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  1. I believe it was the "bonus" disc in Brave Fencer Musashi. Yes, I think there was only 3 in that series.
  2. Sorry, this was sold on ebay since no one followed through on their offer. I am not too disappointed though since it sold for more on ebay then my asking price here.
  3. I have a boxed Texas Intruments Home Computer version of the WICO Comanand Control Joystick Adapter. It appears to be complete with the Manual, Warranty card, adapter, and box. It actually even has the original packing slip with a date of 1-03-84. Box is worn but the contents appear to be in excellent condition. I would appreciate any appraisals anyone can offer since I have little experience with TI stuff. I am accepting offers, since, I have no use for this.
  4. Tan, thanks for posting that link. I've been looking for a site like that.
  5. Still available. Nobody has followed through with their offer.
  6. Still available. I added another game and lowered the price to $65.00 shipped Priority Mail within the USA.
  7. SOLD I have for sale a PsOne with the official Sony LCD screen in excellent condition and excellent working condition. NO scratches on the LCD screen. It was basically used for car trips. This lot contains: 1 PSOne 2 Sony LCD for the PSOne 3 Power Supply 4 A/V Cable 5 Matching Controller 6 Extra 3rd party Controller 7 Memory Card(15 block-3rd party) 8 Car Adapter 9 Putter Golf(Brand New, Factory Sealed game) not seen in picture 10 Namco Museum Vol. 3 GH version very good condition Asking $65.00 shipped in the USA. I feel this is a decent price for a good package of stuff. Buster Bros. game NOT INCLUDED.
  8. Z, I sent you a PM with another list of games I want. Thanks, Cosmicjoke
  9. I want to add my support for zmweasel here. He is an easy person to deal with. Nice games at a good price. It is interesting that there is an ebay powerseller with the same name as raregamergirlebay member profile
  10. For whatever reason, those games are tough to find. I have been looking for all of them too and have yet to find any of them. I wish you luck! Hopefully someone here can help you out.
  11. Got my games today. Zmweasel is a great seller to work with. I am very satisfied with my games.
  12. I am interested in some of the Playstation games you are selling. I am interested in these PS1 games: Baldies - $2.00 Batman & Robin - $3.00 Breakout - $2.00 Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James - $2.50 Hellboy: Asylum Seeker - $3.50 Road Rash (longbox) - $3.00 I understand they are all complete, but, would like to know the condition of the game discs. I can accept some minor scratching or scuffing.
  13. I have two sealed in blister packs of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 e-Reader Cards. One pack of series 1 and one pack of series 2 Each pack contains 18 cards: 8 power-up, 5 demo, 5 level cards. Sorry, for the crappy scan, but, you get the idea. $5.00 total for both packs shipped First Class. SOLD
  14. I have a new factory sealed Atari Anthology! (PS2) for sale. Cost is $11.00 shipped First Class for US addresses. Reply here or send me a PM, thanks!
  15. Three variations were released. The original with the big 'N'. The Greatest Hits 4-part design and the one you have, a non-Greatest Hits 4-part design. edit Whoops, looks like my information was a little too late.
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