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  1. Issue #1 had one, too. With Digi drums playing while loading.
  2. Maths except for culling is 16bit signed using classic fastmul. (2k Square tables)
  3. Almighty 6502 is taking the vertices/facelist/face normals and do prepare rotation mAtrix, rotate all shit and puts it into transformed tables (except normals), calcs average z per face, sort faces by Z, do culling by using 2d dot product, then passes that to the actual tenderer. that does the poly scanedge but here 6502 leaves it to blitter. With some blitter operations i do the actual scanedge and fills the poly scanline by scanline. now for Gouraud shading of course additional steps needed so global face gradient steps calculation and interpolating across the face (again with blitter). the flat shading is different to my former z shaded approaches as it rotates the face normals and calculates dot product with light vector and does the face color by lookup into a cos table. the display is 256x200 in 256 colors. Byte per pixel. (Vbxe). now how can the 14mhz help in maths? Well... it has 12bit step values so I have a 64k “lookup table” which I copy with blitter source into edge tables left/right. and with some blitter operations I calculate the length by doing logical operations and sub right from edge to get the length which is fed into another blitter liste actually doing the line blit.
  4. I think I mentioned it at some point... when I mentioned that first page of forum was full of hardware dev threads so I would appreciate.
  5. we have just released a small intro for the VBXE PAL... All is done in realtime, so 3d pipe incl. rotation, persptrans, flat shading and gouraud. Scanedge and Goruaud done with little blitter magic (thx to Axis and his Amiga experience :D). Code: Heaven POKEY Music: Miker in Music Pro Tracker (not RMT) Artwork: Havoc Released at the Nordlicht 2019 Party it has some bugs (objects miss some faces and don't know why but it was a quick 24h putting together project so more fire and forget entry ;)) same with loading adress etc. dsr_flat_shading_is_slower_than_gouraud_vbxe_party_version.xex
  6. Jesus fucking Christ... ace... re: loading screen ok. Me biased.... but having Thalion intro screen or Lucasfilm intro gives you a first quality sign... or bitmap brother logos...
  7. Hehe... Dig Dug is star of Netflix’ Stranger Things season 2 (where are those lovely arcades...) summer/Winter Games.... man... interesting how many top games ppl don’t like... I guess it’s like with other things in life... there is no black and white.
  8. I really wonder about MULE.... one of the best game plays ever esp in multyplayer. Esp for that game I bought from skr an 800 with 4 joystick ports... ivonic music, time limited so games can not last forever... iconic AT-AT at start screen... Planet Irata is ace Name etc... Danny Bunten in hall of fame for games. Even Wright et al call her as influence.
  9. What’s cc65? MADS or die btw MADS archive should have some examples...
  10. I tend to have video ram, custom font and music at d800.... c000 mostly tables.
  11. I wait til a VBL occured just to be on the save side when switching OS off and setting I flag etc
  12. 11 years ago??? Jesus Christ... how long I am hanging here around... 14k because not like C64 Atari does not have RAM in IO area means d000-d7ff (for code/data) so we have a 62kb machine and not a 64kb one ;). well... what you can do is something (untested writing on phone). org $0600 Movedata Wait lda 14 cmp 14 beq wait sei lda #0 sta d40e lda #fe sta d301 now rom is gone do your data copy here to upper ram lda #ff sta d301 lda #40 sta d40e cli rts org 2e2 ini movedata all values in hex.
  13. 26 euro??? 1 please for my 1050... Always wanted to have a Speedy 1050 those days... as it was cheaper I got Turbo1050 instead by Engl. Not bad either but was annoying due to track formatting.
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