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  1. My CRT has only one “cable ready” type input. I use an adapter to go to a single RCA source like that of an original ColecoVision cable. I really like the TV but it certainly lacks better/multiple inputs. My space is limited to just a single CRT & I like that it has a retro woodgrain look to it. Plus it’s screen is centered as opposed to offset. And I don’t want a gray or silver TV which most later ones seem to be. And I don’t at all need the extra size to accommodate larger stereo speakers since I have audio routed to my surround sound. If I found the right TV I could swap it out but my current one is practically sentimental & sometimes I like the sound of the mono TV speaker & even the interlaced RF interference. Or else I may as well differ to my HDTV which handles retro graphics very well as far as I can tell & I notice very little latency; latency being a main reason for my CRT in addition to its nostalgic presence.
  2. I was mistaken; my VGA adapter does have an audio "output" which I had originally thought was an audio input. Now that I've realized this I can have Phoenix video on my HDTV and the 1/8" audio output from the VGA adapter goes to a speaker. My TV does have an 1/8" jack for audio but it's output only. I need to have my TV set to PC in order for it to display the VGA signal. I just hope I can alternately have my surround system channel set to audio input without affecting the PC channel setting on TV; my HDTV and surround sound system are integrated. Another thing I realized is that an "HDMI to Composite converter" may not require power. But a Composite to HDMI converter would require power. So going from the Phoenix HDMI signal to a Composite signal would fall into the first category thereby not requiring external power to convert the signal which is ideal for those with limited power plugs left available. Realizing this I may forgo VGA and instead go the HDMI to Composite route but that may not look as clear as VGA which looks near perfect. Although I still want to be able to play my Phoenix on my old CRT TV too and in order to do that I would need to convert Phoenix HDMI to RF. Ideally I would like to have the Phoenix on BOTH my HDTV and my CRT TV simultaneously. That is how I have my original ColecoVision set up as well as my NES, SNES, and N64 which is pretty awesome to play on both at same time.
  3. One thing the original CV lacks is a light to indicate that the console is powered on. I would recommend a mod for this at least to avoid accidentally leaving the power on when not in use. Although the Super Game Module provides a light which takes care of this too.
  4. My Phoenix won’t work with my Sony Bravia HD TV as I get sound but no picture. Recently I tried to connect it to the VGA input which works for video display but it has no sound output this way. My VGA has an input for audio but Phoenix only has the HDMI out. I’ll have to look into getting an HD to Composite adapter or else an HD to RF adapter but both of those require power & I was hoping to avoid any more clutter, wires, etc. as my current set-up uses all the power sockets from my two power strips.
  5. What’s the going rate?
  6. My ColecoVision is 100% original although certain mods are tempting like the pause switch, better audio/video output, etc. I treat my CV very delicately & luckily have had no issues with it other than having to fix the #1 controller port because solder had loosened which is common due to wear & tear & pulling on controller connections. To avoid this I highly recommend using controller extension cables. I've got things situated where I don't have to do anything but turn my CV on & off. I use an AtariMax SD cart whenever possible so I don't have to swap carts in & out as often. If your console works I suggest not moving it around once it's connected & to leave it in one place. Straightening the controller cables is helpful but you can simply use extension cables for extra length. This is better than moving the console closer and/or having the short cables pulling on the console. Controller extension cables can always stay connected to your console controller ports & you can still use many different controllers without wear & tear on console controller ports which can break just from pushing cable into place over & over and/or cables yanking on console. Swapping the controller disc for the ball tip helps very much as I can play longer & with less hand fatigue & it helps me control games better. I do leave my power supply connected at both ends & I notice even when console is off the power supply is slightly warm. I'm not sure if unplugging it when not in use would be a better habit or if it is better to leave it plugged in.
  7. I should’ve realized that; thank you for pointing it out. I did order regular editions so I’m rest assured nothing lost in mail which was my fear.
  8. I'm excited to play this but have not yet received it though I did order both this and Saguaro City so perhaps orders for both games have yet to ship due to a delay with Saguaro City. And I never get tired of Gorf so a Gorf Super Game would indeed be excellent. So many games could use this treatment as in an updated and/or more faithful arcade version. I'm torn between new games that are not yet on the ColecoVision vs. games that we already have albeit watered down versions. All and all I'd be happy for new versions of prior games. I wonder what other games are at the top of the list for this Super Game enhancement. I know Congo Bongo is missing a screen/level.
  9. I had no idea preorders were even being taken until after nearly all the Mystery Man Collection games started selling out. I’m happy to have preordered 4 that were still available but is there any hope for more copies if demand is greater than expected?
  10. Thank you @nick3092 for that info. It’s very reassuring to know I just need a software fix. I’m trying to avoid buying an adapter as a workaround since I’d rather not use up an additional power outlet if I don’t have to. I look forward to an SD card update & will likely contact @Bmack36 if one is already available albeit only through the exclusive/private early access channels for now.
  11. I don’t know what’s going on. What’s this Discord thing for? Is the solution to the HDTV issue going to be a hardware update or an SD card update? My Phoenix is just sitting here unusable. Should I return it & wait for an updated hardware version or is mine fine & I just need to wait for some updated software for the SD card? I’m in the dark about this & would love any kind of update.
  12. Hopefully an updated CV core will be the fix for my HDTV. I may get an HD signal convertor which I assume would work on my other inputs. Though I'm not sure which one would be best; maybe just an HD "upscaler" for my HDTV. Or else convert to RF for my CRT TV. Or else convert to VGA for my HDTV but I'm not sure if that carries the audio signal with it. Or convert to composite and route to my composite switchbox. I'm short on power sockets so hopefully I can convert free of charge. In the meantime I've been greatly enjoying the new Sydney Hunter game on my original CV. It's quite a departure from the gameplay format of the Sacred Tribe which was all one big map. I've only gone through the first few stages but so far it's incredible.
  13. I’m having an issue with my system which is I’m getting sound but no picture on my tv. My tv displays the message: “Unsupported Signal. Please check the device output”. It’s all hooked up correctly so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried different hd ports but to no avail. I can’t imagine it’s my tv since my other hd consoles work fine. For now I’m going to try it on another tv.
  14. That looks incredible. Seems like a Venture, Frenzy, Frantic, Alcazar, Tutankhamen hybrid. Amazing so much can be done with a CV. I'm all for any way to add randomization and replayability. I'm also a big fan of key/door fetch quests and switch/door puzzles. I like when an unknown enemy has a key item as it forces you to clear a room or else you may get lucky on the first one. I like the wide open rooms but also perhaps a simple square or other shape in the center of a room can act as cover and allow for even more tactical type gameplay. I wish I knew how to program a CV game from scratch. I've only recently started making my own NES Metroid hack but with a very easy-to-use program built just for NES Metroid hacks. I only modified the original map rather than a 100% new map. Hopefully one day I can make a CV game because I would love to grace the CV with a really good Metroid knockoff.
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