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  1. I have no idea when I got mine, £90 rings a bell and I seem to remember that hurt at the time. I've got a copy of Protector from the original batch (quick google) so it must have been before 2003... @Lord InnitDo we need a Vectrex Vestibule?
  2. Was the Vectrex more popular in the UK/Europe than the US? They seem pretty easy to get and reading the above the prices seem a fair bit lower.
  3. Cool. Well I'll just hope the smart people out there that did it with a Fever will try with this.
  4. I still meant on the Vectrex display, I was able to source a yoke not the whole thing. (and have no where I'd be allowed to put a cabinet even if I could afford it). Like this on the vecfever (who needs Squadrons in VR when you can have a UV Vectrex!)...
  5. Wow, fantastic news. Well done. Don't have time to develop, I'll get back to that in retirement, so I'll watch this space with interest to see what all the great devs come up with. One questions, can Star Wars arcade run on it and can I then hook my real yoke up? I've seen it done on VecFever, but didn't have the £1400+ to get one of those!
  6. uczmeg


    So it sold for only... £1422!! ($1840)
  7. Which frame do you have? I'd prefer the 5v self powered option, but wondering if you need the extra LEDs? The overlays are fantastic, but like everything Vectrex getting a few of them and a UV frame is not cheap!
  8. uczmeg


    I would fear the VF2 coming out and the value crashing. I'm hoping things like the PiTrex will give those of us with normal budgets/genuine desire to use the device the VF functionality we crave. It's now at £478 which is too much for me to play Star Wars on a vector monitor with my genuine Atari yoke...
  9. uczmeg


    For those with deep Vectrex pockets, a VecFever has just gone on eBay (UK, but ships worldwide): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vectrex-Vecfever-Ultimate-Edition-Cartridge/333737082222 Gone to £205 in the first 8 hours, with 9.5 days to go.
  10. Not sure I fancy the game, but 10/10 for effort on the packaging/presentation!
  11. I got lucky too, I think there must have been some drop outs as only just got an email about it and I wasn't an original yes. Just in time to get someone else to pay for it as a birthday present too!
  12. Thanks for posting this here, I've really tried to avoid social media where possible, so haven't joined the facebook group. Saw this a bit late, and there were only 7 in this batch, so missed out. Although I'm not active enough to do enough with it to deserve an early one anyway. It all looks very interesting though.
  13. uczmeg

    Merry Xmas!

    Wow. Nice touch. Thank you very much. And a Merry Christmas to you too.
  14. I agree with all you say and understand. I don't think ROMs are a big market and yes they are too easy to share, but people are also pirating and making more out of the carts too it seems (although I had no idea there were bootlegs out there). And yes, I'd rather have the overlay and real thing. But all to often it's not an option, as the whole production is too much for the average programmer to do more than a couple of times then the only option for those who aren't in the know/lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to order is to either not have or give someone other than the creator a big profit on eBay. (Of course we have no right to 'have', but often the window of opportunity is so fleeting and there is often those out there who'll just buy for the future profit that make it even smaller...) If it's not a commercial concern then it's better to have the ROM out there so others aren't making off it illegally and those that really care will still by the boxed/overly version... Can't argue against the control freak bit though!
  15. I think we have a lost in translation issue here. As far as I can tell darknior wants to buy the games but wants the image so he can play it on an emulator. It is a shame a lot of games aren't sold as images as there are many you can't get hold of as they are only sold as limited cart runs and unless you know about it early you're then stuck with nothing or massive eBay markups that don't actually help the creator. I'd love to play Starmash Zone from ClockworkRobot on my Vectrex, but that is impossible. I'd happily pay the author for the image if he isn't going to produce any more carts.
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