to beat all the original levels to play the new levels? Or how does that work? Level codes published in the manual?
  9. If your applying 5V (stable... and not high amps... 1 amp would probably be enough) directly into the legs of C41 and the machine is not "working" there are two likely culprits. 1) The cart slot and or the cartridge are dirty. A hacky way to check that is to remove and insert the card, with a wee bit of force, about 10 or 15 times. Then test the machine. Cart slots can also have bent, corroded or burned up pins. 2) One or both of the custom CPU's got damaged by over volting when you applied AC / Battery power. Those are 9V power sources that get regulated down to 5V by the power circuit. When components in that circuit fail (and the original parts are often failed by now) they can fail one of two ways. Closed, or open. In one case, the unit simply won't power up. In the other case, 9V is fed into parts that should only get 5V. If it's the 9V into 5V case... those custom CPU chips or the ram chips can be destroyed... essentially making that lynx junk. Unless you want to order proper replacements from Best Electronics in California and have the hot air station and skills to replace those quad flat pack chips. In a healthy lynx 2 (meaning the critical, nearly non replaceable parts are OK) applying 5V to C41 and having a game in the cart slot will have the system auto start and the game load. This bypasses anything beyond the ram chips and the custom CPU's. The only factor here, beyond that, would be a faulty screen, bad power caps, bad or dirty cartridge, or a bad or dirty cartridge slot.
  10. Did you ever try to install a BV screen on this early Lynx 2? Curious if it worked or not.
  11. Cool! I assume we will just order directly through the songbird website?
  12. That's the way I always test a board, 5V directly into the legs of the larger power cap (C39 for lynx 1, C41 for lynx 2). No danger of blowing anything up that way.
  13. Analogue makes a great product, but they have very limited bandwidth to deliver those products. Their SuperNT (FPGA recreation of the Super Nintendo) has been out of stock for over a year IIRC. Their Mega SG (Sega Genesis FPGA system) just sold out and likely won't be back in stock for a long time to come. Analog has the pocket and their turbografx systems coming. The pre orders for the pocket sold out in like 60 seconds, and it was a small quantity. I don't know that you'll be able to order any of the mentioned systems easily in the next 1-2 years. Fixing original hardware may be your only choice.
  14. Finally got one of the lynx units fully finished, the one for my grandfather. Can't wait to deliver it to him sometime soon. A lynx 2 that has full board refurb, benvenn screen upgrade, and a replacement speaker installed as well as a benvenn flashcart. He has no idea new modern screens were adapted to be usable with the lynx, nor that throughout the years homebrew devs have continued creating new content for the lynx. I imagine he will be thrilled! That just leaves... a lot, on the to do list. Including finishing my own personal lnyx 2 as it still needs it's BV screen fitted, and my very clean and nice looking model 1 lynx needs it's power circuit rebuilt and i'll probably keep it's stock screen as it's got to be one of the best original screens I've ever seen. Lastly, a few lynx 2 boards that I need to try to get at least one more working board out of. I have another empty lynx 2 shell that is in nice shape. Might as well try to make another complete unit. I have a BV screen for that one as well, if I ever get it put together. I posted pictures in the facebook atari fans group.
  15. It's actually quite rare that caps are the culprits with a lynx unit that won't "fire" beyond the larger power caps (C39 on Lynx 1, C41 on Lynx 2) More likely, the cartridge slot is dirty or the pins are bent on the slot. If it's just a screen issue, you can easily verify by putting a game in and turning the sound up. If it's only the screen, the unit will "play blind" to borrow an arcade game phrase. You'll hear the sounds and music, you can start and play the game, you just can't see whats going on with the screen. If your not hearing volume, and can't play the game "blind" then it's not likely to be just a screen problem.
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