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  1. Lynx Casino Well... what can we say? It is what it promises to be? There are several games included such as video poker, slots, black jack, roulette, craps.... The game is there, it's complete, it plays... but it's somewhat boring. If you run out of money, the cashier will always give you another $500. It can be interesting to talk to everyone... once. Maybe. I never could figure whats going on with the background. Are those flowers, or some kinda crazy carpeting? Is the casino outside? Eh. You can't really lose, and there seems to be no real objective or win condition... other than the try to build up your stacks of cash (or coin). Scores: Graphics - 6/10 Sounds - 4/10 Gameplay - 4/10 Difficulty - 3/10 Overall - 4/10 Final Thoughts: It's a time waster game, really. I can't see myself playing it over pretty much any other game on the system.
  2. I only knew of it because my grandfather had one. No one else I knew had one, heard of it, or played one. He had 10 odd games or so as I remember, DOOM being the standout even if it had no music. Cybermorph irritated me. Pinball fantasies was cool. Tempest 2K... eh. Not bad. Checkered flag I dont remeber that much.
  3. The PS1 version had the same blurry text issue. I think that plagued every version that wasnt played on a PC monitor. I dabbled a bit with the DOS version of the game. Spent tons of hours on the PS1 version. It featured proper full state saves. No way would I tolerate losing everything but my money. I dont want to spend hours and hours and hours on each session playing a park till I'm done with it and selling it. On average that was 2 to 3 play sessions on the ps1 days. Not being able to save and pick back up exactly as I left off hurts. The blurry unreadable text is an issue as well, the tips and hints contained in them are vital.
  4. Which 10 games are those? My grandfather had a Jaguar when I was a kid in the late 80s early 90s. He had a lot of atari stuff, big gamer. Playing on his lynx units are why I bought them all these years later, and am working to repair his original lynx units. For a good 5+ years I've debated picking up a Jaguar and it's only going to get more expensive I fear. If the games on the top 10 list interest me, I might just pull the trigger!
  5. I'd buy a set or two as well if still available. Any lynx 2 battery compartment doors?
  6. Figured I contribute to a thread that hasn't seen action in a while, and what better way than with a game not previously reviewed here! Rampage Yet another arcade classic that saw it's way to Atari's Lynx handheld. A fairly simple yet semi addicting game that had numerous ports of varying quality across multiple platforms. The objective is simple, a mutated member of the fauna ecosystem tears into various cities smashing everything in their path(s). Go at it alone, or wreak havoc with up to 3 other players in this version. That's possible thanks to an extra 4th character not present anywhere but the lynx (not even in the arcade original)... cool considering some versions (NES) didn't even all 3 original characters. The graphics are really well done, smooth and colorful. Sound is great as well, some versions of the game don't even have sound... this one has a really nice score showing off what the lynx can do soundwise. It's not terribly challenging once you understand the mechanics, and can get very repetitive. There are only so many really unique "level designs" so after about half an hour of game play those start to get a bit old as well. Go past an hour, and yeah... more of the same. The "close up" draw distance in terms of what can fit on the screen is just a limitation of the lynx in itself. Makes it a bit harder to avoid things like tanks, and often your not sure if there are buildings left on opposing edges of the map. Not a deal breaker though. This version does feature an end that can be reached, and the limited lives makes a difference in terms of gameplay and your desire to "win". The NES version allows unlimited lives, just keep bashing away... the only thing to stop you from reaching the end is if you can be bothered to put that many hours into the game. Puts a damper on your drive to want to finish / play again. Overall an excellent example of an arcade conversion done to basically the best abilities of the lynx, and is surprisingly more playable than you might imagine. Scores: Graphics - 9/10 Sounds - 9/10 Gameplay - 7/10 Difficulty - 5/10 Overall - 7/10 Final Thoughts: It may not be a game you reach for often, but it is a nice little smash em up to waste some time with every now and then. The music is among my favorites on the lynx, behind possibly only Crystal Mines 2. The graphics are really nice as well. Game play is simple, but smooth and solid. Certainly worth a look if you haven't played before! I love the effort, given the restraints, of including music and not only all 3 original monsters... but an all new exclusive 4th character! Well done!
  7. I did manage to get the game (Titan) to do an interesting glitch once, I loaded it up to play on my flash cart and got a phone call like the instant before I actually started playing but the game was loaded. Some 15 to 20 seconds later, the long rectangular enemies were approaching me (I don't think I'd moved at all yet). After defeating those, there were no more enemies for the entire game, and the graphics were a little glitchy on the background. I tried reproducing it, but couldnt.... waiting a good 2-3 min at the start didn't seem to have the same effect again... even advancing a little and then waiting 2-3 min still didn't cause it. I don't remember 100% how it unfolded when the glitch happened.
  8. I play the majority of my games on a bennvenn flash cart on real lynx hardware. while I own a good 30 or more original carts, the flash cart is just more convenient. Plus it gives access to tech demos, freeware and the ability to play things like the programming contest entries on real hardware.
  9. I do appreciate it, but that way more than I'm interested in spending.
  10. Progress! I have the lynx 1 that I bought in good condition just a few months ago working! C38 was leaking, and appeared almost like battery acid corrosion on a leg? Pretty much wore half the pad on the screen side of the board off. In a bit of a noob move, I continued to use a tip that was visibly shot because it was my favorite shape. I had thought I was responsible for ripping the rest of the pad off, but in reality, it was only on by a thread thanks to the leakage. I almost though all was for not, when I realized most of the through hole caps had little if any solder on the screen side of the board. So apparently, just having solder on the underside is good enough! Replaced C38, C39... (the two biggest power caps) and resoldered the speaker as it was barely hanging on. Inserted a game cart, and "INSERT GAME" but boy was I happy! This means that Mikey and Suzy are fine! I removed and reinserted my chips challenge game about 10-15 times, and IT WORKS! The screen even looks really good for an original screen, no "zones" as is customary with random "thirds" of the screen being different levels of brightness / contrast. Very awesome! Although I had really bad luck with the Lynx 2 and spare boards, I think I can get at least one of the 3 boards going... maybe 2. I probably won't have the time for quite a while, but I can use my oscilloscope and my working lynx 1 to diagnose my broken lynx 1 (grandfathers really) by studying the mikey / suzy activity. I suspect a bad mikey.
  11. My votes are in over at itch.io Some feedback for the devs: Minimal - The start of what could easily be my favorite of the bunch in terms of an all around title. Veryyy early build though. I'd have liked to have seen the demo be a bit further along for a variety of reasons. Mostly, we are left to imagine what the finished implementation will look like in terms of how the game plays, and feels... difficulty and so on. The controls are nice and tight. The platforming is done in a way as to not be trivial, but not to be rage quit hard either. Sybils Nightmare Run - Sort of different from basically any other existing Lynx game alone nearly warrants it being finished. I just feel like there needs to be a "touch" more depth to the game play in terms of mechanics. I like the graphic style, the presentation. I played an hour or two without making a "chore" of it. Solid start. Time Loop - Very simple, but loads of fun. Again, love the graphics and art concepts... gameplay mechanics are good, controls pretty smooth. Things can almost feel a tiny bit "slippery" at times. When you get up to the max limit of clones, it almost feels too crowded. Getting goals above levels 20 plus nearly feels like luck. Took me quite a few attempts before I discovered the "turbo" button. Helps. I also discovered a little tactic that helps get you started early on, I won't spoil though A great homebrew title! Asteroid Chasers - I feel like for whatever reason, this one just doesn't hit home for me. It's a great example of awesome work for the system (as all these entries are really, and that's not just my excitement for more lynx titles talking!). Of all the entries, this one I had to force myself to spend the extra time with. I'm not quite sure why. Even after reading the instructions, it just doesn't feel intuitive to me. Although, that's likely a fault of my own and not the game. Kudos to the devs, while the game play seems a bit lost on me, the artwork is an interesting example of what the lynx can do! XUMP 2 - What can I say. No disrespect meant to any of these games, but of them all, I could easily peg this one as a retail release from back when the console was still in production. Amazing effort, tons of replayability, A+ in my book. Dead ringer in my opinion. Titan - This is "middle of the road" for me in terms of the titles. I can see it being top 3. The lynx has some good shooters, gates of zendocon is a pretty cool one, and I bring this up I guess because it enters a space in the lynx library genre that isn't sorely lacking, although I try to not let that factor influence my voting too much. The lynx is devoid of several genres, but that doesn't make the first entry into the space necessarily a good one no matter how needed it is and that's why I try to limit that factor when voting. I feel like further into development, this title will get stronger. I could see myself buying a copy.
  12. The game looks really interesting to me, and fills a MUCH needed gap on the system. I think any homebrewer out there has a real chance at making an RPG ish title that would sell really well. Having said that, the website just says due to high demand and slow production time... none are available for direct sale. The only copy I could find on eBay was like $200.. Is there any place or any chance new copies are going to be available? I really wish there were a way to buy roms of some of this stuff. I'm sure some of you clever folks could work out a system. Could lower the cost, since you don't need to produce anything and the products could be available nearly indefinitely. Does each lynx have an "ID"... perhaps find a way to hash a password using the ID of the lynx... you send that hash in, then the author sends you a special copy of the game with the hashed value and that game will only run on your lynx. I mean... I get that perhaps that system of a system is pretty easy to defeat by simply programming out the hash check... buttt there are ways for detecting altered code as well.
  13. So what did Atari do wrong. Well, it's more of what Nintendo did right. The NES had an amazing library of games compared to the 7800 and the fault was a mixture of the folks running Atari at the time and the stranglehold Nintendo had on some really good IP's both first party and third party. It's the same reason the gameboy beat the living pants off of the Lynx and the Game Gear. As a child (born in 86) in the early 90's... I had a game gear. Got a game boy color when it came out. The screen and hardware of the game gear was better, even the lynx had a better screen IMO... the library of the lynx though was just so limited. It never had a killer app like tetris or pokemon. Regardless of if or not you like those games, they sold MILLIONS of consoles. My grandfather had lynx units, that I really enjoyed playing, but my parents would never buy me one... the cost. They could get me and my brother both a game boy for the cost of one lynx. The gameboy pocket even further sealed that deal. Better screen, and two triple A batteries vs 4 AA's in the game boy (which lasted a long time) or six in the game gear (which could kill them in like 4-5 hours flat). That's the main fault IMO. Nintendo had, especially in terms of the game boy, an inferior product... but the software library was so much stronger in the eyes of the average consume, and the prices were so much lower... the competition had no real chance. The 7800, from what I've seen (never owned anything Atari other than Lynx units that I just bought within the last year or two) could have been a real competitor to the NES in terms of hardware. There just weren't nearly enough killer apps on the platform. The point of any video game system first and foremost is the games. If you don't have the games, it doesn't matter how amazing the hardware was. Nintendo has proven throughout the generations that hardware power can mean nothing.
  14. I'm not 100% sure what the apline games cart is. Is is the full version of the game plus extras? Or just additional content? Do you somehow need to own a copy of alpine games to use this (doesn't seem likey?)
  15. What are you using to burn carts! That looks very cool... digging the copy of timeloop sitting there. It's an interesting game, given how simple it can appear. Neat idea on the cart storage system
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