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  1. PAL 800XL (external 1MB) and AVGCART i can't get two of three CARs working in Altirra unless i switch to NTSC but that could be something in my setup
  2. i've tested all 3 CAR files on the real hw and they all seem to work
  3. of course it includes hw fixes (the main issue with 1.3 was that it was having problems with sw updates on some mobo/os combinations, that was solved (actually i believe i was the one who came with the last fix but whatever)) i understand gavin's motivations and i don't care
  4. I do (anywhere but the UK) but as stated above, it should be cheaper for you to order locally
  5. i have some rev 1.3 with fixes available (in europe)
  6. i've checked osb source and it kinda makes sense, it checks very early (and quickly) where the ram ends (before the cart is ready), then does the heavier stuff (hw init, mem clearing) and although the cart becomes ready before it actually checks for its presence, it doesn't bother doing so if ram was detected there at the beginning, that's why 32kB and 48kB behaves differently
  7. normally i'd say it could be the time avgcart needs to initialize (this was already addressed in the past when i learnt there was such issue with either QMEG or Atari 400 (OSA) being way quicker to initialize than the other OS') but since you're saying that less memory works and more doesn't, it's probably something else (more memory should take more time to clear) it could be related to that special way s4/s5 works in 800 but it's still weird that nobody complained about it before (ok a8isa apparently did) i'll have a look at it
  8. on that axlon machine, it doesn't even get to the selector? any change with that axlon expansion removed? (if it's easily removable)
  9. that video is still more "how" than "why" something like that (with some prior setup required on the sd card (assigning car files to some kind of perm (per card) slots)) would be probably doable with reasonable amount of effort but i still feel you'd be the only user of that functionality in the universe (waiting for the masses to prove me wrong)
  10. it's not a matter of the api not being documented, there's no such api because there was never need for one i understand what faicuai would want to do, my question was merely "what would it be useful for?", expecting answer like "i'd run sdx, from there i'd "mount" cart <enter name here>, then i would exit back to sdx and "mount" cart <enter different name here> and it's useful to do that without going back to cart's selector (without a reset) because <enter reason here>" if it sounded useful, it could get to my list of things to consider but without seeing any practical advantage of implementing that, there's not much motivation
  11. he's talking about cart images
  12. no, there's no such facility available i'm curious, what would be the real-world use case for that?
  13. i vaguely remember reading something about, some oddity with s4(?) signal on 800 or something like that, frankly i have no idea since i don't own 800 and nobody complained so either it does work or (more likely) nobody cared (to report) in the latter case it should be easy to fix should someone report the issue and could test the potential fix
  14. no, SIDE2 emulation is an old functionality that's been there for years you can run a special cart image (s2sdx3.car), which will emulate SIDE2 including ROM containing SDX, that will boot SDX and will also emulate necessary stuff in CCTL so SIDE.SYS driver included in that car file will able to access SD card as if it was CF card inserted in SIDE2, that's useful for use with stock machine the other option is to enable "light" SIDE2 mode where only CCTL stuff is enabled (via SHIFT-S in AVGCART menu or cart button held on power on or auto side mode where it automatically drops into that mode on power on), this can be used with U1MB where U1MB will detect the SD card as HDD and from there you can use it anywhere where it would work with U1MB+SIDE2 setup
  15. It can run SDX with access to SD card (via SIDE2 emulation, SIDE.SYS driver) or it can act as a storage device for U1MB (via "PBI BIOS")
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