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  1. Yeah if they do decide to just implement the whole Sega CD in FPGA, it's highly unlikely that they would delay the release of the Analogue MD/SG/Mega NT if the Genesis core is complete, just to wait for a jailbreak only, piracy dependent feature. If they did plan on implementing Sega CD in FPGA, they would likely just overspec the Mega NT to leave enough headroom/bandwidth for the SCD and just ship it as a Genesis only. It might not be worth the extra cost, and if it causes it to be like 100 dollars more expensive than the Super NT, people would be very confused.
  2. Some cool stuff: http://rgbsource.blogspot.com/2018/03/super-nt-firmware-v44-inadvertent.html It looks like Kevtris' NTT Data Pad fix inadvertently fixed compatibility with a converted Virtual Boy controller. Here's to hoping Kevtris ever musters up the time and interest in a Virtual Boy core. Virtual Boy is one of the gaps in my setup that I've tried to fill with emulation on my Wii, but the quality is poor.
  3. https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak/releases/tag/v6.5 I saw "Source Code" and nearly had a heart attack. It's just the firmware, md5sum and readmes packaged up into a zip lol.
  4. I appreciate the NTT Data pad support in the latest official firmware! Hopefully our mysterious benefactor rolls it into the jailbreak firmware
  5. I think people are also missing the point on the preservation angle. It's all well and good to have a system completely documented, emulated/simulated with near 100% accuracy and to have every ROM dumped. But as we've seen with the huge popularity of the SNES Classic, some care needs to be taken into creating a method to get people to easily PLAY THE GAMES. We all walk around with computers capable of decent SNES emulation every single day, but people are ready and willing to pay money for a seamless package that allows them to play their SNES games with controllers on an HDTV. I've played more SNES since I've gotten my Super NT than in the whole last 2-3 years. The Super NT is preserving people's WILLINGNESS and ABILITY to easily play SNES games.
  6. http://thegww.com/q-a-the-polymega-with-bryan-bernal/ This interview seems to explain it a bit. They claim it won't be capable of dumping SNES enhancement chip games, but will use the actual SuperFX/SA-1 hardware on the cart, which seems... unlikely.
  7. This thing has to be snake oil vaporware right? I mean they've got a nice website and the renders look cool and everything, but I have no idea what is supposed to be meant by "Hybrid Emulation". A Linux OS running an emulator plus an FPGA doing I/O from the carts/controllers? They also keep saying that they're not using any open source emulators or frontends. So we're supposed to believe that they wrote cycle-accurate emulators for all of the systems they say the system will support in-house? I could see why someone might want something like this if the emulation is good and they wanted to simplify their streaming setup or something, but I'll be shocked if this thing ever comes out or comes out without some fundamental compromise that makes it not worth it.
  8. Just so you know, you also need the FDS RAM adapter, which looks like it can be had on ebay for ~30 bucks.
  9. No, the jailbreak does not currently support loading of FDS images. I believe FDS expansion audio is fully implemented, but the disk loading/side swapping isn't implemented yet. I believe Kevin said he intended to add that when he had time, but he's obviously currently swamped with launching the Super NT and squashing all the bugs. I think Kevin said something about the FDS audio implementation not having a low pass filter was due to lack of FPGA resources, so I suppose the most "authentic" experience would be the FDS RAM adapter+FDSStick or real FDS unit.
  10. I really wish TV manufacturers would include an option to translate all of their marketing speak in the menus to tell us what is actually going on, what scaling algorithm is being used etc. It's annoying that nearest neighbor scaling isn't an option on every tv, it should be basically free to implement.
  11. There are translation patches for Japan exclusive games like Marvelous, which is a text heavy RPG that uses the SA-1 chip.
  12. Ok so it looks like Kevtris answered 2 separate questions in that chat: 1. Is it possible to use expansion chips in a pass-through manner with other ROMs, to which he answered yes for DSP1-4, no for the other chips. 2. Does the Super NT FPGA have the specs required to add SuperFX or SA-1 implementations to the core, to which he answered: There is enough space, but the RAM is not fast enough . So I guess that kills the dream of a universally rom compatible Super NT . Either way the SNT is incredible and I've been enjoying it alot. I wonder why RAM is a bottleneck for SA-1? I was under the impression that it was basically a second SNES CPU, maybe it is clocked faster? Edit: I wonder if this has any bearing on the possibility of at least Super FX coming to the SD2SNES?
  13. This is confusing. This sounds like somebody asking if using chip enhanced carts' co-processors as pass through for ROMs is possible. People have said that this would be possible with the DSP chips, but not possible with SA-1 or SuperFX because the ROM is located behind the chips. I don't know why this is being mixed up with the memory bandwidth of the Super NT.
  14. All this CRT talk makes me grateful that my friend hooked me up with a NIB BVM20F1U for 60 bucks from the broadcaster he works at. It'll probably be the last CRT I own, unless I can miraculously find maybe a 24 inch multiformat monitor for a decent price. It'd be nice to play GameCube at native 480p for the first time ever. The only things I don't like about the monitor I got is that it doesn't do composite or s-video without an expensive expansion card, and that it's a little bit small for light gun games. As for Sega CD, the only action I've seen anywhere about an ODE solution (ie, just replacing the optical drive on the Sega CD unit, not replacing the whole unit) is from Cybdyn Systems, the company behind the PS-IO flashcart/ODE: http://www.cybdyn-systems.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=502 The company seems to have some interest in taking a crack at it, but only after they've fully gotten tooled up for mass production of PS-IO and their next project DC-IO for Dreamcast (Both of which I'm pretty excited about).
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