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  1. Thank you @nick3092 for that info. It’s very reassuring to know I just need a software fix. I’m trying to avoid buying an adapter as a workaround since I’d rather not use up an additional power outlet if I don’t have to. I look forward to an SD card update & will likely contact @Bmack36 if one is already available albeit only through the exclusive/private early access channels for now.
  2. I don’t know what’s going on. What’s this Discord thing for? Is the solution to the HDTV issue going to be a hardware update or an SD card update? My Phoenix is just sitting here unusable. Should I return it & wait for an updated hardware version or is mine fine & I just need to wait for some updated software for the SD card? I’m in the dark about this & would love any kind of update.
  3. Hopefully an updated CV core will be the fix for my HDTV. I may get an HD signal convertor which I assume would work on my other inputs. Though I'm not sure which one would be best; maybe just an HD "upscaler" for my HDTV. Or else convert to RF for my CRT TV. Or else convert to VGA for my HDTV but I'm not sure if that carries the audio signal with it. Or convert to composite and route to my composite switchbox. I'm short on power sockets so hopefully I can convert free of charge. In the meantime I've been greatly enjoying the new Sydney Hunter game on my original CV. It's quite a departure from the gameplay format of the Sacred Tribe which was all one big map. I've only gone through the first few stages but so far it's incredible.
  4. I’m having an issue with my system which is I’m getting sound but no picture on my tv. My tv displays the message: “Unsupported Signal. Please check the device output”. It’s all hooked up correctly so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried different hd ports but to no avail. I can’t imagine it’s my tv since my other hd consoles work fine. For now I’m going to try it on another tv.
  5. That looks incredible. Seems like a Venture, Frenzy, Frantic, Alcazar, Tutankhamen hybrid. Amazing so much can be done with a CV. I'm all for any way to add randomization and replayability. I'm also a big fan of key/door fetch quests and switch/door puzzles. I like when an unknown enemy has a key item as it forces you to clear a room or else you may get lucky on the first one. I like the wide open rooms but also perhaps a simple square or other shape in the center of a room can act as cover and allow for even more tactical type gameplay. I wish I knew how to program a CV game from scratch. I've only recently started making my own NES Metroid hack but with a very easy-to-use program built just for NES Metroid hacks. I only modified the original map rather than a 100% new map. Hopefully one day I can make a CV game because I would love to grace the CV with a really good Metroid knockoff.
  6. I think option #2 would be great; assuming I understand the two different choices. I like the idea of a less linear Castlevania game with player progression occurring one screen at a time. I'm not sure what kind of changes this would involve in gameplay but it could really open up some non-linear traveling from screen to screen and clever ways to get around a maze like castle. Like the ability to purposely fall down a pit from an above screen and landing on an otherwise inaccessible platform on a screen below. Secret areas could be accessed this way. Areas/items revealed to player but not yet accessible until later on through an alternate route from an adjacent screen. I haven't played it but MSX Vampire Hunter seems to be like this. Backtracking could be implemented by returning to door with a specific key or an impassable area can later be passed with a specific item/ability just like Metroid and/or MetroidVania. Even items/keys/doors could be randomized perhaps to increase replay-ability and so that each play-through is unique.
  7. Definitely. Very impressive game considering it does not require the SGM. Without a doubt. An incredible adaption of the arcade game. I'd like to also mention Gauntlet which isn't necessarily a homebrew game but ought to be considered for this topic.
  8. I concur with the already mentioned: Elevator Action, Goonies, Light Grid Racing, Lode Runner, & Mario Bros. I wasn't even aware of this; thank you for mentioning it. Not yet mentioned: Astro Invader, Bagman, Caverns of Titan, Cix, Cold Blood, Cye, Frostbite, Galaga, Hole In One, Miss Space Fury, Module Man, Pacar, Rally X, Secret of The Moai, Side Trak, Spectar, & Sydney Hunter(s). Some "unreleased" prototypes: Dig Dug, Escape From The Mindmaster, Fireman/Fireworks Factory, Pac-Man, & Steamroller So many others but some I've only played for a minute and others I have yet to play at all.
  9. Actually there are several on eBay from same seller right now although they are asking over $300
  10. Not sure if Opcode will do another run of the original Super Game Module since for now they may be gearing up to produce the SGM2. After the SGM2 comes out some may be willing to part with their somewhat obsolete SGM1 but that may not be for a while. eBay doesn't seem to have any listed for sale right now but in the past there had always been one or two or more for sale. Perhaps a CollectorVision Phoenix would suffice since that has a SGM1 built in and it seems like they're almost ready to release. Someone was pondering selling their SGM1 here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291471-what-is-the-value-of-an-original-sgm/
  11. G.I.Joe by Taxan is one of my all-time favorite NES games. A definite hidden gem that is criminally underrated. The sequel G.I.Joe Atlantis Factor by Capcom is OK by comparison and very similar but not quite as good in my opinion. Things like the white spray-painted check marks of where to place the bombs look so much better and more realistic in the Taxan game. The checkmarks are changed to white X's in The Atlantis Factor which also doesn't include the cool cut scene which shows the placing of the bomb over the enlarged spray-painted marking. But overall the bomb levels are some of my favorite levels in any game. I do wish the developers had added a higher difficulty setting with more bombs to place or else randomized the places to put the bombs. As far as I'm concerned any game that can do so should in order to add some replayability to otherwise memorized games made too easy.
  12. My copy of Risky Rick wont work if my Super Game Module is connected. I also have a loose Mario Bros cart that wont work if my SGM is connected. And I think the Gamester81 game wont work with SGM connected. So would games of this nature not work on Phoenix since SGM is always connected? Will new Sydney Hunter game be sold separate from Phoenix?
  13. Will the limited edition Adam version have it's own special Adam stickers or are the stickers the same for both? Will we be able to see both versions with their stickers soon? Also, will we see a picture of the SNES controller that's being offered? I have 3 official ones as well as many various generic ones so I probably don't need to order one unless it's unique.
  14. This game looks really solid and to be quite enjoyable. I'm excited for it's eventual release. I happen to already have the excellent Knight N More and hope to one day find a copy of the original Ghost N Zombies.
  15. Can we speculate and/or wish for what the secret game will be? I've been hoping for a CIB version of Mr. Do's Wild Ride or else a CIB version of Escape From The Mindmaster but those are both out there in ROM form already. So as far as something not yet ported, I'd love to have an English version of Abu Simbel Profanation which if I'm not mistaken was a European MSX exclusive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERqJ55sVsGg I know nothing of it really other than it looks cleverly designed and that it's and a nice combination of Montezuma's Revenge, Tutankhamen, and of course Sydney Hunter. I've read it's a bit unfair though as far as bad places to die and re-spawn but maybe that could be tweaked. I find moving a screen at a time can offer some really great gameplay mechanics. For example jumping blind until you know where to land on the next screen or having multiple pathways akin to Adventure on 2600. And requiring caution when moving to a new screen like in Bagman, King's Valley, or Kid Icarus maze levels.
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