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  1. Nah... Not all is good but good for 70s tech... how often we hit that damned 128 char limit (still why is it there???) or those 2600 PMs... and color ram would have been nice but that’s all 80s tech... Centipede etc arcade are all 4 colors.
  2. There are now SID fpga boards? To overcome shortage same with our POKEY or was it just pokey....
  3. And nice to see mention 8088 and Titan which share members being in Desire, too so I worked already with most of them
  4. That’s most of the deal... demo coding is another art form like game coding but can share common stuff... eg what Gorgh has written or Numen’s interactive Duke engine etc
  5. the thing will be that banks are at 8000-bfff banked in (or 8000-9fff). and be careful regarding the 130xe feature of separate access antic and cpu as some memory expansions are not 130xe compatible (with different access). i personally have not cared back coding Arsantica 2 as I aimed for stock 130xe and the machine has that feature. But a lot ppl have ram expansions esp the 256+ ones which doesn’t have that feature of separate access Of ANTIC and CPU.
  6. my 2 cents regarding loading time... when doing the 7800 demo and the STNICCC Demo all running from bank switched carts I am glad that Wrathchild showed me the ease of use of Bank switched carts... after using those all loading through SIO wether real drives or modern flash like ones I got a big fan of carts... so simple instant to use up to 1mb with my old AtariMax flashcard.... but yeah not sure if PoP can be spread across those 8k or 16k windows. but that’s a task for Mark etc not yours.
  7. Just in case MrSid http://popc64.blogspot.com/
  8. hehe... now that sounds familiar (remembering days in the office ;)) balance out budget/time/features...
  9. Now the business man comes through but I would not focus much PM stuff at the moment but finishing the game at all first... (a released game is better than a non released ;)) i know it’s harder later to implement such eye candy stuff but imho not priority at the moment?
  10. Has it’s style with those “fast after glow” frames
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