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  1. Hindsight is 20/20. I remember Kaybee toy store getting a boat load of these. I believe they were selling them at like 5.99 each.
  2. What would the going price of one of these be? I "believe" I have one or two in my collection. lloyd
  3. Sometimes even after it gets to the post office the tracking doesn't start. These idiots at the post office many times don't scan the item when they get it. It messes up everything. lloyd
  4. I had a situation like this as a seller. I printed labels for 10 or so items. Dropped them off at the post office the same day. A week later I was getting emails from my buyers asking where their package was. The tracking just said label printed. Nothing else. Finally one came through. The tracking went like this. #1 label printed #2 Processed through... (location near customer) #3 out for delivery Everything in between was absent. These 10 items on average took about 2 weeks to deliver. Ebay originally penalized me for late shipping. then they revised it w/o me doing anything. It is a known issue with the post office. It NEEDS to be scanned at original drop off location. Otherwise all the in between actions never get recorded. lloyd
  5. How do you search newspaper archives?
  6. RG 350 is really good at what you want. I actually have an extra one if you are interested. lloyd
  7. As much as the Ataribox has been delayed has that 7800 XM thing ever been released?
  8. If I am not mistaken Atari is now suing over the design of the joystick.
  9. Okay... I have the same X-Arcade that you do. Keep in mind that the X-Arcade is basically a "keyboard" and the trackball is a "mouse". If you plug the X-arcade into a PC and open something like Word and press buttons it will put letters etc in WORD. I looked at the specs for what you bought and as usual on almost all this Chinese junk I am scratching my head..... There is this image - https://gyazo.com/1ee709919f5ada3dc35301966933c01d It looks like you can connect external USB joysticks. I am not sure if they just act as player 3-4. But this is not even a picture of what you bought. (Even though it is in the same listing.) Here is what I would do - #1 See if a PS2 controller works. If a PS2 controller works then go buy this - https://shop.xgaming.com/collections/adapters/products/x-arcade-playstation-2-adapter If a PS2 controller doesn't work then I am not sure what controllers will work (if any). There are adapters for quite a few controllers. With all that said.... Launchbox/Bigbox setup on an external HD is really the way to go. I just grabbed a Western digital WD-BLACK 5tb HD for like $100 and will be setting up a sweet retro system that I can plug into any computer and play greats games with amazing emulation. BigBox will cost you $60 (not needed, but worth every damn penny.). So for about $160 you can turn any PC into a retro gaming system that you can use on any PC and take on the go. lloyd
  10. I sooo want the first one. I would love to know who designed the art work for Sears. Some of the picture labels are amazing. Truly amazing.
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