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  1. There was a thread here a while back (too lazy to find right now) about g-friends' favorites and the overwhelming consensus seemed to be Centipede and Frogger. My wife has graduated from Centipede to Milipede and it's pretty much the one game in the "consensus list" she wants to play. That said, the only other game she loves is Seaquest.
  2. I'm STILL eagerly awaiting the announcement of a Reflex cart, but it's been so long now. More paddle games!
  3. There's a co-op version in Centipede? I thought there were just two game versions: easy and standard. Just checked my manual and that's what it says.
  4. For me, it's all about recreating my childhood, not about serious collecting. So, yes, I get really excited when playing, just as I did when I was kid. Lots of F and S words, oohs and aahs -- especially on the rare occaision when I have a houseguest who's interested in playing with me.
  5. Whenever I see a big collection like this, right after I drool with jealousy, I immediately think of all the time it must take dust everything.
  6. The soon-to-be-released (I hope) "Reflex" uses the driving controllers
  7. I guess I'll chime in. I was so excited to remember about and then find MM when I got back into the 2600, but about a year later picked up VP and found it much more fun. There's so much more to do, so many more goals. Both games have a high frustration factor, but I find VP's frustrations more ... um ... invigorating.
  8. I know a few people who have 2600s, buy carts actively, and yet seem to think taking the step to check out AA is too geeky.
  9. My tiny collection from when I was a kid (sadly all gone but happily re-purchased) was comprised of: Combat Bump 'n' Jump Vanguard Missile Command Stampede Breakout River Raid Chopper Command Defender Amazing all the hours spent playing just these few games. Of course friends brought over other ones, so there was a bit more of a rotation.
  10. I am a nonsmoker. I just never understood people who seem to have such a problem with smoke smell, it always seemed pretty unimportant to me in the world of smells. But, don't get me started on car exhaust smell - that really gets me upset!
  11. I'll never understand the nonsmoker who's obsessed with ridding a posession of smoke smell. Think of it as a bonus - it smells authentically like the 1970s!
  12. Believe it or not, there are some people in this world who live a much happier life by never entering a TGI Friday's.
  13. Just got back from a long trip to a South American country where shellfish were SO cheap and hard to avoid. As a life-long lover of lobster I can safely say that eating too much of it does make you totally disgusted with it, but it never tasted like soap - it started to tasted like bad cheese.
  14. Hey take your time. The more "right" you get it, the more enjoyable the cart will be. Can't wait for this one in cart form.
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