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  1. GUESS WHO'S BACK? BACK AGAIN! but seriously, took some time away to do other things but have been craving the atari lately, I was just saying the other day that I should try to get back into the HSC, and here it is! A new season and everything! So hopefully I'll be able to play the whole season out and have fun doing it (though I am not very good) Pac-Man : 1,737 Ms.Pac-Man : 17,790
  2. I'll go with Barnstorming
  3. they're asking $200 Canadian for it
  4. Found today at my local store a system complete in box, stamped all over with not for resale, even the console itself is stamped at the bottom, I've seen a couple posts about it, but I thought it was neat and seems like it would be kind of rare. Now if only I could afford it, haha
  5. this may seem like a dumb question as I've been collecting games for over a year now, but I'm wondering the best ways to tell the difference between European releases and American releases, or just NTSC and PAL in general, as far as I can see there is no difference in the carts in most cases, am I wrong?
  6. found another one today too, this one has Enduro and Jawbreaker on it.
  7. Yes, it does play both games the front label says lady in wading, but the top label says X-man, it is a 2-1 and plays both games, there is a small switch on the side to switch between the two games
  8. I know it is a pirate company, but I have not found anything on this specific one, with these 2 games, only other games
  9. Found this game today while at my local store, someone had sold their full collection of a couple hundred games, this on included. I got it because I thought it looked odd and now I can't find anything about this exact game, however I've seen some of the other Genus branded games on here and other sites. Anyone have some more info on this game?
  10. other than the one I have in the picture, these are the only ones I know about http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_atari-2600-vcs-planetary-headquarters-hin-seng_publisher_2416_2_G.html
  11. struck a deal with a local guy today and got these gems from him for a decent price, the collection grows larger...
  12. Room of Doom - 3375, like the game but I'm not too good at it Ghost Manor - 2870, same as room, good game but I suck at it
  13. I bought this bundle the sunday and it is the biggest bundle of games I've bought to date Over 125 games for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, and PSP.
  14. is there any sort of rarity guide directed for homebrews? I have a couple I might be getting from someone but I don't have any idea on if they are difficult to find or not. The main one I am questioning is Synthcart, but I'm also just looking for any homebrews that might be rarer than others
  15. I disagree, I personally love the swordquest games and Waterworld is currently my number 1 game on my want list, just looking to find it for a reasonable price
  16. I'm looking for different Hin Seng games, which are these games: Mainly looking for people selling prices, but I'd like to build a small collection of them.
  17. any chance I could get a PM of what ones you have left for sale?
  18. I guess I belong here too, 163 games (not counting variations) 177 (counting variations and homebrews) I also do not have a picture of the whole collection as it is a bit of a mess at the moment but here are some highlights! -Gas Hog (Also have the manual) -Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood -Gremlins -Hin Seng Missile Command, looking to get as many hin seng games as I can. Also have Q*Bert's Qubes coming in the mail, should be here next week.
  19. no pics for these scores, will keep trying to improve though Demon Attack - 4,985 Fire Fighter - 0:07
  20. thank you for the info, I know next to nothing about intellivision so any info is great about it.
  21. so, I found this at my local game store but can't find much on it, it looks like an overlay for the game stampede, but it shouldn't have an overlay?
  22. just commenting in case anyone shares, I'm interested as well
  23. I guess I'll start with a not so good demon score and a very good fire fighter score Demon Attack - 1,110 Fire Fighter - 0:08
  24. A couple new scores to finish me off for this game Game 1 - 12,820 Game 5 - 804 I wanted to get to at least 1000 points in game 5, but that is just a bit too hard for me, I'll stick to the normal asteroids myself
  25. my main question is how are those games floating in the second picture?
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