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  1. Excellent, I hadn't realised consumer versions were now available. A quick look around and the work Malban is doing is incredible. Seeing versions of Star Wars and Elite gave me a warm (vector) glow.
  2. Is there a reason, other than madness, that the Packrat version would be so valuable?
  3. I don't get the love for Discord, isn't t just like a chat room? I know you can search it and people can be very helpful if around, but it just seems like a difficult mess for finding information. Or am I missing something?
  4. That's a lot cheaper than buying in the original batch from Europe to the UK! Of course you may get hit with customs - and you now might from the EU too Is there any difference between the versions, is there something to distinguish the limit nature of those from the maker?
  5. Looks a great version, especially with the overlay, but I just never found Joust fun. I guess because I was rubbish at it!
  6. How about a funky PCB version of Stramash Zone?
  7. Thanks. You'll get some Paypal shortly! I understand on the making to order delays.
  8. Excellent! Looks cool. I had been meaning to contact you about a UV frame, are they available? How much to add a 5V one with UK postage?
  9. I don't do facebook so just keep a eye on here really. So much appreciated.
  10. What an amazing find. Well done! And thanks for making the effort to get it out there to the World rather than just profiteering. I'm sure you can do that after! (And if you are just reporting it, thank you, and thanks to the finder)
  11. I have no idea when I got mine, £90 rings a bell and I seem to remember that hurt at the time. I've got a copy of Protector from the original batch (quick google) so it must have been before 2003... @Lord InnitDo we need a Vectrex Vestibule?
  12. Was the Vectrex more popular in the UK/Europe than the US? They seem pretty easy to get and reading the above the prices seem a fair bit lower.
  13. Cool. Well I'll just hope the smart people out there that did it with a Fever will try with this.
  14. I still meant on the Vectrex display, I was able to source a yoke not the whole thing. (and have no where I'd be allowed to put a cabinet even if I could afford it). Like this on the vecfever (who needs Squadrons in VR when you can have a UV Vectrex!)...
  15. Wow, fantastic news. Well done. Don't have time to develop, I'll get back to that in retirement, so I'll watch this space with interest to see what all the great devs come up with. One questions, can Star Wars arcade run on it and can I then hook my real yoke up? I've seen it done on VecFever, but didn't have the £1400+ to get one of those!
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