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  1. Red 5

    Red 5

  2. I have: Armor Ambush CIB Atlantis - new / sealed Berzerk CIB Breakout CIB Burgertime CIB Centipede CIB Chopper Command CIB Enduro CIB Fathom CIB Football CIB Joust CIB Midnight Magic CIB Outlaw CIB River Raid II CIB Smurf CIB Snoopy CIB Solar Fox New / Sealed Star Wars Arcade CIB Wizard of War CIB Xenophobe CIB The rest on your list I have loose and for sale except for the starpath games. Send me a PM with an offer.
  3. Willing to hear offers / trades. (I like guitars, video games, vinyl, long walks on the beach...)
  4. More fun games for my Atari friends. All NTSC. All tested and work great. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is from CT. Xonox Single Enders: Motocross Racer $35 Robin Hood: $55 Sir Lancelot: $125 Tomarc the Barbarian: $50 Spike's Peak / Ghost Manor Double Ender w/ manuals: $15 All Three Mythicon Games CIB. Boxes, games, and manuals are all in great shape. All boxes have been opened carefully from the bottom: $45 (will not split up... for now...) SOLD Joyboard and Mogul Maniac Tested and working. Sticker on joyboard is peeling a bit and was taped down on the end (not by me) with clear packing tape. Does not work well on a rug. Really needs to be placed on a hard floor. Also, I would not stand on this to make it work if you weigh more than , say, 30 pounds. It was definitely made to be played sitting and using your feet gently: $70
  5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre : $240 shipped to US Slight peeling on end label. See pic.
  6. Howdy fellow Atarians. Parting with a few rarer items to get them more love than I am currently giving them. These are all the real deal, and all tested and working. Berenstain Bears : $250 shipped to US. See pics for some water (beren)stains. Other than that, in great condition. Cart is super glossy and looks brand new. Same for cassettes.
  7. Updated with sold items. Lowered prices on Zellers games.
  8. Prices do not include shipping. Exus Video Jogger and Reflex - $50 Each Zellers $15 Each - 6 for $80 - All for $125 CIB Good Luck Charlie Brown - box has some crushing from living in shrink wrap for too long. Collector's Edition #35. $60 SOLD Silver Label Asteroids - Chip in the case on the back, but works fine. See pic. $45 CIB Evil Magician Returns - With case, printout, manual, case. #51 of 60 $40 SOLD Adventure Plus in clear case w/ red card. Color printout of manual. $50 SOLD
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