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  1. Looking for a console and games. Would like a leisure vision preferably as it would be cheaper for me as I live in Canada. eBay is too high for me.
  2. I got a good sized collection so far even got some rare stuff. Rockin the Vader cus it’s the best vcs in my opinion.
  3. Ebay is crazy so im hoping someone on here can help me out. Ive been dying to play one especially the game The Incredible Wizard. Oh and i live in Canada.
  4. Yeah the stick is awkwardish but being for just left right movement its fine. I think popeye and others had stciks like mine and would be crampy to use for 4 or 8 directions games. And yeah i like the Japanese on the panels too altho the cards under the glass with the scoring table and the game its self is all in english. But i think Japanese stuff usualy has a mixture of english and japanese on it. My famicom box has some english among the japanese text. But i think we all can agree that the woodgrain finish is rad to the max.
  5. I hear ya but seeing how this game only goes left and right its not too bad. But Popeye would be pretty gnarly on a stick mounted like mine it would be better to be mounted like a ms Pac-Man cab.
  6. Funny enough besides the 4$ in quarters and one loonie there was stuck in the mech and in the coin basket a nickel was in there too haha.
  7. I got it from the owner of Pin up bar and arcade on unversity in waterloo. Never heard of tilt is it a arcade too?
  8. I got an Astro Wars cocktail cabnet for 250$ Canadian yesterday Its a clone of Galaxian , a very good clone. Never heard of this game might be rare i dont know. Im just excited to have my first arcade machine.
  9. Thanks, and yeah the Vic 20 is a nifty computer I think .
  10. I showed off my 87 Panasonic Color Pilot tv which is still my main tv but here is my other TVs Ive collected, they are all from the 1980s and work great. Ignore the horable Berzerk score, I was trying a The Boss joystick and had a bad game but I thought the pitiful score was amusing tho lol.
  11. Golden era shelf in my game collection. Got some cool new additions like Rubiks Cube and Silver label Gravatar for the 2600.
  12. Got a 1984 Vader 2600 set with a Sword Quest poster. This might be my fave model vcs. Rockin some Phoenix on the Panasonic beast.
  13. I have a flat screen but its uses are for my computer and bluray playback. But yes most tv i get thru my cable hook up is in hd but it still palys in wide screen it just letter boxes it wirh black bars on top and bottome of the image. I cant say why i love using my 80s sets i just do lol. Hd looks nice i suposebut i prefer the crt look. This tv i did get second hand from a thrift store for 10$ i wasnt alive in 87 to be the origonal owner tho haha. I think the big factor for using a 80s crt is the fact i love the 80s, i collect 80s electronics like crt tvs vcrs booboxes stereo equipment etc. Lol i have around 2 to 3 hundred cassettes mostly heavy metal and rock and i use a 1987 panasonic cassette walkman that i got new old stock off ebay for my portable music it sounds 100% better than an ipod. I got a 80g ipod classic in 2011 when i was in high school as a present and i barley used it lol.
  14. I use a CRT console tv from 87 for tv , movies and retro video games. Does anybody else rock the cathode ray tube? Pics of your tv would be cool to see, ill post a pic or two of mine.
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