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  1. It was related to what I would say in German “Haben wir nicht gerade andere Probleme?“ - do we not have more important issues to solve at the moment (pandemic, politics, terror, 3rd world problems, climate change, private issues etc etc etc) than picking on someone on AA forum in the programming forum regarding his English spelling? That was my case... everybody got the meaning of his post .... now try to speak over the phone with foreign people speaking in this video conference times... now that’s another level of “English” sometimes...
  2. Yeah always “fun” to go for the grammar and spelling... well... in programming languages it would kill you.... maybe we let Monk e.g. talk and write French or Chinese or German instead and see how that turns out... sometimes I really think we guys are living in our own world with our 1st world problems in 2020...
  3. yeah love the mags.... and me ordered the mule board game today.
  4. Cube is a special case similar to pyramid... as you always see just 3 faces of the cube... so a lot of optimisations can be done here...
  5. RoF "ANDs" 00 as "pixels" of the mountains... uses a collum based "ORA" filler... the sky is filled "til" it hits a mountain edge. the colors are cleverly choosen. it uses unrolled code for filling one collum and jumps into it by Ypos... and one of the index registers of the 6502 holds the collum (0-47)
  6. finally some insights into DLT... as xbios can use it while loading...
  7. You know... on machines built 70s we always balance out speed vs RAM
  8. yeah sorry for calling the stream player "RMT" but basicly because RMT has its pitfalls with the cycle footprint... doesnt matter which music driver used but stereo... i mean 20 scanlines (simple calc) for having stereo RMT music... now that would be something my guys in Desire would love to use...
  9. maybe I am late on the party.... but did those RMT players support dual pokey streams, too?
  10. i feel sorry but that 70s scanline usage catched my attention... as to be honest not using RMT anymore in my A8 most of the time as its good because of the Win editor but the features used by our Desire musicians tend to spend a lot cpu time... (sid voice etc) and they use 8 channels ;). so Miker often composes tunes (ok.... because RMT doesnt support Digi channels) in MPT... as MPT normally has a less cycle footprint per frame...
  11. ah sorry...that is the ST like dump of the pokey stream.... should play with it finally some day.
  12. huh... never heard of it? is there a "editor"? Musician's can use?
  13. hmmm.... I always wonder why Atari music players consume so many cpu time... compared to SID players... I still like Wratchild's work on the Adam Gilmore player... but of course... no editor just by editing by hand...
  14. nice.... how much rasterlines does the player consume?
  15. well... just my 2 cents... as its about KickC Pascal etc doesn't make sense in this thread? as its not about programming languages in total?
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