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  1. Sorry, I'm not willing to take the risk right now. I understand the hesitation, but I already have a few deals here currently, just wait for the feedback to roll in.
  2. Mega Everdrive X7 sold, but still lots of good stuff left!
  3. ...which is why I explained that I have plenty of feedback on eBay and other forums. Thanks.
  4. I really haven't been gaming as much as I used to, and this stuff has been sitting unused for quite some time, so I figure it's time for it all to find a new home. All prices include shipping in the US. Not shipping internationally at this time, sorry. I have been on many websites under this name for many years including ebay and the neo-geo.com & sega-16 forums, and I'm not going anywhere. This ad is cross-posted on Sega-16. Lagrange Point Famicom Complete and English Translated - $60 shipped Final Fantasy III Famicom, English Translated with huge 4 meg translation patch! - $50 shipped Tenchi wo Kurau II Famicom, English Translated - $25 shipped Hyperkin Famicom 60 pin to NES 72 pin adapter - $10 shipped Or, take the entire remaining Famicom lot & 60-72 pin adapter for $110 shipped SOLD STUFF: *SOLD!* Analogue Super NT Complete in box with cables and the little card it came with. These are out of stock on Analogue's website, and knowing them they might never be produced again. Still surprised at what they are going for now. I threw away the Turrican box because it was destroyed in shipping, it was not packed well - $300 shipped. *SOLD!* *SOLD!* Mega Everdrive X7 & 8GB card - $140 shipped *SOLD!* *SOLD!* Everdrive 64 X7 & 8GB card - $200 shipped *SOLD!* *SOLD on Sega-16* SD2SNES (official krikzz, old version of FXPAK Pro) & 128GB card - $160 shipped *SOLD!* *SOLD!* Tenchi wo Kurau (aka Destiny of an Emperor), Famicom, English US rom - $15 shipped *SOLD!*
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