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  1. By coincidence, I plugged in the Comp Pro for BBSB on a 4-port last night and found I couldn't go left or up. I moved on to a regular controller and didn't try it on other games, but it definitely was working before, so now I am curious. Added note: I have two working Comp Pros, both did the same thing.
  2. Seriously, do you even have to ask? When I see a seller post an auction like this I just move on. All caps, red/white/blue patriotic BS theme, and some pretty far-fetched claims such as: WE BOUGHT THIS SYSTEM MANY YEARS AGO WHEN IT WAS ON SALE AS A BACK UP SYSTEM IN CASE OUR PRIMARY ONE WENT BAD. WE NEVER USED IT, BUT THE ADAPTOR WAS REMOVED BECAUSE OUR PRIMARY ONE WENT BAD. I AM NOT SURE TO THIS DAY WHERE THAT ADAPTER IS (I WISH I DID). SO YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS NO ADAPTER... WTF? so lets see...hmmm, I have this nice video game console, but I better buy a whole 'nother one right away because it might go out and then the massive investment I have in my FIVE games will be for nothing! and this red flag: I AM KIND OF SURE IT STILL WORKS, BUT NO GUARANTEE. I HAVE NO WAY OF CHECKING IT OUT BECAUSE I HAVE TO ADAPTER (STANDS TO REASON). OK, so the buyer drove right on past the warning signs, that doesn't mean he shouldn't leave a neg.
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    Yes that makes sense now. I was thinking they got their peanut butter sanwich stuck on the keyboard but clearly the pattern of 1 cent bid increments followed by random increments ending in a 52 cent hike is some kind of code.
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    Anyone have a theory on what the hell the first 19 bids on this item I am selling are all about? Makes no sense to me. http://offer.ebay.co...em=190658233047 Edit: one bidder entered 19 separate bids before anyone bid for a total of 52 cents in increments, so it looked like there was a bidding war. It irritated me enough to cancel all 19 of the bids, so this link is no longer relevent.
  5. spelling good dosen't mater two me as long as I undeerstand the turn of phraise...
  6. For us non store owners it will be worse. The new fee for video games is 13% (Is it different for store owners?) $15 sale now = 15x.15 = $2.25 fee $15 sale in July (shipping $6 priority for example) = 15+6 = 21 x .13 = $2.73 fee This Fee Calculator is already set up using the new fees. http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/Feecalculator.html 13% is only for fixed price listings, decreased from current 15%. There is no change for standard auction listings except that there is no insertion fee and BIN is free, FVF is still 9% for non-store owners. For non-store owner why would you want to even sell fixed price, just start it at the price you want to sell it for and hope for more. If you had a standard auction listing starting at $15 today your FVF would be .09 x 15 + .50 listing = $1.85 or in April .09 x 15 + 6 = $1.89, total of .04 more. Nothing to prevent adding a small and perfectly reasonable handling charge to cover the FVF increase which in your example would be .54
  7. There is no FVF reduction for non-store auction-style listings, it will still be 9%. They are not being entirely forthcoming about that, you have to review the new fee schedule to see it. Reduced fees are for store sellers and fixed price listings.
  8. YAY! We got one... a 5200 gamer from the week it was issued! The way Colecovision would brag, it made me like the 5200 more... hehe. I didn't own an Atari 5200 untill about 2006. Got Intellivision in 2010 I still don't own a Colecovision. I really should get someone to fix my 5200 controllers sometime, I have yet to play it. LOL... I remember there was a big display on the aisle that showed a planned keyboard add-on that would fit into the game slot an lay on top of the case, it basically covered the whole case, that was the promise that really sold me. As I recall I had to buy two games and and the 5200 to get the $200 price, which was around a $50 savings or thereabouts. I got Soccer and Galaxian, I can't remember but I think they were $40 or $50 bucks apiece. Football was pretty awesome when it came out, my friends were amazed at the ability to run around in circles with the 360 degree controllers. Being able to select plays from the playbook and "put your arm into the throw" was pretty cool.
  9. Yup, bought it for $200 at JC Penney's the first week they came out, was very few games to choose from at first and they were pretty pricey too. Got 2 extra controllers after a few months thinking that they would come out with some 4-player games. Waited an eternity for Pac-Man, then got Miner 2049'er and played that until my thumbs hurt. Played a lot of football and baseball and did a lot of complaining that "this controller isn't working right" as my friend was kicking my ass, never knowing of the controller problems until many years later when I started collecting. Kept taking them apart and messing with the trigger backs. Broke a couple pins in the connector from jamming the controller plugs in trying to get the controllers to work, fixed em with cut-off sewing pins. Ahhh, the good old days. Eventually got a C64. Now have a complete boxed 5200 collection and several mint consoles, along with rebuilt controllers that work. Still love it the most. I may be insane...
  10. Woah, seriously? Is that shrinkwrapped and mint? Steve No, its supposedly one of the two known copies of the big box with both BBSB and Miner 2049er. That's how Atari2600.com billed it when I bought it. Not sure how many were actually made in reality. AX I have the double-cartridge BBSB/Miner 2049'er new, unused and pristine in the big box, so there must be more than 2? This was Jeff Konyu's (from Big 5) personal copy. I also have the single BBSB also in mint shape, both are the big boxes, was there any other size box?
  11. Thanks, all, about what I thought it might be worth, not enough to knock me off the fence so I guess I'll let it live in my display case a while longer. Good advice on the tax check ploy though
  12. I have a T-handle Condor Attack that I accidentally bought some years ago (yes, you read that right ) Not sure I want to sell it yet but it's been a while since I have actively traded and have lost track of values, what are they worth these days? Label is excellent, it is the version that has the(chinese?)sticker over the Ultravision name. Does not have the handle sticker.
  13. Just turned 55...act like 11 though, at least that's what my wife sez
  14. I'll take the controller holder
  15. This policy has been in effect since the Buyer Protection Plan was first started. I have had several claims through Paypal and no problems. The $25 fee only applies if Paypal is unable to recover funds from the sellers account on a valid claim, and the refund is then processed through the Buyer Protection Plan. The Buyer Protection Plan does not pay on any claims less than $25. If it's less than that then you are out of luck but Paypal still can freeze the seller's account until it's settled. None of my claims had to be processed through Buyer Protection. In all of them either the seller refunded me after their account was frozen or Paypal yanked it out themselves, so I was not charged any fees. You don't have to pay any fees upfront to file a claim. Once you elevate it to a claim then they freeze the sellers account for the amount in dispute. You have to do that within 20 days of filing the dispute so don't delay if you get no satisfaction from the seller. Paypal requires that you communicate with the seller on their form so they can evaluate the responses and determine the validity of the claim. Hope this helps to clarify.
  16. Jeez, what do you have on there??? Unless you have nuclear secrets you can go here and get a free download that will delete your files securely enough for all but dedicated government hacks. Not going to get much without a hard drive.
  17. No Not a valid point at all in my opinion. What difference does knowing why make? Just read the terms and bid or don't. There are many sellers with unreasonable terms that I avoid, but just as many that I have had smooth deals with because I followed their unreasonable terms. It's the sellers auction to list as they please, I prefer not to have to wade through fifteen paragraphs of the seller's personal selling philosophy explaining every requirement. It is what it is. You made the mistake and the seller did what he said he was going to do ( Yes he sounds like a prick and seems unreasonable). You did everything you could to make it right. Negs happen. [ ....fades right and moves on]
  18. Good comparison; never thought of it that way. But after giving it some thought, I would compare it another way... ever gone to Wal-Mart and seen those 5ft x 5ft x 4ft cage bins they put out in the middle of the isle? You know, the ones that they then take 500 cases of DVD's and dump them in it and you have to try and look through this huge, unorganized, crumbling-falling-sliding pile of DVD's trying to find the one that you really want? I compare eBay listings more to that Mendon 957802[/snapback] True enough, or maybe the "as-is" section at Goodwill.
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    Its right here... .
  20. just need instructions if anyone has a spare in reasonably good condition (not torn or stained)
  21. Well this one did get pulled, so something must work. I don't report much anymore but when I do, a pretty good percentage get pulled within a couple days. Keyword spamming, misleading listings, and outright fraud are all I really gave a crap about. I guess it's like any store, you have to walk past a whole lot of junk to find the few things you came in looking for. Go to any home show, boat show, or state fair and the hucksters are there too, selling cheap crap with misleading pitches. eBay is still way better than trekking all over hell looking for stuff.
  22. Maybe he thinks that a positive will cancel out the negative. Why he is concerned with it is a mystery given his excellent feedback rating, though. Did you ever find out why he thought this was a good idea? Truly strange, no doubt!
  23. I scored a nice set of 5200 Competition Pro sticks dirt cheap a few years ago. They were described as "handles" also and you could just make out the knobs sticking out from under the pile of "untested" stuff in the pic. Gotta love the uninformed occasionally.
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