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  1. Hey everyone. Last call for Moxie, AtariMania, and YankeeMania. There are still a few slots left for every game. Cutoff date will be Sunday night. At some point on Monday I will pm everyone who ordered a game and send you your total and my paypal address. Shawn has everything ready to go so turnaround should be quick. All hail the great and powerful Shawn! Thanks again for all the responses! Steve (Red5)
  2. I’m from Connecticut and while available we don’t usually drink it. That said, we go camping in Mass. and Maine a lot and for some reason it is a tradition for us to drink that foul concoction on every camping trip.
  3. Hey Everyone! Happy Spring! Shawn has some extra carts in stock and ready to make some games. I am re-selling 10 copies of YankeeMania for the first time since 2007. I am also re-selling 10 copies of AtariMania for those who missed out last time As for Moxie Wins, there was a Moxie version of Coke Wins on the AtariAge FaceBook page. I said if people were interested I would make the game. It is definitely not the same hack that the person found in the wild, but I decided that I would make my own version. I am sure it is pretty similar but from the screen shots I saw, I made mine a little more Moxie-ish. As a born and raised New Englander I feel I can faithfully make a Moxie hack better than most. It includes the year 1884 on the top right so you know how old Moxie is and coincidentally how old it tastes. There will be 10 of these made available as well. We have a total of 30 carts to make so 10 of each will be made. $30 each shipped to the US. $57 if you want 2 games, or $85 for the 3 pack. AtariMania: https://youtu.be/L5p2XkEztcE YankeeMania: https://youtu.be/KbEyZ_nVO5Y Moxie Wins: https://youtu.be/zVBbObSVIWQ
  4. Here is the ROM for AtariMania. It appears we have a few more boards and Shawn can make a limited supply of some more for those who missed out the first time around. Not sure how many we can make, so first come first served. If you want the real deal cartridge, let me know and I will start a list. Price is $30 ($35 shipped to US) atarimaniafinal2020.bin
  5. Hey everyone. I will officially post the ROM for atarimania on here later today.
  6. Tracking has the games arriving Wednesday 11/4!
  7. If people are still interested in the reserve list, let me know and I will add you. If there are still any left I will list them in marketplace here and on fb AA marketplace. I am fairly sure they will all be taken by the original reserve list, but you never know.
  8. So here's some exciting news... Shawn has finished the carts and they should be on the way to Connecticut soon. It was a longer road than expected but Shawn and CPUWIZ are amazing (but we all already knew that) and somehow pulled it off. ANYTHING like this that gets completed in 2020 is amazing. When I get the games I will send everyone who reserved one a pm to collect the $30 payment. If anyone decides they don't want one, I will ask those on the reserve list. Thanks to everyone for being so patient and encouraging while the game was 'under construction.' This is still the best community on the internet. Now... without any further ado... here they are! All twenty of them ready to make their first leg of shipping from Canada to Connecticut. I am SO excited!
  9. Discount for multiple items. Shipping not included but should be minimal. Canyon Bomber (Atari Corp.) 35.00 Dig Dug (atari corp.) 8.00 Flag Capture (Atari Corp. some sticker residue on label) 20.00 Gremlins (Atari Corp) 26.00 Homerun (Atari Corp.) 40.00 Kangaroo (Atari Corp) 8.00 Raiders of the Lost Ark - Raiders Lost Ark label (atari corp.) 25.00 RealSports Football (atari corp.) 10.00 Sky Diver (Atari Corp. White Label) 70.00 Space Invaders (atari corp.) 35.00 Video Checkers (Atari Corp.) 15.00
  10. Sorry for lack of updates. Hurricane hit us in CT pretty hard and had no power for 4 days. The games are currently being made and Shawn's label is awesome! I will update again as soon as I know more and as long as no more hurricanes swing by New England anytime soon.
  11. I did a megamania hack a little over 10 years ago called YankeeMania. AtariMania is a sort of sequel with an Atari 2600 greatest hits sort of theme. I will post the .bin a little while after i ship the carts.
  12. Sold out. If you want to get on a wait list in case there are no shows, let me know and I will add you here: Second Chance List: 1. tailGator 2. yurkie 3. 4. 5. Thanks again to everyone. The label is set and the games should start to get made fairly soon. I will keep everyone posted of progress right here.
  13. We have 9 spots left to fill to get to 20 games. Cutoff will be 8/9 so we can start making them. Thanks again to everyone.
  14. One week left until we start moving into production. Nine spots left as of today.
  15. We have enough to make this possible, so thanks to everyone who showed interest. For those waiting to see if it would really happen or not, sign up! I am going to wait another week or so to see if anyone else wants to sign up. Cut off date will be August 9th. Thanks so much again to everyone.
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