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  1. Hi, I updated to 1.11 tonight from 1.09 and the firmware shows at 1.11, ASIC 1.08, menu 1.06 and Stub 1.03. These versions of the menu and stub don’t look as they should. Also Cd games don’t work. I click on them and it doesn’t attempt to load. any thoughts?
  2. Hi, are you still accepting orders for these couplers? I'm interested in both. Thanks!
  3. So after doing this, the update to 95 from post 105 took successful. Upon reboot it went back to those green bars. I have 2 memory cards with folders of .a78 roms, and some outside the folder at the root too. San disk 32GB and Kingston 4 GB. same green bars. No menu. I did reboot after the bios update too.
  4. Thank you very much. Will give this a try today/tonight.
  5. I get the same green bars, or a blue screen. Yes, I'm sure it's inserted correctly. It only fits in one way too. After around 50 different insertions it finally came up and said the bios was updated successfully, then had a spinning disc forever. I gave it 15 min. and finally powered off and on and still the green lines. Not sure what else to try here. My Dragonfly cart is fine, and all original 7800 carts I have work fine too. I'm using hbios .94, copied over the Harmony software, which seem to rename it to hbios.bin Anyone have any thoughts? Do I need to open the cart and maybe remove a chip and reinsert it?
  6. I get the same green lines.
  7. Yes, 32GB FAT32 formatted card. used the Harmony software to load the files. Can you just copy the bios file to the root of the drive? and if so, what does the name have to be? After turning on I just get these 2 green bars.
  8. After reading through this forum, I’m still not clear what files need to be in the root of the cart. harmony 1.3 software loaded the eeloader and copied the .95 hbios I got here in the forums. my games are in folders i get an sd card initializing error. also the graphics and text seem like they have scanlines. regular carts and the Dragonfly work fine.
  9. I'm also having audio issues with the Dragonfly. Pokey and Yamaha are fine. My 7800 is a composite and HDMI modded one. Tried out of both connections and barely audible at high volumes. Regular carts are fine. Reading a lot in the forum here, is there a sticky for this yet, or a firmware fix? (running 1.04) For good measure, I tried disabling the Pokey and Yamaha in the setup menu, but that didn't help either.
  10. Please add me to the list for a Burgundy with Pokey, Yamaha and the cable. Thanks!
  11. Recently I bought an Edladdin Coleco arcade stick and it's great. I was looking at the Super Twin 78 Arcade Controller and wondering if this would work through my original xbox that's been modded and has Atari 7800 games on it. I have 2 adapters that connect serial controllers to original xbox. Anyone have experience with this arcade stick or Edladdin sticks with either PC or Xbox?
  12. Hi, Does anyone know of any instructions on creating your own ICBM Attack Controller? As these are extremely rare and I have never seen one show up on eBay, I'd be willing to create my own. Thanks in advance! CharChar2001
  13. Please add me to the Lynx flash cart list as well.
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