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  1. Custom SIO in a modern way would need to run from all kind of modern media... xbios is not bad and can do what you want... but it’s MPT here:
  2. Yes. That’s the way... in a demo scenario where you want to have something nice on screen it gives you more headache. But as you said not impossible. that’s why I am fan of carts now... since Wratchild told me how simple it is to use those bank switched ones...
  3. Then show me a working example of a SIO based disk loader with RMT music and I am happy.
  4. Why nonsense? That’s what I have experienced while tinkering with Arsantica 3 hard loader plus RMT... never checked Atari Blast... does it load and play music from 5,25 disk? Ps. Be careful with the word nonsense... I told RMT runtime cpu load was too heavy in combination with the tight SIO timing master Jedi.
  5. Sorry.... me in Nintendo land since 9 months... well... My experience in custom loaders.... RMT is too heavy on CPU load i have to admit and you need to alter the layer code not to touch the sound channels... maybe the simple player... we tried it in Arsantica 3 but failed... so Miker used the MPT player or CMC if my memories are tight as in energy zine #1 there was an explanation of the used player with Digi... Tamas of hard basicly rebuild the the SIO protocol with a CPU loop so your effect must run in VBL... I used his custom loader in Arsantica 3. i was aware of that it will fail with non 1050 disk solutions but well it was intended. XBIOS has the feature of loading music but you need here as well a custom music tracker. But XXL can tell more about it. on Gnork my VIC20 demo i used a standard irq fast loader which basicly uploads faster coder to the 1541 disk drive but that’s not an option here... i always tell the C64 guys why Atari lacks in such possibilities and that’s most reason why demos use extended memory basicly for memory cache loading system and not for the need of memory for the effects. Eidolon, rescue on Fractalus and 7 cities use custom loaders... 7 cities and Eidolon must be interesting to look into as they are running on a 800 so you can not patch the OS routines...
  6. well... actually one of the AA game coder was envolved in the Amiga Masterblazer version... but NDA does not allow him to share the source... if my memory is right he has/had a print out.
  7. Not so much work... for first real playable version it’s more like fixing the damned soft sprite bug (ghost trash)
  8. ok... still got the source folder... and had a go... in the charbase and softsprite version... haha...hey... its somehow still fun... puh... even remembered the keys... fire to fight, C for character screen, I for inventory.... and picking up loot with walking over and fire... c64g.prg sprite10.xex Kaz_Beyond the Evil04.xex beyond3.obx
  9. Haha.... 2020... promised.... after Revision Party...
  10. And more combinations like players in between etc... always over my head and me being to lazy to do PM underlays... there are better guys explaining here that... For me personally I always felt too much pain for gaining some additional colors but that’s my 2cents.
  11. have you considered to rearrange the color bits to get the best out of gtia priority? Maybe that solves the “shining through”
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