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  1. while i agree that it'd great for the customer to know the total including any fee/tax his home country chooses to add to his order but it'd be quite a nightmare for the seller to manage such system for every country in the world and to track all the constant changes i could be a minority but i believe it's my job to know the local rules, not the seller's (he most likely wouldn't even be able to find my country on the map and that's fine)
  2. https://goglobal.dhl-usa.com/blog/shipping/what-changes-to-the-de-minimis-value-threshold-could-mean-for-your-business/
  3. i was under impression that USA had $800 duty/tax free limit
  4. this is the only thing i hate about USPS, they "translate" the tracking entry that the package has left the origin country as "Origin post is preparing shipment" so the recipient thinks it's still stuck here while it's already somewhere on the way
  5. tmp


  6. tmp


    that would mean that the cable isn't detected anymore (or you're starting ATR with SHIFT-ENTER)
  7. tmp


    google de re avgcart and use cached version
  8. tmp


    i think you can workaround that by pressing ctrl-enter (to jump to directory of the match) and set it from there
  9. i think inverter will (should) shut down if there is no load connected, even if it's not a proper one (e.g. one tube is damaged) so testing it this way might not lead to the correct conclusion
  10. tmp


    using only cartridge port, no, there are many missing signals (even address is incomplete)
  11. not sure at what times you need to unplug it but theoretically you could just enable auto side emulation and it should be almost invisible (aside from those side registers in $d5xx), you can go back to menu by pressing cart button and atari reset (and optionally disable auto side)
  12. i think fujinet 1.3 is supposed to solve issues with high-speed
  13. btw, it's not an OPTION key issue, right? (not sure if you're starting that atr with or without avgsio cable, starting it without the cable disables basic automatically (as if you were holding OPTION key))
  14. i'd try either test that process in altirra first to make sure it's supposed to work or copy that duplicated floppy back to an empty atr and then compare it with original atr
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