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  1. me wanted to suggest it or make it "selectable" which title screen hahaha... no just kidding. KUDOS to this great conversion which puts now new landmark how A8 conversions need to look like... yeah... all need a mouse title pic...
  2. UK can now put their commonwealth plate on... just kidding...
  3. That is one of the reason why I „cracked“ most of my bought tapes to a disk version and started to code intros etc 😁
  4. me never had a feeling that you blame GER... we all know that each of us in EU has their faults... (looking around to PL, CZ, HU then south to GR, IT then left to ES and PT and then heading west to our F guys not to mention Belgium with 20 official languages... at least UK we can leave out... Ireland.... our friends from Nordics etc...)
  5. you could if the guy offering would pay the Apple Pay fees or PayPal or whatever fee to his payment aquierer... so... it is not like you can not do that... me rarely has even cash or even wallet with me since 2 years and just paying everything with my iPhone... (the barber not as he doesn't want to offer that service)
  6. Ernsthaft? Jeeez.... ABBUC even there is money envolved... it is about hobby e.V. hin- oder her... I can imagine because of legal relyability of the board members..... but still I doubt any of the ABBUC members would do a lawsuit.... so well...
  7. we should simply shut up at one point? should'nt we? it is not a democratic "community built" game... he releases what he wants and already a lot went into it what people suggested so... wtf.
  8. i recently watch x times Sony PSX intro on youtube over headphones
  9. Most remember the iconic Ninja title screen... Ben's outstanding sound track and the art of the screens itself... but yeah... game play who knows....
  10. Thats how I release stuff on new platforms. Eg my snes demo dzero needed 3 smaller starting projects to get familiar with the hardware. And i mean not mastering the platform.
  11. Ah yes…. Thanks for the finished conversion. 👍
  12. thanks for explanation... now time for me to code both effects which are on my bucket list for ages... the "texter" flying chars effect and the "bitbender" DYPP... just curious... you seem to have demo background... on which platform?
  13. i am not talking about the „dot scroller“ hence circle scroller but morr about the DYCP (delta y position character position). by char its simple fixed chars where you copy data into and scroll in opposite direction. i think it was called bitbender on ST or Amiga… yes I am talking about the sinus waved scroller by pixel collums esp. what is it 50 fps?
  14. me as demo coder likes the intro. questions: the bitbender DYCPer… how? that is damned cool. And the music base… is it HARD synth or RMT?
  15. not sure if our US friends ever had a chance to play those
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