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  1. Are there pdf's anywhere. bombjack had them at one time.
  2. It was the go to magazine for many like myself. Does anyone know where I can find back issues? retrocdn.com had them and for some reason I can't find them. I am doing some research on atari and they are needed. Also... The guys that started Electrong Games also did a newsletter. Any idea where one may find that? Thanks, Lloyd
  3. I find this game fun as well. As long as you have a few beers and a friend that is ok with the game. It's just hard.
  4. I went from being an avid collector to way more interested in the history behind the games and companies. Don't have time for both. How do you balance it? lloyd
  5. Not so much as to the demand but what Atari had in warehouses.
  6. Like many games it really could have been a great game.
  7. Apollo did suffer from distribution issues for sure.
  8. I paid like $20 for a bunch of Atari games boxed. Got a Surround Gatefold. My absolute best was someone was selling about 70 Atari 2600 games. They were atari computer games. Paid $100. lloyd
  9. Sega has Sonic. Nintendo has Mario. I say Atari has Pitfall Harry. Thoughts? lloyd
  10. Agree 100% on Superman. And we are all waiting for Gold Rush. What I like better than a sequel is when a character is used in a game. For all you homebrew publishers.... Ptfall Harry and the Communist Mutants from Outer Space. Why keep Harry in a Jungle?
  11. Some deals here - https://www.ebay.com/str/retrojoesasylum/Intellivision/_i.html?_storecat=33861270018
  12. My intellivision items - https://www.ebay.com/str/retrojoesasylum/Intellivision/_i.html?_storecat=33861270018
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