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  1. simply because reading color table cost more time than just an immediate value... LDA # vs LDA table or even LDA table,x
  2. nah... Tebe just showed his tool and the pic.
  3. But MADS is not case sensitive?
  4. know him for ages due to AA and Atari activities and always read his RG section... so... donated...
  5. But another 0.02 euro (!) cents . if course me respects STE as he is experienced enough I bet to judge the art of the title screen on as he said on a professional level... (considering his track record). Doesn’t mean he is right in all aspects. so we all should imho not piss off everybody here... but listen to each other.
  6. Nah... guys... do we really get into that discussion about the title screen??
  7. I guess Steve already mentioned at some point in history that there might be still a NDA in place...
  8. setting warmstart vector to restart procedure? so after finishing just jump to warmstart and restart?
  9. xxl... what is the difference to the DOS Fox used in Numen demo?
  10. Just put a commercial in with check out.... to be more save?
  11. My parents are from Subotica/Pacir so more Serijan.... but I don’t speak any language from their (but understand little but and Magyar) i just wanted to point out I like all of them and Vlado, You and Team decide... to say it with Bon Jovi... me just a singer in a long hair rock n roll band... stay healthy!
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