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  1. Wayment, Mission Luna Freedom aka Apollo really did happen? Pff, next thing you know, they'll be saying I'm not awesome. I don't believe it. Def biding on Air Game Box. -Rob
  2. I agree. It does sound "off." Just wish I could make sense of it, heh. -Rob
  3. Reviving an ANCIENT thread here, folks. A buddy at work said his folks bought him Dudes with Attitude when he was a kid and it was incompatible with his NES. Presumably, it was a Rev 11? Dunno, but in either case, he said "sent us a hardware upgrade we had to install to play it on ours." I pressed him further and he said, "It was gold in color, you had to open your nes and screw it in. This was something you opened up your nes and removed a chip and plugged in and screwed it down." I googled the crap out of this and I couldn't find jack. Any ideas on this? The post I quoted was the only thing I could find, period on American Video providing anything to bypass this. Anyone know anything about this? -Rob
  4. Someday, the dude who made this cart is gonna google pitfall 3 and just maybe he'll find this thread (unless AA threads are hidden from google...I dunno). He will reveal his hoax and cure me of this mystery. I've gotta say, for the late 90s, this hoax was pretty ahead of it's time for my Podunk area. I wish I knew how those old people got it, though. Stupid. Hate this mystery, -Rob
  5. Yeah, it's very strangely similar on those counts. Grizz didn't say this was one of his though. I think he would have (suspecting he'll say no if he comes back), but still, extremely similar to the point of some real omg coincidence. -Rob
  6. But you didn't make my cart, right, Grizz? lol. -Rob
  7. I do dig Klove's argument, but I would still love to hear Carol's take, if anyone could ask her. I know, longshot, and possibly a slight invasion of privacy, but then again, like I said, maybe she'll get a chuckle? I recall some folks had her contact info here, but I don't want to push the issue, of course. -Rob Side note: coulda sworn my post count was 127 last night, not that it matters. Just a curiosity I noticed.
  8. @theloon, This looks suspiciously like Super Pitfall for NES. What's the story behind this one? -Rob
  9. Ok, so this one has always bugged the living crap out of me and I was digging through my protos because I have to sell them. My sob story and for sale post is on Nintendoage.com right now in the sellers forum, if anyone cares to buy non-Atari protos. Anyway, I had just started really collecting back in 1997. I had disposable income (man do I miss that) for the first time, and like every newb, I yearned for that rare proto in the wild. I was about 21. I drove by a yard sale on the way to work and ignored it. It was in the front lot of a trailer park and usually the same old couple manned the only yard sale that was always there. I stopped at this yard sale a couple of times in the past and there was nothing good. A friend of mine I worked with did not ignore the yard sale that day on the way to work. He came into work white as a ghost and could barely speak as he hand me his score, knowing I'm a collector and that I lived for this kind of oddball thing. Keep in mind, this kid was not that bright, and certainly knew nothing about games or collecting, other than what he saw at this yard sale was only 25 cents, very odd, and probably really important and significant to me. I nearly crapped myself: <a href="http://s11.photobucket.com/user/rbudrick/media/IMG_20140715_003216_640_zps5084739b.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a157/rbudrick/IMG_20140715_003216_640_zps5084739b.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_20140715_003216_640_zps5084739b.jpg"/></a> The label looks slightly better in person (is much more legible, but I'm a bad photographer) and reads: He said the old couple had some atari games out, and this was the only one that he knew was an oddball, so he bought it for 25 cents and gave it to me. Keep in mind, this kid was no hoaxer. He was a good friend, and knew very little about games, let alone collecting. Hell, no one collected back then. It was a very lonely hobby. I couldn't wait to get home from work that day and see what was up with this cart. I popped it in (it fit very awkwardly, though it was indeed an Activision-style case), but I couldn't get jack from it. I tried for a couple hours and then very reluctantly used a hair dryer to ease the glue on the label and undo the screws to see the circuit board, which I immediately recognized as an Atari-brand board and not an Eprom. I examined it for a bit and noticed one trace on the board was deliberately cut. I crossed it with a piece of wire and Pac-Man booted up. Holy shit, was I disappointed and bewildered. So, this left three options: 1. The game was a fake meant to mess with collectors that didn't exist, me being the only one for easily half a million feet. That's 6 million inches! Oh, and it found the only collector around, maybe. I dunno. 2. The game was real and some jerk took the real board out and hoarded it, hoping to make a quick buck with some shmuck by selling the case with a dud in it and then disappearing. Then, the old folks selling it somehow inherited it. Hell, even if he didn't disappear, he may have figured, no one is gonna open this thing or figure out the board's a fake, 3, My friend got really smart, studied up on collecting Atari games, found out a good former Activision programmer's name, knew David Crane had left Activision by then, used Activision model number style, used an Activision case, somehow found Internet access to do all this (he had none at this time and I don't think he knew how to use it), but wasn't smart enough to use an Activision-shaped board and cut a trace on that instead. It's not like you acquire an Activision case with no Activision board already in it. Then, he saved it for years, anticipating he would one day meet me, to make sure the ink was appropriately faded. I have NO CLUE. I wish I knew. It's one of life's mysteries I will never understand. If anyone has Carol Shaw's contact info, I would love to hear her thoughts on it, just so she and we can get a giggle, at the very least. -Rob
  10. In communist Cuba, crops cash you. I think. I dunno. -ROb
  11. I've always wondered how many times you can rescue her without it getting more difficult. How far does this game go? -Rob
  12. Thanks, Chuck. Well, here's the latest, and cleaned up a bit: Adventure Activision Decathlon Adventure Black Jack Blueprint Dark Chambers Death Trap Dolphin at 299,990 NEED MORE INFO. See: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lo2k8eek4bQ At 7:46 he has a score of 294,235, deliberately loses lives. Amazing message appears on attract screen. So, is 290,000 needed to get this? Another amount? How high does the score counter go if you don't deliberately die off? Double Dragon Dragonstomper E.T. Escape from MindMaster Fatal Run Fathom Frankenstein's Monster Ghost Manor Ghostbusters Haunted House Jack and the Beanstalk Jammed Krull Marble Craze Masters of the Universe Mean Santa Megamania - Freezes at 999,999 Nitebear on Sleepystreet Pepsi Invaders Pitfall 2 Pitfall! Porky's Private Eye Raiders of the Lost Ark Riddle of the Sphinx River Raid- turns to !!!!!! after 999,999, game freezes Robot Tank Secret Quest Shuttle Orbiter Skateboardin' Skeleton Skeleton+ Solaris Space Shuttle Spider Fighter- score stops counting at 900,000, game continues Spikes Peak Starmaster Superman Survival Island Sword Of Saros Swordquest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Swordquest Waterworld Thrust Video Chess Video Checkers -Rob
  13. I heard Jack and the Beanstalk is another. Is this accurate? Is there a better way to post the latest list w/o making a long annoying post each time since old posts can't be edited? -Rob
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