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  1. You can relocate the big caps. I do that on most of the ones I recap. The pics are horrible, but I'm going to start using a 2200 uf 25V axial instead of the 1500 uf radial in the pics (after I run out). I use them on both the Bally and Atari 2600's I recap. If you can't see what's up here let me know. I know for sure, Michael told me to use a 16V on the 100 uf lytic. But I'm tired, and so I might not be putting my thoughts down here very clearly.



  2. Yes, now that you say that, I can see that it would "fit" my 6 switch. They must have had some extra bottoms to get rid of when they downgraded to the "model A". :) And I'm too lazy to set the date on that camera every time...

  3. I got this 2600 A and I've never seen this before. This is on the back bottom of the case. There is some sort of sticker over it and a factory indention where the sticker has been applied. This had a Rev 9 board in it, and I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. It will soon be recapped, cleaned up and sold, but I sure would like to know what's going on here if any body knows. I appreciate it.


    Thank you!




  4. This version of the cart is still using ROM rev. 3.2, right? If so, then you can link people to the DIP switch settings, here:




    The latest instruction book for the UltiMulti is still version 1.5.1, I think. If so, then that's here:



  5. BRAND NEW 3.21 Ultimulti's for the Bally Astrocade are once again on sale. $125 each. Send me a PM and I will get back to you after this weekend. Buy yours here on Atariage and get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time. DON'T FORGET - Some of these games cannot be played without the RAM expansion (LWR, or Lil' WHITE RAM). I plan on having some of these ready to go before the month of May. Order one of these and get your LWR later, at a discount by pre-ordering your LWR when you order your Ultimulti. If they don't sell out super fast here, they will be going on e-bay. All original games released for the Bally can be played directly from this cart.


    Games - Over 160 games and programs on this cartridge! A list of games and programs on the UltiMulti is shown on one of the pictures above, and this sheet will be included. Pretty much ANY questions you may have about these games can be answered on ballyalley.com.

    A better view of the list of games can be found here:


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  6. I don't like starting forum topics, but here goes. I have 4 non-working Atari 2600 controllers, all mechanically broken, all aftermarket. Do the color codes match if I were to use these wiring harnesses in an original Atari 2600 joystick (with bad wiring)? Has anybody tried this? And is is worth my effort?

    Thank you.

  7. I'll be late to my own funeral. It's fun reading about how everybody got theirs back in the 80's and from where. I have always appreciated the Atari 2600, but I got my first Atari 2600, a 4 switch woody, at a Retro Gaming store in Topeka, Kansas in AUGUST OF 2016. My first system was a Bally Astrocade (wish I had it back), then a 5200, and then a Nintendo. After that, nothing for a lot of years. So, I'm probably the only person on here who's had one for less than a year! :|

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  8. For $45 bucks or whatever with a core trade in, there is no question that I will be doing business with Best E after I get my system for the lifetime controllers!!! I'm not a fan of ANY aftermarket controller. I bought 3 gold PCB's for my 2600 controllers, and they are PRICELESS! Thanks for your input!!

  9. I'm going to eventually buy another 5200. Mine was lost in a flood 16 years ago. I'm just wanting some feedback from some owners on whether they would recommend a unit with 2 or 4 ports for controllers. I read somewhere a while back that there is at least 1 game that cannot be played on a 4 port controller. So in seeking counsel from the wise, I throw this out for any and all opinions. No reason one way or the other is too trivial to leave out, and I appreciate any responses. Thank you!

  10. I am late to every topic, and not an electronics person. My answer to everything like this is to just go the easy route and send in your core to Best Electronics and have them send you a rebuilt lifetime controller for $45 or whatever. I'm planning on buying a 5200 again soon. Mine was lost in a flood in 2001. And when I get it, I'll probably try the controllers, but ultimately, my plan will be to buy one of their rebuilt controllers. That suggestion might not make me popular on here, but to me it's an easy solution.

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  11. Atari's are like onions... They add flavor and keep you healthy. :)

    I'm jealous! Maybe, one day I'll get my own Sears Heavy Sixer! WOOT WOOT!

    Looking forward to the video and pics as well!

    Always curious about trouble shooting. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm late to this and also new to collecting. I got 2 gemsticks with a system and I want rid of them. I have 1 left. Pay me the shipping and it's yours. The were both fails. If you want my opinion, get your controllers, then get the gold plated CX40 PCB from Best Electronics. I just got 3 today, and fixed 2 controllers with them. First impression = pretty damn amazing. One was not fixed. It wouldn't move right (and still won't) and I think it's the white plastic part in side the handle. Also, look for the "ATARI" on the plug in.




    I stole this off someone's e-bay auction... don't tell...




  13. Just thought I would let anyone out there who may have the same issue that my problem was fixed with a RIOT chip replacement. I bought another 2600 4 switch for $6 that had the RF cable chewed in half, some of the wood grain worn off, and maybe had been peed on at one time, but the RIOT chip looked brand new, and it worked.

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