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  1. It does not use any horizontal shifting just for the records.
  2. RPG like was Wizard's Crown, Eternal Dagger, Imperium Galactum. Alibaba and the 40 thieves could be "overseen", too. Rainbow Walker always loved to play that one... anybody overseen that gem? not sure if there is an C64 version and if it was popular. And me... never got into Necromancer... what is the "key" on that game? and to be fair... now we all look into the mirror... Dan(ny) Bunten's M.U.L.E. have you got the brilliance of the game back 1984? just realised how versatile Synapse's published games are... a real "1st party publisher" at that time same league as Activision and EA.
  3. well... to be fair... 1985 I did not seen Star Raiders as "good" game so it was underrated for me, too... if you were a 1978/79 boy of course it would be like "wow". More Wow for me was Rescue on Fractalus 1984 when watching and playing Behind Jaggie Lines leak version... now in contex we all knew that SR was a killer app in 8kb rom and let you feel like being in a Star Wars movie and Battle Star Galactica movie...
  4. Top reminds me C64 colors (hide and run…) and bottom one Amstrad CPC
  5. All mentioned are not underrated all classics and played for x hours… what about Zenji, Spelunker, Cavelord, BMX Simulator, Dimension X,Trailblazer etc?
  6. Wasn’t aware that there is a Glenn Qix version? and that CTRL+T? Btw so was it answered… did Glenn just do the cracking of those games or did he coded those games? Because then the question is who did the 5200 version of Cenitpede?
  7. Yes… please read the documents and have a look at the demos at Lotharek‘s shop site… transparency by software or by hardware? by software you can use the blitter and palette “magic” to fake transparency…
  8. Same Interview with Miner “The year was 1979 and Atari was rolling in money. However, they made a decision to write off all of the development costs in that first year production. This allowed them to show just enough profit that year to not quite trigger the bonus payment they promised to the engineers and programmers. The chief programmer on the project’s name was Larry Caplin and a half a dozen of his team went off to start Activision.“
  9. Got a WIP somewhere on my HDD when doing the gouraud shading as it's simply the next step.
  10. no. it was done for Atarimax8mbit cart for the party only. I am afraid. so to say. fire and forget.
  11. well... CPU calcs slope and the DDA of edge scan is done via Blitter (having a 64kb 8.8 fixed point lookup table or so called count table). Calculating the span length (x2-x1) of a span is done with 3 pass blit... EOR #$ff +1 to make it negative and then ADD pass to do a SUB. unfortunatly not more is possible. Amiga Blitter can handle more due to several DMA channels and 256 min terms. so drawing a polygon is simple a blit of the left edge into a blitlist as starting points while the span lengths were blitted into the "destination" (X2) coordination. and so forth. with some clever thinking (and me not clever enough) you can handle more with the VBXE than just "plot sprites".
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