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  1. After power cycling I cannot seem to make this freeze occur again. Maybe its the way I'm going through ROMs and instead of resetting the unit between game changes, I'm just going back into the file browser in the middle of a game and selecting a new one to start.
  2. So far loving the latest JB firmware. However have found an issue with Super Punch Out freezing. Using the ROM from the SmokeMonster pack. First round of the fight after knocking out the opponent the ten count starts and the opponent recovers and then the game freezes. I was able to make this happen twice after resetting the game. I'm going to try a "clean boot" of the unit and see if I can make it happen that way. Any body else can confirm this? Will post on the JB site as well.
  3. http://blog.kevtris.org/blogfiles/?C=M;O=D
  4. I can confirm seeing the same behaviour. The Save option does not seem to save the width selection either in the default menu options, or the core ones (NES, SMS, and Game Gear are the ones I've used so far).
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