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  1. It can be, that my MyIDE is not the best piece you can get, even am not using it frequently, maybe a production fault? Anyway, I would like to know if anyone is using this combination successfully. For the rest my XE is as virgin as born, no upgrades or other changes...
  2. Okay, finally i get it, so my solution to change my storage device should work just fine, thanks for the help.
  3. Haha, can you imagine an XE with Syscheck plugged in, and the Freezer on the other side? That is not ,how you want to use your Atari.... For testing it is not a problem, but not for a daily use... And watch out, as you said, your Incognito uses CF, but Side3 is SD, that is why I think about Side3, not to get into same problem....
  4. Oh so, then it is a compatibility problem, guess I have to go for Side3 or some SIO device
  5. But the cartridge works fine directly in the XE, and also in the Syscheck....
  6. I have an XE, so i can't say, but I would like to hear from you if you can get to work your Freezer together with My IDE....
  7. I have tried several CF cards, and it is all the same, but they all work without Freezer....
  8. Hope someone can confirm this issue, just hope it is not a defect on my Freezer...
  9. The problem is between My IDE and Freezer, I have tried Sys check only to see, if My IDE is not damaged. I dont use Freezer and Sys check together. The funny thing is , that if i put Freezer behind Sys Check, and My IDE in the Sys check, all devices work well.... But if I use only Freezer and My IDE, I cannot access the CF card properly. Hias, do you have My IDE and Freezer to try?
  10. I have tried to put My IDE II behind sys check 2.2 and it works well, also if if i put freezer behind sys check there is no problem, but My IDE II has to be plugged into Sys check....Any ideas?
  11. I have My IDE II, and it works well, the freezer also works great, but if I use them together, I cannot read the files on my CF correctly. It seems, like the file system is broken. Any help? I am a noob, back to atari world after 20 years. So be gentle....please
  12. Just curious, would it be possible to use this approach to make let's say "solderless Antonia"?
  13. Hey guys, i would really need this one, is there anyone willing to sell? I have 800XE and two left hads, any homemade mod is too difficult.
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