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  1. That's incredible. I have a completely unused HP Stream 7 sitting here that is in need to a project. (At the time it was cheaper to buy the tablet with a free year of Office 365 than buying Office 365!) Of course the odds of getting a VecFever mean it will likely sit for a long time...
  2. uczmeg

    Vectrex32 Smartcart

    I am tempted to pick up one of these, just in case, partly because as soon as something interesting happens it will probably be unavailable and $1000 on eBay... There is the suggestion it could be used like a VecFever to support MAME as others have done to display vector games, which would be enough of a selling point for me as Fevers don't seem to be available any time soon. It just needs someone clever enough to do it... http://forums.vectrex32.com/index.php/topic,66.0.html
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    Well, I've just seen I've been registered and lurking here on and off for 15 years without a post! so a couple of years not watching the Vectrex scene and WOW, it's gone mad. So many clever people doing amazing things. I'm replying here as I look around the recent scene and realise I NEED a VecFever but don't have the bank balance to go the eBay route, so hopefully some new ones will be released. Looks like some of my old purchases are now worth quite a lot, but then so are all the ones I've missed and now want. I think the images of someone playing MAME Star Wars with a yoke on the Vectrex really tipped the need especially as I recently managed to acquire a real yoke...
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