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  1. I know this is questionable whether it belongs here or not, but seeing so many electronic projects here (and so many intelligent people!) I'm hoping that somebody might be able to help. I've picked up an old IBM PC 350 computer which supported up to Pentium MMX CPUs. However, an external voltage regulator board was required and only included in models that included those CPUs from the factory. The BIOS on all models seem to support the MMX CPUs and they work fine but without the regulator the Vcore is 3.3v instead of 2.8v. I've posted more information (including multimeter measurements and datasheets) over at the Vogons forum: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=81718 If anybody is willing to help me at all it would be very greatly appreciated!
  2. This project is absolutely FANTASTIC. I've been testing it for a while (with an ESP32 DevKitC, but now there is a PCB with everything integrated) and it works great. Most bluetooth controllers are already supported (Generic bluetooth controllers, PS3/PS4, X-Box, Wii U, Switch Pro, etc). You can even use a bluetooth keyboard/mouse to emulate a controller if you wanted. The BlueRetro itself supports up to 7 simultaneous bluetooth connections and can emulate/support up to 4 players at once. It's incredibly configurable (through a web interface) and you can also mix/match almost any configuration you can think of. For example, Smash TV for the NES had an interesting feature where you can use two controllers at once to emulate the arcade dual-stick setup. BlueRetro can emulate these two controllers and map them to the different analog sticks on a single controller. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0b7eRCILWs) It already supports many systems: NES SNES N64 (with built-in memory pak support coming soon!) Gamecube Saturn Dreamcast (with built-in VMU coming soon!) JVS (arcade) Other systems are coming soon: Genesis/Megadrive Playstation Playstation 2 Atari 2600 Sega Master System Neo Geo PC Engine CD-i 3DO PC-FX darthcloud has been updating this on an near-daily basis adding support for new systems, designing the PCBs, etc. This is by far one of the most interesting (and useful) projects I've seen in a while.
  3. Wow... this jailbreak is absolutely fantastic. I wonder if save state support will ever be considered? Regardless, thanks to whomever (!) released this!!
  4. Not to change the subject, but ... am I crazy or can Sonic in Sonic 1 do a spin dash? (or whatever its called) I'm talking about having Sonic stop moving, crouch down, build up speed in a ball and release to go flying forward at high speed? Was this something in later Sonic games but not the first? I am more of Nintendo go so don't hate me
  5. This has been asked for in the past with the Super Nt but Analogue/Kevtris never implemented it. I hope they consider implementing it now...
  6. I hate to be "one of those" guys posting about shipping status, but I ordered within a minute or two or pre-orders and it just says Shipping Label Created. Anybody else like this? (I'm from the US east coast)
  7. fyi - I'm not sure if everybody is in the same situation, but those on the US east coast might not receive their package until later than Wednesday. Mine "shipped" on Friday but only a label was created and FedEx didn't actually pickup the package so the Wednesday delivery date is probably not accurate.
  8. How is the MiSTer with the NES core? It seems like Analogue isn't going to produce any NT Mini's (or at least for a while) so there doesn't seem to be too many options. Also, regarding the Super Nt... is there any disadvantage to using the jailbreak firmware versus the real firmware? I do use a SD2SNES but I'm wondering if it's worth using the jailbreak firmware anyways.
  9. Does anybody know of a better method to clean SNES cartridges PCB contacts besides isopropyl alcohol? I have some cartridges that are giving me problems and only work 50% of the time.
  10. I really want an NES FPGA that can do 5x vertical. If the Nt Mini was still for sale I would purchase it. If they sold an NES core for the Super Nt, I would also purchase it. Right now I have no options to give them money and they aren't giving me any options.
  11. This really doesn't appear to be from Kevtris. I don't think he would put it under Smokemonster's GitHub page. Also, like everybody else I'm a little frustrated from the lack of comments from Analogue/Kevtris. If the answer is no to additional cores then that's fine but being ignored and giving absolutely no answer is not consumer friendly.
  12. Are you referring to the Framemeister or the Super Nt? If the Framemeister outputs 60.00 Hz, then how does it handle the difference in 60.00 Hz and the SNES 60.09 Hz output?
  13. Can anybody explain the difference in the Super Nt handling the 60.09 Hz refresh rate and how the framemeister handles it? I'm curious because the framemeister doesn't appear to drop any frames or have screen tearing?
  14. What is confusing to me is that the Nt Mini is out of stock and Analogue doesn't mention any interest in restocking it. Does that mean that Analogue will produce a cheaper Nt Mini? I can't see them having Kevtris write an NES FPGA and then run it out of stock and be finished with it. If Analogue doesn't want to allow more cores on the Super Nt, then why not sell them instead of give them away for free? I'd be more than willing to pay for each core especially an NES one. If Kevtris wrote the cores on his own time then maybe he and Analogue could make an agreement for a 70/30 split or something similar. Of course, the most ideal is to release the cores for free and build more good will with the customers
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