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  1. Yup. It is. Lol. Thanks for the reassurance.
  2. Hi, I just did a cap kit on jr. and the only thing that ain't working is the led. It wasn't working before either. I put a 12 volt from china on there and it ain't lighting up. I tested the led with a diode function on the tester and it read .81. I took a resistance test and I got OL. It's in reverse? Lol? Thanks.
  3. Misread. The capacitor I know needs to be fixed but what exactly is that little piece? I was assuming it was a surface capacitor. Where can I get one? I don't have a schematic. I'm learning as I go.
  4. Thanks. I just don't know what exactly which capacitor to buy. I can't find a schematic online.
  5. I recently bought a guncon 2 and while replacing a faulty capacitor. I knicked a surface capacitor. It is labeled S9. I am extremely bummed about it. Any help will be awesome, thanks.
  6. Hi again, I just received the led ribbon connector in the mail and I tried to see if I would need to remove the part where it disconnects and seems like a snug fit. Now I go on to my questions: Where on the diagram is all the connections on the logic board for the ribbon cable are? In the second picture if the two circled are supposed to have continuity with each other? Thanks!
  7. I'm quite confident it is the ribbon connector. It is quite in bad shape. I've asked console5 if there was a replacement when it was working and he had said no, not yet. Which is quite some time ago. I'm kind of pissed that when I fix something another problem appears. Oh well. Is there a way to fix it? I could hardwire it. Did I answer my own question? Lol. I do not plan on taking it apart again I had fixed and cleaned everything, replaced the capacitors. So yeah. It's just this ribbon connector. It was working fine till I had placed the shielding on.
  8. It's most definately not dirty. Could it be the ribbon cable? I cleaned it it and it did not solve the black screen issue. I cleaned the game as well. The ribbon cable has continuity so I'm really stuck. I cleaned it with sandpaper and a old t shirt with a credit card also a eraser over a cartridge. It did nothing. The screen doesn't even flicker when I hit reset.
  9. Hi again, I have some time the next couple days to tinker with this. It was working fine with the phono replacement until I put the top shielding on. I also had to fidget with the phono plug for it to work. It changed from a black screen to a title screen. It no longer does that. I tried resoldering the resistor on the phono plug. Left the shielding off the screen was black. Did I f up something by putting the sheilding on? Thanks in advance for input Edit: The black spot is from previous transistors that has been replaced, quite some time ago.
  10. Another thing the ribbon cable is junk on the INTy. I want to replace it. What would it be listed as? If anyone knows let me know. Edit: It works fine. It just doesn't look all that well.
  11. Update. I was taking apart the intellivision and took off the toasted rf jack. I have one problem. The hole is too small. On to my question. If I desolder the bottom off will it take off the middle? There is the top, the middle and the bottom (Which is on the board.) I want to know before proceeding so I can drill a bigger hole. It would give me some relief I didn't leave some metal shavings when I am done. Btw when I'll test in summer I meant with a bigger stash of games.
  12. Unfortunately, no not at this time. I usually store my inty at a cottage and the games I listed are the only ones I have on me at this time. However it worked fine until the q tip situation.😎 I have astrosmash and snafu. I will have to wait till summer.
  13. Which website would that be exactly? I'm unfamiliar. It's been ordered. Thanks a lot! It's generally clean... Ok I have a confession. While cleaning the jack with q tip, it had became dislodged. To make the picture better. So I was not sure what to do. Unfortunately I do not have Astrosmash at the time but I do baseball and the first d and d. It is crystal clear.
  14. Oh yeah. I've done some soldering before. I do not have one like that. It's a soldering station.
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