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  1. And I got "I want my mommy" from a guy who sold me his vader with 2 joysticks, a dual paddle, and about 12 other games (including Space Cavern and Cross Force) for $50. Maybe I should have gone with Mr. Lucky...

  2. I'm located in the contiguous 28 of the USA, and the name is a knockoff of the old FOX series "Prison Break". Do you know Allen Schweitzer? ;) I'm a bolt on a toilet. :woozy:

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  3. I showed the pic of Rosie to my woody and it still doesn't work right. :) I will look for a RIOT chip here in the marketplace. Otherwise, if anybody has a link to a site that doesn't have a minimum order, that would be great. Looking at "best electronics" site now. I knew it wasn't the controller, as I tried several and they all did it. When it wouldn't stop climbing on "I want my mommy", I knew I was in trouble... especially when I unplugged the joystick and every game that could move up did... with NO JOYSTICK. I was baffled. Thanks all y'all. If that doesn't work, I'll be back. :|

  4. I have a 4 switch woody that I absolutely adore (mostly because it doesn't have HMOVE lines). But something happened when I plugged another controller in and now it's stuck trying to go up. You can push down on the joystick, but it still moves up. You can start Asteroids and not even have a controller in, and it is stuck in "thrust". All the pins look like they are still there. Doesn't affect games like Demon Attack, but I really want to find a fix for this. I'm desperate. Thanks!

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