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  1. Hi im looking for Trex Warrior Magic lines Ghost Battle Chambers of shaolin - german release Amberstar - English or French Dragonflight - French
  2. make an public FTP with all these titles online where all can download. and share the word. may do this guy a little stab in back.
  3. Octupus could aswell. when it comes to even Another BBS called PBBS had same option. then there is 2 other softs I dont have a clue about.
  4. Hi Here is BB/ST v1.0 I have other bbs systems like: BBS Express ST Forem ST Michtron v3.0 Octupus BBS Pirate BBS 2 QuickBBS Ratsnets Star Net BBS Turbo Board bbst_1_0.zip
  5. Thanks for infos! // Marcer
  6. Hi, I'm simply curious about what is the differents between the skunkboard REV's and GHOST versions. Just orderd an REV 3 board.. Whats the different Between that one and GHOST Rev 3? Thanks, Marcer
  7. Marcer

    Aircars Link

    Oki do.. Thanks.
  8. Marcer

    Aircars Link

    Can you are all Aircar versions compatible with each other when it comes to linking? or do you have to have 2 exact versions to make it work out?
  9. Whats the difference with Cybermorph 1mb and 2mb version?
  10. I cant speak for anyone else but my concern with piracy is for us Jag fans who want to be able to buy new stuff in the package fairly reasonably. If so many people just pirate Jaguar games and dont support the local businesses whether it be existing developers or stuff released back in the day then those small businesses would close. And we would have no way to purchase new games at a good price or have any publishers who will help publish new releases from existing developers. Well, when these issuse are able in plast in box they could add the effort extra and sell when exists. For all hardcore collectors with big pockets or savings, thats an way aswell. But meanwhile when out of stock they could do as I refer to, sell the dumps for a cheaper price. Then it wont be a piracy if the developers do it, right. And Please keep in mind, I ONLY refer to uncommon & beta games, which is not in those "shops" around the globe. But I really agree with you, we should have a way to purchase new games at a good price
  11. It seems the jaguar section are an "proud" side. But my real intention was not "piracy" it was make stuff able for more ppl. And I dont only speak about BSG. as there is some few more very hard to find get titles. But CJ did a good suggestion, why not put up an download .cdi for an decent price then. for example. Another very good way.. Also in ST scene there is a couple of developers from 200x which still holds back their games since they still tryin to get them commercially published today. Ofcourse we have to respect the creators what they wanna do with their products. But sometimes I wish some could be more objective. and.. yes Im new into this ;P
  12. Why dont somebody crack the shit and get into "namless" carts and sell them for a normal price as like checkerd flag prices.. I would buy such cart whats the point with rare games that is hard to get? for me rare is meant by two points.. publishing trouble (which is very sad if the titles actually was good). or... they were so crap nobody bought them when they were able to get bought.. or 3rd.. to expensive from the beginning and not as good worth the money. So in all cases my vote is, that it is ok to make copys of these into nameless carts in workin condition. as these days, make able to survive in time for nostalgic users. I do respect the resellers. So the reselling titles could be skipped out in this post. *hint hint*. (for those who dont understand my point, reselling titles is not RARE titles. ). // Marcer
  13. Check out http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=56810 or http://www.ymrockerz.com // Marcer
  14. Highlander CD. This was one of my first games on jaguar. which I got when it was "new". For that time, I really enjoyed that game. if I dont recall I even finished it. I was only a bit angry it was the cartoon my other question is.. White men can't jump, anybody been able to play that? soo lagy and un-controlled.. for me this one is top 1-2 worst jaguar games.. But again, what to expect a game from a super duper crap movie.
  15. i bet if you hang out with me for a night putting them down we will have fun playing checkered flag Well just face it.. Checkered flag isnt a bad reputated game. it IS pure CRAP! would been better if they did an direct conversion with enhanced gfx of Vroom aka F1 from Domark.. then it would existed a good F1 game on jaguar too..
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